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  1. Thanks for the update Elvis, I always knew you lived still 😉
  2. Is it nearly July already?
  3. It's not about you being offended or not. It's about first society and then the state shutting down those that offend you. And burning books that offend you etc etc. In a free society I have as much right to offend you as you have to be offended. Personally I don't see a distinction between facism and communism, to me they are both totalitarian extremes of socialism. I hope that doesn't offend 😉
  4. I'm sure it is superflous to quote Brecht to an erudite group like you, but considering some of the things said in this thread I will Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again I agree 100% with what aus3620 says about political correctness. It's how it has always started.
  5. I'd refer you all to Jordan Petersons various works and videos on this subject (most of which is on Youtube). In short, I think he would say that you can't hope to understand the moral issues until you face up with honesty to how you yourself might behave in the same circumstances.
  6. +1 I'm still in 'Before the next 2 modules' world. 'After the next 2 modules' could be 5-6 years from now 😉
  7. I had a similar issue with one of the titles. I went to the download page for the full game and there was a file there with the missing brz
  8. Ian, I found the brz file in the same place as the full download, thanks again.
  9. Thanks very much to John on support, I'm now able to carry on installing these updates (I was using the wrong activation module...) However, CMBS requires a 'black sea v103.brz' file. This does not exist in any of my directories or on any of the updates from Battlefront. Has anyone else had this issue?
  10. Thanks Ian, so rather than follow the link at the start of this thread I should have gone back to the download link on my order?
  11. I've only tried so far to patch Fortress Italy, with the Gustav bundle, and it's already a nightmare. After applying the fortress Italy serial I get 'License Failure Game Engine 4 required' even though I was already running engine 4. It won't even let me apply the Gustav serial, saying 'Invalid Serial Number'. So thats 1 out of 6 installs already ruined by these patches, I think I'll take a rain check on the rest for now. I dread to think what a mess CMBN will end up in. I've raised a ticket, but from the customers perspective I don't understand why I have to navigate through a minefield of different version numbers to arrive at the latest version and engine for each game.
  12. Thanks for the info everyone, I'll keep my wallet ready
  13. I know it's not considered PC around here to ask about timescales. But in true 'Emporers new clothes' fashion I'm going to ask. I think there was a time the Italy expansion and the Red Thunder expansion were expected to be released last year. Obviously thats not the aspiration any more. Is it still hoped to release them or has development stopped? (PS. sorry if I've missed a communication, but I've been visiting the Italy page regularly and not noticed anything)
  14. Thanks Kohlenklau, best reply I could have hoped for
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