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  1. It all makes good sense, just hard to apply when playing. I've been trying different things in a scenario called Forging Steel (I think that's the name). You have to recon 5 or 6 different areas spread around and down a highway. It seems like a pretty big map. I kept getting my Bradley's wasted from different areas of the map or they would become immobilized in the wet terrain. My last attempt I put a couple of my MBTs up on the hills above in an overwatch hull down position. I still lost a Bradley but since I took my squads out early at least they are still alive! It's going to take a long time to walk them this entire board though. I'll have to just keep messing around until I get the hang of it and try different things. Eric
  2. Thanks for the info. Wow there's a lot of different ways of doing this but I understand now to get the guys out of the AFV's asap. I think my problem comes with the Big open desert maps in SF2. What order do you use to march your infantry forward? If you use Quick they'll tire out quickly, same with Hunt. Move they'll get creamed if attacked from what I understand. I tried moving guys up using quick, leap frogging them and they got tired pretty fast. I guess I could split them up into smaller teams, use Move and then if they get attacked I wont loose so many but still sucks loosing them that way. Thanks, Eric
  3. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense and I never thought of it that way. I always thought since they were there to ride they'd ride them all the time. But it makes sense that they're used to ride for long distance then dismount for contact and then support the troops. I'll have to do this and maybe loose less dudes! Thank you, Eric
  4. I have a question in regards to when best to disembark infantry? So for example, let's say you have to scout out a village up ahead and there's no real cover to hide behind or conceal your approach. Do you rush your Strikers up fast and release your units up close to the village hoping to surprise the enemy? Or do I let them out and slowly walk them forward with the Strikers covering them or slowly advancing with them? I've had this question for a long time, even when using half tracks in WWII scenarios. I never know what's best. Yesterday while playing a mission where you have to scout ahead of the main force, I lost whole squads of men in their Bradley's because I thought it would be faster to keep them inside while scouting the battlefield. So what's the best rule of thumb to follow, if there is one? I know there's not a perfect answer but there must be some rule to follow. I doubt the US Army or Marines just flips a coin and says sorry guys you have to stay inside for this one, we're not sure if we should let you out or not!๐Ÿ˜ Anyway, your advice and help will be much appreciated! Thank you, Eric
  5. Awesome! Thought that was the case but figured I'd ask! Thanks for the replies... Eric
  6. I was wondering if the old SF user created missions and campaigns will work with SF2? I downloaded one scenario and it seems to work okay but before I do anything else I thought I'd check before I mess something up, if possible. Thanks, Eric
  7. Well thatโ€™s a bummer! I was hoping there was a way to make them use it, but if itโ€™s only good for armor then Iโ€™m SOL anyway. Thanks for the info though. E
  8. I was wondering if there is a way to get the Bradley's to fire their TOW missiles instead of the main gun or in addition to it? There are times when a TOW missile would be beneficial but I don't see a way to get them to use it! For example, softening up a hard or stubborn target before an assault! Is there a key or targeting special that I'm messing? Thank you, Eric
  9. Okay I just tried a mission and kept the 60mm mortars up with the squads. We came under heavy fire from a trench line, so I ordered the motar team up semi close and tried to get Los but couldn't do I got them up closer and as soon as they took fire they bolted. So next I tried calling in a strike while they were behind cover & it said 6 minutes! By the time that happens my men will be toast! I thought having them closer would make it a lot faster getting rounds on target? What gives? Now granted these were Canadian troops ๐Ÿ˜„ E
  10. So if I get this all right, light mortars like 60mm, should stay with the platoon but stay safely away from enemy fire. Move them up along with the squads to suppress individual targets that hamper the platoons ability to complete its mission. They can be brought up and used for direct fire missions as well as indirect pending on terrain etc. Larger mortars should be used as indirect assets and kept in the rear with Comms but will have a longer wait time for rounds on target? I hope I got all that. I'll definitely have to give it a go, as far as keeping them with the platoon. This makes sense. I started thinking I was using them wrong when I saw the British light mortars taking out a anti-tank position. I also noticed in a few AAR videos and reports the mortar teams being taken out in a counter attack and wondered why they were so close. Thanks for all the input guys. This has been very helpful. Now to put it into practice! E
  11. I have been doing exactly what you have done and grouped them all together, but after seeing the British small mortars work, I started thinking it might be better to keep them up close with the squads. Thank you for the input. I was wondering if it would make them more accurate. So I'll have to give it a go. Thx, Eric
  12. Nice video! I thought you were going to lose your fighter aircraft with all the AAA and a few more of your APC`s but you didn't! I also liked that 2 for 1 shot you got, luck son of a gun.......๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Nice job..... Thanks for sharing that. Eric
  13. Sorry, I haven't been on here in a while, at least seriously I'll check this out tomorrow when I get a chance, thank you.... Eric
  14. I have a question regarding the use of on map mortars. So I've always used the on map mortars as a support weapon that I hold in the back of the map in a designated area with a leader with comms gear. My question: is it better to keep the individual mortar teams, if in a squad, moving up with the teams? Or is it better to use them like I have in one big pool? I know the small mortars that are in the British squad you have to keep with the team moving up etc. But the larger mortars that require deployment I wasn't sure if it's better to keep them semi close to the action. Are they more accurate and faster to get rounds on target? Your thoughts and tactics would be appreciated! Thank you, Eric
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