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  1. This seems to match up almost exactly with how it works in CMFI. The Bersaglieri squads come already split into two teams (5 men with the LMG, and 8-10 with just rifles) and the regular army squads are pre-split into 3 teams (one of 9 with 2xLMG, one of 9 with just rifles, and a 2-man HQ element).
  2. General Liederkranz

    History accuracy

    As I recall, before v4 the M1919A6 was properly restricted to later-war scenarios. It's only after v4 that I've started seeing it earlier (like in ordinary rifle company HW platoons in the Troina campaign, August 1943, which does not seem right at all). Is there any in-game difference (besides appearance) between the M1 and M9 bazookas?
  3. According to the US Army's official history, even the infantry--the 3/119th--didn't arrive until after dark on the 18th, and tank support from the 743rd Tank Battalion not until the morning of the 19th: https://history.army.mil/books/wwii/7-8/7-8_15.HTM But would they have moved faster if KG Peiper did?
  4. General Liederkranz

    History accuracy

    I have often wondered why rifle grenadiers--both US and German--carry so few (usually 3), especially since it seems to take them a shot or two to find the range. But I've always assumed BFC has it right.
  5. General Liederkranz

    How much do you roleplay?

    I like this idea but it seems like it would raise more problems than it solves--e.g. what about an attack plan that revolves around blind fire? (e.g. "HMG platoon moves to the edge of the woods and places area fire on that hill to cover the infantry while they outflank it." Or, defensively, real-life MG final protective fire lines.) They'd have to build in some way to pre-plot these fire orders to avoid abuse, which would certainly be realistic but not a lot of fun.
  6. General Liederkranz

    How much do you roleplay?

    Yeah, I do this with all forces (in single player), but my concern was that it's much tougher for Italians to send runners since they can't split squads. You need to sacrifice a whole squad or HQ unit to use as a runner, rather than just breaking off a scout team. I hadn't thought of adding dismounted drivers, especially in the same chain of command--it's a great idea. I suppose setting manpower to 90% for the rest of the formation could compensate for the extra bodies (though I doubt any scenario would be unbalanced by a few extra guys with 6.5mm Carcanos). The other problem with doing this, I've found, is a glitch (I think confirmed in a different thread I posted a few months ago) whereby an AT gun, once spotted, will sometimes leave NO suspected contact for other units. I don't know if others have seen this but I encounter it a lot. The units that can see the gun will have a full spot, and everyone else, nothing--even after info sharing should have worked. But that's off-topic.
  7. General Liederkranz

    How much do you roleplay?

    I've also found this (hotseat with roleplaying communications) to be a fun variation. I agree it really does make C2 differences between nationalities more pronounced. One thing with Italians, though, is that since they can't split scout teams (which can represent runners for other nationalities), I kind of abstract in runners by letting HQs decide to move units around but then not starting the units for a few minutes until I figure a runner could have arrived.
  8. General Liederkranz

    unsing nearby radios

    What are you trying to use it for? There's a difference: as I understand it, for ordinary C2 purposes an infantry unit needs to be on or in the vehicle. But for indirect fire links, it's enough for the mortar unit to be close to the vehicle.
  9. General Liederkranz

    Detection/Magic = Experiment

    I don't see the problem here? Moving up behind smoke and hoping to spot first once the smoke clears--with a slight advantage since your crew has been told the enemy tank is there and will be looking in the right direction--seems like a valid tactic. Also a risky one, though, because they might spot you first when the smoke clears. But it's certainly better than just moving up without smoke, as I imagine it would be in real life.
  10. General Liederkranz

    Bren Guns firing single shots?

  11. Isn't this "vagary of the system" intended? My understanding is that even prone soldiers in the open get a "saving roll" to represent micro-terrain. This guy passing that "roll" could be assumed to mean he found a little depression, or there's there's an abstracted boulder in those 2 meters between him and the crater. So there would be no certainty of injury at any range. (I assume in CM, unlike in real life, this "saving roll" is made afresh for each shell? That it's not "remembered" to give permanent protection for a given soldier against blasts in a given place, the way a real-life boulder would be, or the way "real" terrain that's actually shown in the game does?) More generally, @domfluff, thanks for this table! -- do these radii assume standing targets? Or prone?
  12. Remembered I'd posted in it, and looked through my own post history :-)
  13. General Liederkranz

    US Armored Infantry Mortars?

    Sorry to have misled you! I see that they do in CMFB. I've been playing CMFI a lot lately, where they don't, and wrote without realizing they now had radios in CMFB.
  14. Yes there’s been another thread on this, or maybe for company HQs. In-game there’s a little blue box that says “HQ” in white in the upper left of the unit info area. Clicking it toggles between this view, in which you can see the HQ’s subunits, and the ordinary view in which you can see all the members. Seems like it’s permanenrly stuck toggled on in the adversary AAR view?