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  1. General Liederkranz

    US Half-Track and MG-42 Penetration

    Are you sure about this? I seem to recall distributing AP ammo to squad LMGs and shooting at Soviet armored cars with it (this was in CMRT, of course, not CMBN).
  2. I agree that using a larger-scale wargame to generate scenarios could be more interesting than just translating from a tactical-level game. I know some people were doing something like this with "St. Lo" in CMBN a few years ago. I was recently playing "Last Blitzkrieg" from MMP's Battalion Combat Series and keeping notes of interesting engagements to game out in CMFB. To my mind the problem with doing this with most board wargames is that success is normally dependent on stacking up enough attacking units to make 3-1 odds, so the only information available to build a CM scenario would be "three battalions attack one." By contrast, BCS (maybe like Berlin '85, which I haven't played) models attacks as essentially one battalion on another, and the variables you need to manipulate to win all translate nicely into CM: unit type, troop quality, amount of artillery for each side, posture (deployed vs. hasty attack/defense), availability (and type) of armor or AT support, terrain, strength levels, and fatigue. Of course, if the attacker is doing his job, most BCS attacks would be lopsided in CM terms, but this is usually achieved through combinations of these advantages, rather than just by vastly superior numbers.
  3. General Liederkranz

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    For what it’s worth, I also caught a fraudulent charge (Amazon) a few weeks ago on the card I used to buy SF2.
  4. General Liederkranz

    Has the Engine 4.0 Patch been released?

    This drives me crazy too, so I now only play the Commonwealth on v3.0. But then I miss the better infantry spacing and recombining squads and corner peeking from v4. So I also end up mostly playing CMRT. It helps too that attacking Russians tend not to have much off-map artillery.
  5. General Liederkranz

    Has the Engine 4.0 Patch been released?

    I don't know exactly about CMBN campaigns, since I haven't played through them, but it depends on whether there's a combination of lots of fortifications on one side, and lots of off-map artillery on the other. Therefore, generally any campaign that involves you making lots of set-piece attacks will be much easier. The Troina Campaign in Fortress Italy, for example, is much easier with the bug because several of the battles are big US attacks. The Germans will get out of their trenches and run around when you shell them with your copious artillery. The first battle in the Soviet campaign of Red Thunder is similar. A human defender can mitigate the effect by using "Pause" commands, but the AI can't do that--and that's the only opponent you can have in campaigns. On the other hand, the effect is much less noticeable when there isn't much artillery, or there aren't many fortifications. There are plenty of scenarios like this, where the bug would have almost no effect.
  6. General Liederkranz

    Company HQ close to action?

    It would be neat if in addition to radio contact being lost when units move, C2 links also broke when the HQ team fired their weapons. It would add an incentive to keep HQs with tight covered arcs. I've always thought it was a little gamey to order my platoon leaders and their radio operators to lay down fire while *simultaneously* calling in artillery. This would get even more interesting if combined with a command system like the one @LongLeftFlank suggests. In other words, if the limit of units available to be commanded decreased when the intermediate HQs were moving, firing, or suppressed.
  7. General Liederkranz

    A question about cover

    I guess there could be different actions if the "stop" was caused by enemy fire or spotting an enemy target. But that would get complicated to understand and predict.
  8. General Liederkranz

    A question about cover

    I like that idea for vehicles, but there would be problems when you're using "Hunt" to make infantry advance cautiously and take cover if they're shot at. In that case you probably don't want them to get back up and start walking again in 15 seconds or whatever, since most likely the same MG that stopped them will just open up again.
  9. General Liederkranz

    A question about cover

    But don't use "Hunt" for moving into position, even though it may seem like the right command (and it did to me at first). Once they spot something they'll stop and dump all their remaining orders, including the pause and the movement command to get out of there after the pause!
  10. General Liederkranz

    Wehrmacht resilience vs. Dogface nervousness

    This is an interesting finding--thank you for doing the tests. It seems to me this could make sense, given that gun crews in CM can't temporarily abandon their guns, as they might in real life, to take cover in nearby buildings, trenches, dugouts, etc. One could think of this endurance as an abstraction of them doing that, then jumping back on the gun when suppression slackens off. By contrast, if infantry runs for cover in that situation, the game can literally show it happening and we can order them back up again when the situation is safer.
  11. General Liederkranz


    Assuming you mean a typical small wooden house, I'm not sure one is better against small arms/MGs, but the foxhole is often better protection from direct-fire HE fired from the same elevation, because the round has to hit the ground right near a hole to inflict casualties. In some cases you can't even manually target the action spot where a foxhole is located because it's on a reverse slope. The building, on the other hand, offers a nice aiming point that tanks or guns can easily hit, and a perpendicular surface that will detonate the shell. If you're taking fire from a higher elevation, though, the building might be better. And against mortars, the building is definitely better. But you also have to consider that a human opponent will often preemptively area fire at important buildings, whereas you can put foxholes in unexpected positions. As @Michael Emrys says, it's "highly variable"--which makes the cover model more interesting than in, say, ASL, where a foxhole and a wooden building are both simply +2 TEM. In my experience most tanks (e.g. 75mm or so guns) can knock out wooden bunkers and kill everyone inside with one or two shots.
  12. General Liederkranz

    Order completed!

    Ah, I see I didn't look far enough back in the update thread, where this is old news.
  13. General Liederkranz

    Order completed!

    I got an email an hour ago with my download link, and it works! I'm surprised there's been no official announcement and no one else has commented yet so I feel like something must be wrong. . . I was able to download and activate, but now dealing with the familiar Mac black screen problem.
  14. General Liederkranz

    Infantry and Armour Tactics Info?

    I don't think this is correct. My understanding is that in addition to the ordinary spotting cycles, when units take certain actions like firing, or move into view of each other, there's an automatic spotting check outside the 7-second cycle. I know I've often seen units spotted the moment they open fire, rather than a few seconds afterward.
  15. General Liederkranz

    Mortars with squad or not

    Yes, I find this is really important--and also, the Stuart has a radio and two of those crewmen are in the turret. The T-70 packs a punch against infantry or light armor but it's short on MG ammo, has a low ROF for the main gun, is slow to share info, it's hard to maintain C2 with, it's not great at spotting, and it's generally inefficient in "soft" terms despite its reasonable "hard" factors. A lot like the early T-34s.