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  1. Visiting this site is like Groundhog Day 😉
  2. As long as no-one pushing their political views down everyones throats thats ok
  3. Really? I thought this forum was about a wargame.
  4. Ah right, thanks very much MOS, I'll persevere with that version as well then. By the way, this is the really helpful BN compilation I was going on about: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/mods-aris-and-other-popular-mods-combined-into-easy-to-download-packs.17477/
  5. I'm a bit baffled by this - if it is the one place to go are there really only 4 vehicle mods in existence for Red Thunder? Is there really no T34 mod? This is CMMODSIV. I have also found mods on CMMODSIII, but difficult to tell there which ones work with RT. I asked on a different thread if there is a compilation of mods for RT as someone already has produced for BN but there was no response.
  6. Hi All, I haven't used many mods until now, so thought maybe now is time to start I have a compilation of CMBN mods (mainly Aris) which was put together by a player called Ithikail. This was really useful and saved a lot of hassle downloading things individually. Has anyone done this for CMRT, or for that matter any of the other titles?
  7. My suggestion is let us get our hands on the expansions for FI and RT! After that I'll put another CM development on my bucket list alongside seeing men land on Mars, either of which would be very welcome!
  8. +1 agree. Although I will of course buy the Italy expansion it's the RT expansion i really want to get my hands on. I find the Italian theatre like walking through treacle tbh, much as I expect the allies did
  9. I seem to be in a sort of groundhog day scenario with this game, having pre-ordered in June. Is it really still not released yet or am I misunderstanding something in the order process and not finding the link?.
  10. Thanks for the update Elvis, I always knew you lived still 😉
  11. Is it nearly July already?
  12. It's not about you being offended or not. It's about first society and then the state shutting down those that offend you. And burning books that offend you etc etc. In a free society I have as much right to offend you as you have to be offended. Personally I don't see a distinction between facism and communism, to me they are both totalitarian extremes of socialism. I hope that doesn't offend 😉
  13. I'm sure it is superflous to quote Brecht to an erudite group like you, but considering some of the things said in this thread I will Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again I agree 100% with what aus3620 says about political correctness. It's how it has always started.
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