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  1. He gave up on it in the end and just ordered the full game.
  2. Hi All, A friend is thinking of buying RT and he downloaded the demo, but it prompts for an activation key. What should I tell him to enter?
  3. Ah right if it was 5 minutes maybe I gave up too quickly. I managed to finish anyway, although my force was totally immolated.
  4. Hello All, In this scenario I can't move the 37mm infantry gun and can't fire it either, even when it can see a target. Has anyone else had more luck?
  5. Thanks for the responses. Elvis, Item 4 on the ticket, would that be my name and email if I was the person gifting it? As far as discount prices are concenred, I have to admit I have limited sympathy with those of my friends who say they can't afford it. Rather than save they dribble their money away on inferior games and probably end up spending more in the long run and have nothing in their collection to compare to Combat Mission 😉
  6. Hi, I own all the Combat Mission titles. But I have friends who are committed wargamers who although they would like your products find them too expensive. I'm just wondering if it would make sense for you to offer your older titles at a discount to induce such people in... Also, is there a way to buy your products as gifts? Cheers Jon
  7. I've persevered with the hill whilst defending against a push on the ford and it's going pretty well so far. I have to confess having restored from saves a couple of times to try different ideas, which i really dislike doing
  8. Hi All. I'm looking for inspiration... I'm playing this scenario as the Free French, and the key seems to be the high ground to the left of the town. However, I can't get there before the Germans and so any attack I try to take the hill gets comprehensively destroyed . Has anyone tried a different approach with more success? Cheers Jon
  9. Here we go again, another Groundhog Day. No.....wait....what? Yay nice one Battlefront!
  10. Imagine my eagerness as I logged on again to pick up my pre-ordered Rome to Victory after all these weeks......
  11. Visiting this site is like Groundhog Day 😉
  12. As long as no-one pushing their political views down everyones throats thats ok
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