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    Demo Feedback

    The LAW launchers are extended even when shouldered. I noticed this with the UK troops in Breaking the Bank, but I haven't checked other factions for this problem.
  2. I don't mind the wait. It's Battlefront's repeated unkept promises that I find quite irritating. If you run into unexpected issues that slow down progress, let us know you can't make the target date, we would surely understand. But to disappear for over a month and not give any status update is unprofessional by my book.
  3. Command was fine. In fact, I've noticed this problem for quite a while now. It seems like an easy fix, the problem is how do we get Battlefront to act on it?
  4. The Ukrainian Artillery Observation Vehicles (MT-LBU 1V14) in Mortar Batteries can't call artillery, it doesn't have laser designator either. The same is true if you pick this vehicle from "single vehicles" list. But the same vehicle at the battalion level seems to work just fine (call strikes, has laser designator). As far as cost goes, the battalion MT-LBU costs 120/360, the mortar battery MT-LBU costs 100/300. Is this intentional or a bug?
  5. Here's an updated dropbox link to the download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jyd2bbf7fzvdet/AADlhLjFrhSgVWdYKGrfNtPra?dl=0
  6. They don't let me out much, my company. lol... I've been a pretty infrequent visitor until very recently. Sorry for keeping this under the wraps for so long
  7. All, A link for my Ukrainian/Pro-Russia Separatist skin is included below. Back in early 2016, I did hours of research and created a set of skins for the Ukrainian government and separatist forces based on several preexisting mods (Veins' Russian and Ukrainian Infantry skins, Stagler's Russian skins with gorka and flora camo, Blimey's "Separatist - UKR Digital Slot"). The resulting product is a line-up of government and separatist forces wearing a motley of different camo clothing. I would like to thank Stagler, Veins, and Blimey for your wonderful contribution to our community! But if any of the original content creators object to my usage of their mods, pls message me, I will make revisions accordingly. This is my first post, do let me know if you encounter any problem with the download or the mod itself, I will fix it. Also please share your thoughts on how we can improve this mod together, I want this project to belong to our whole community. Hope you guys enjoy! Description of the mod: 1. Ukrainian government forces: The government soldiers wear mostly the new digital camo pattern, mixed in with some uncovered green/gray helmets and the old bytan-pattern camouflaged helmets and ballistic vests. 2. Pro-Russia separatist forces: I chose the digital slot for the separatists because I feel that, notwithstanding reports of Russian arms surfacing in Donbass, the separatists' equipment is still predominantly the same equipment used by the Ukrainian government forces. What differentiates this mod from Blimey's version is the inclusion of a different mixture of motley camouflage and helmets, rebalanced to reflect (in my opinion) a more authentic look for the government forces and the separatists. Based on my research, olive gorka suits and Russian flora patterns are fairly common among separatist ranks. Occasionally, you will also see some separatists wearing equipment in the new Russian digital pattern. For identification purpose, separatists tie white bands on their arms and legs (Government forces sometimes use yellow tape for identification, but I left this feature out b/c this practice appears to have become less common since the adoption of the new digital pattern). This mod reflects these observations accordingly. Furthermore, I reintroduced helmets for the separatists for several reasons. (1) I can't add bare-headed separatists without also having to remove helmet chain-strap from all Ukrainian models. (2) In intense battles (e.g., Second Battle for Donetsk Airport), video footage showed many frontline separatists wearing helmets. (3) This game reflects the conflict in 2017, it's likely that the separatists have become better equipped. Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0ednsclks77bqa/UKR_2017.zip?dl=0 Preview images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ujke8qkciwsz3c5/Ukrainian Govt.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4zg7i8smz7iq4u2/Separatists.jpg?dl=0
  8. Hi Vein, These look fantastic, could you PM me the download link? Thank you very much!
  9. pquumm

    Stagler's CMBS Mods

    Hi Stagler, The dl link for the gorka version is expired, could you upload the files again? I'd very much like to try it out. Thanks a lot!