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  1. You are absolutely right! (Facepalm) That explains everything.
  2. I'm only on mission #3, but I think I noticed some bugs. Sometimes there seems to be some invisible barriers around houses that prevents me from aiming at them, even though the ground is extremely flat, not a tree in sight, and I could be just 30 meters from the house. I tried different angles with different vehicles, same problem. I also noticed some path finding issue while I was playing mission #1, occasionally vehicles would take very long detours to a waypoint even though it's just across an open field, with no obstacles or difficult terrain in between.
  3. The four helmet files you mentioned were deleted on purpose. They were actually my own backup files and weren't used at all in the game. Now you should have 21 helmet files - 5 each for airbornes, regulars, reserves, and special forces, plus 1 for special forces leader. In ver 1.2, I added another 10 uniform files (and their respective normal map files) for the unconventional fighters.
  4. All the files are there, in the Soldiers folder. You can delete/replace the whole folder. Ver. 1.2 adds uncon fighters shown above, but no changes have been made to the Syrian regular forces. When you say the v1.1 uniform files are not updated, is this what you mean?
  5. Thanks for the tip. But I tried bump texture one way and then tried inverting it, but it still doesn't seem to work; I think it has to do with the mdr model that the helmet is based on. In the end, I just photoshopped shadowing effect into the netting layer, which seems to work pretty well.
  6. Each time I updated the files, I just copied over the old files in the same Dropbox folder. The link in my very first post takes you directly to the newest version.
  7. Here comes version 1.2: I modded the Syrian fighters so that they wear at least some camouflage. The mod folder linked below also contains my previous work on the Syrian regular forces. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bwgu0k7bdjpblkr/AADo5tmmL0RTWPz8omGaS6twa?dl=0
  8. Version 1.1 just uploaded. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bwgu0k7bdjpblkr/AADo5tmmL0RTWPz8omGaS6twa?dl=0 Version 1.1 change log: Edited Syrian Ssh-68 helmets. Now Syrian soldiers wear a mixture of camouflage-covered, netted, or bare Ssh-68 helmets.
  9. So, I took your advice and remade the netting, and it does look a lot better! One problem is that I can't get the normal map to work. Does mdr create a conflict with the normal map file?
  10. Thanks, Steppenwulf! Those are some very helpful advice!
  11. I see what what you mean. You're right, the special forces are separate from RG. I should explain that picture a little better. Those are just RG soldiers, the idea there is to show what modernized equipment in the Syrian army looks like. By my research, the spec ops don't dress any differently from the regulars, except that they are better equipped. The modernized equipment used by the RG at the beginning of the civil war is likely what the special forces already had a few years earlier, which is around the timeframe of this game.
  12. Nice pic of the netting, I've tried to replicate that netting for this mod, but I'm just not that skilled. Maybe one of the better modders can teach me a few things? Also, notice how this helmet is more dark green compared to the 2005 picture of the troops in a truck. I'm not sure whether that's due to lighting or a different colour paint. If anyone has info on what the right colour should be, I'll change it in the mod.
  13. Red bar on the epaulette signifies Republican Guard, the same as a red beret or red triangle on the centre of the helmet (like the guy in the truck). As for that big circle, I haven't seen any close-ups of it, but my guess is a paratrooper badge of some sort.
  14. BTW guys, I'm very much a newbie modder, so please feel free to critique the mod. For example, I know that the Syrians don't use the Soviet-style armor vest, let me know where I can find some modding tutorials or the right resources. Thanks a lot!
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