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  1. HowMuchForYou?

    CMRT Campaign: Rattenkrieg

    Is there any way to call off the Stuka in the 2nd mission? I cant win because my own plane keeps bombing and strafing me. EDIT: I won right after posting this.
  2. HowMuchForYou?

    Come And See

    Anybody seen this great film? After watching it it has definitely made me want to cyka my blyat. Great film but ****ed up. Not your typical war movie.
  3. HowMuchForYou?

    Lower framerate with sound on

    FIXED! I have all my CM games on Steam and launching it from there caused the issue. Now, I just launch it from the desktop as admin and its flawless!
  4. HowMuchForYou?

    Lower framerate with sound on

    Are there any fixes? I dont have the 4.0 upgrade or an SSD. All hard drive.
  5. HowMuchForYou?

    Lower framerate with sound on

    I do use sound mods and I tried running the game without the sound mods but I have the same issue.
  6. My framerate drops when I zoom in on my troops making movements but when I turn the sound off it starts to run smooth as butter. Is this just a matter of poor optimization?
  7. HowMuchForYou?

    CM: Shock Force 2 Wish List

    Well, I think I just busted a nut.
  8. HowMuchForYou?

    New Campaign - needs testers

    Is this gonna be about Muj vs Afghan government? I dont know much about the pre-invasion era.
  9. Definitely a goof. ****, maybe even a gaff?
  10. Try it and report back with your results.
  11. Still no briefings. Strange that its not popping up for me. Erwin, the briefing only showed up for the first mission. How about the others?
  12. I tried each of your download links but I still dont get the briefing. Im on the third mission.
  13. I dont know if its just me but I tried the download link to fix just the briefings but it didnt work. When I start a mission and click on Briefing it doesnt even pop up.
  14. Just beat the first mission. Loving the campaign so far! Definitely a challenge.