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  1. ebphoto

    Stinger missiles

    Hmmm, so you don't really need to do anything I take it. I'll have to deploy them more carefully & see if it makes a difference. I appreciate all the advice... E
  2. ebphoto

    Stinger missiles

    Hmmm, so you don't really need to do anything I take it. I did make the mistake of hiding two units near trees! So I can understand those not being able to get any shots. I was afraid if I left them in the open they'd get hit by enemy aircraft strafing or bombing! The other though, I had on a rooftop & they didn't fire a single missile. I'm not sure why they didn't. Units were being attacked all around the area near them by the helicopter! Do they have to stay by or in the hummer they came in? Not sure I understand the whole MANPADS thing. Thank you, E
  3. ebphoto

    Stinger missiles

    I was wondering if you have to do anything special to get troops to fire the stinger missile? I have the stinger troops covering in three different areas of friendly units but no stingers were fired while my units were devastated by Russian helicopters and aircraft! Do you need to put a covering arc/ring around them or something else? I'd appreciate the help. Thank you, E
  4. ebphoto

    New Terrain Mod for CMRT

    That looks really nice! I like the color shading, looks very lush! Great job. BTW I tried to go to the link to check it out but the link doesn't work... Eric
  5. ebphoto

    CMBS Battle Pack

    Well I did what you said but didn't see any difference in the program. No new missions etc... E
  6. ebphoto

    CMBS Battle Pack

    So does the program dload the new missions etc or are they already in there and just need to be activated?? Thank you for the help, I appreciate it... E
  7. ebphoto

    CMBS Battle Pack

    This is probably a dumb question however, here goes. I purchased the windows version of the new Battle Pack but if there's nothing to download or no link etc., how do I install it? I'm a little confused. Thanks, Eric
  8. I've been trying this scenario a few times and seem to get my novice but whipped! Does anyone have any tactical tips on how to go about securing the objectives? Once I get close to the bridges I seem to lose everything! It's very frustrating. Thank you, Eric
  9. Great, thank you for the help....
  10. Hi, I purchased a laptop and installed all my Battlefront games on it. They run okay but the frame rates are pretty bad. I decided to return this laptop and buy something more powerful. If I uninstall the games and then reinstall them on the new system, will it be okay to do so? I'm not sure how many times I can install them. Thank you, E
  11. ebphoto

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    I'm glad you cleared up what those black squares were because I was wondering if it was a graphical glitch or redacted pixels that we weren't allowed to see! Great job on all of this, really well done!
  12. Jyri, Awesome! Thank you so much. I will give it a shot and see how it goes .hanks again for the quick reply, I really appreciate it.... Eric
  13. Hi, I downloaded a few mods from CMMODSiii.com and the instructions to get them to work say to create a directory called Z in the games data dir. On the Mac all I have is the Documents Folder and the Game Files Folder. I created a folder called Z in the Game Files Folder but nothing seems to happen. They don't load. How do you get Mods to work on a Mac version of the Combat Mission games? I have all of the games and love playing them but Id like to get a few of the Mods working if possible. Thank you, E
  14. ebphoto

    CMBN Crashes on new laptop

    Thank you for the reply. I went ahead and opened a ticket. Hopefully they can fix it. Thanks, E
  15. Hello, I had to purchase a new laptop since my other one died on me and I cannot get CMBN to run at all. I tried to use the Nvidia Control Panel, 3d Settings fix that was mentioned in the knowledge base but that didn't do anything to resolve the issue. The program used to run on my older laptop that had intel graphics and Nvidia graphics is it just fine. The error Im getting is: Assertion failed! Program:... File: C:edisk\source\SDK\PC\GS5_Intf.cpp Line 402 Expression: apis [90] Then goes on to say something about looking at the C++ documentation on asserts and try to debug the application. Can this be fixed? Is there something I need to install or a driver that needs upgrading? The laptop is a MSI 72S 6Q running Windows 10 Home 64bit intel core i7-6920HQ @ 2.90Ghz, 32G RAM with Nvidia 980 Desktop graphics card. Thank you, E