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  1. I agree 100% I made the decision after CM SF2 about not buying a single Battlefront product untill they show some care about the reported issues and fix them or at least show some intention with a patch,. They seem to have time to post daily on Off Topic forum it seems they don´t to make a single post on here or the reported tank accuracy bug. This atitude leads me to move my money somewhere else and it is sad to say cause I own lot of Battlefront games and modules.
  2. Hello I am looking to start 2 different games with different opponents. I am an average player with some experience, my turn rythim is more or less 1 turn/1 and a half day sometimes a bit less sometimes a bit more. My prefered games scenarios are meeting engagement but that is not a real trouble to me, I prefer a premade scenario with no force selection. I use CM helper. I own BS(all dlc), BN(all dlc), FB, FI (except RTV) and RT v4 all. Please feel free to PM me if you are interested or answer this post. Thanks you.
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