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  1. sovietpolarbear

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    The first mission of the saving private Ryan campaign was intense because an entire platoon died immediately after starting the mission
  2. sovietpolarbear

    New Website status update

    Where do I go to download the games I have purchased?
  3. sovietpolarbear


    300% increase of firepower
  4. sovietpolarbear

    Best CM Game?

    In terms of content available, Shock Force and Normandy have a lot of player-made content.
  5. sovietpolarbear

    Good news for Italy lovers!

    I am a silly little man. Thank you for clarifying with me.
  6. sovietpolarbear

    Good news for Italy lovers!

    It would be nice to receive news about the development of this module. It's almost been two years since this was announced. I would like to see Battlefront occasionally post a blog about the development of future titles instead of having fans wait in the dark. I know Paradox Interactive will occasionally post a developer diary to bring their fans up to date on new changes they are implementing in their games.
  7. sovietpolarbear

    I Remade Platoon House Aleksandra in Arma 3

    Dear Sgt. Deadly, While I don't have ArmA 3 I one day look forward in joining your gaming organization United Operations along with my son. Is United Operations safe for children? I have a son and I want him to play some milsim games to get inspired in his JROTCing. My son's name he uses when he games is pancake. Yours, Sovietpolarbear
  8. Both games FI and GL have vanished for me in the store sometime after they were put on sale last December. I know this is not an account issue because I've logged out to see if the games were still gone and they are. I've even tried seeing the store on another computer and they are still gone. The only items that appear under the store for FI are the module upgrades. Those anyone else have this issue or is it just me. I live in Canada.