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  1. Everything besides my C&C icons I use are a mishmash of other mods from various CMx2 games frankensteined together. Here is a screenshot of what I use, and a list of all the mods I use in addition to my C&C icons. Vin's Animated Text Xacto's Camo Theme Mord's Hi-Vis Hit Decals Lt. Smash's Floating Icons JuJu's Base Markers Syrian Army Uniform Realism Mod by Sir Lancelot
  2. Hello all, so I have been using my own homebrew C&C icons for readability, and when sharing screenshots with a friend of one of my battles, he said I should upload the C&C icons I use. These icons are all sourced and modified from the Open Clipart Project which has free clipart for use in both non-commercial and fully commercial projects. Now, the purposes of these icons are not to represent any actual military symbols, or realistic depictions of the equipment involved, but instead make clear and distinct visual differences between different levels of C&C. As such they are all mono color, and fairly unique in shape. These icons are made primarily for CM:SF2, but as they are just bmp replacements, should work with all other CMx2 engine games that share the same filenames, such as CM:BN. The icons are as follows: - Voice Range - Close Visual Range - Far Visual Range - Radio Contact - PDA Contact - Command Bridge So, not overly much, but if it helps some people use the UI more effectively, feel free to use it. To install, simply drop the unzipped folder in your Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\User Data\Mods folder. You will need to delete matching files (if they exist) from any UI mod you have installed to prevent conflicts. Hastati's C&C.zip
  3. Used the one linked in this thread and liked it a lot, but am wondering if a similar thing exists for FI? Or should all of the stuff bar the FI exclusives such as italian units be working, and I'd only need things like new weapon and vehicle UI silouettes for the bottom bar for the italians?
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