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  1. johnsilver

    Purchasing Red Thunder

    Cheers for this response to the question. Been awhile since purchased CMBN and couldn't remember if came with latest patches or not..
  2. If anyone else has the same issues as I did with jerky movements with the camera on the demo, movement being difficult to give and flat out difficult command of the camera at all from the mouse.. That all went away with the retail 3.11 download version. While movement of the camera via the mouse and giving orders (movement) still hasn't grown as 2nd nature yet as it did in CM1, it's much smoother overall than the demo and hope people don't rely on those quirks to misjudge what seems to be another fine title to Battlefront's list. John
  3. Thanks everyone for the help with regards to movement and what to expect/not to expect in the final version in camera movement that I was asking. I DID purchase the title (CMBN + Commonwealth Forces) several hours ago from Battlefront, though am still waiting for it to download.. Seems the 10GB file is going to take more than half a day to download, even though I have blistering fast internet service myself. John
  4. Thank you for your kind replies to several of my questions Ian. The R/Click to give movement commands and targeting orders was/is my biggest gripe. I still wish it was not removed and still in many ways hope to see it, if do end up getting the full version shortly. Spent several hours trying to fight that "dashing mouse" you described also.. And that spacebar command you described to bring up movement commands I thought were lost? Might just be the ticket to reinstall the demo had uninstalled for what thought would be a game too different to be worth it. Cheers, John
  5. It's more than that here. Massive difference between the demo of CMBN and the 1st 3 CM's, which I purchased as soon as they were released. Recently returned to CM and downloaded the Demo. Movement and camera commands are entirely different. No longer is user able to simply "right click" on the mouse and go about issuing command and move the camera along in a simple path by sliding the mouse. Everything is tedious now. My PC is not slow by any means either, hardware or graphics GPU with an 8 core AMD cpu and 7750 AMD card. My "hope" is that the 3.11 update does something to restore the old, "right click" where movements can be ordered to units, targeting etc.. Once again. This was a catastrophic mistake on Battelfront's part to remove. Searched over the forums a couple of times but saw nothing on this. John
  6. I'm looking for PBEM opponents. Been away from CMBB and CMAK for around 10y and just came back. Can turn around several turns per day. Thanks
  7. johnsilver

    PBEM Opponent

    Hi, Long ago player just getting back to CMBB and CMAK. Would like to start 1-2 PBEM games if possible. Can send back as many turns per day as about anyone can get out. Open to any scenario, or mod. Just please leave out the desert scenarios. Size of map does not matter. Thanks
  8. johnsilver

    What is this AT weapon?

    As long as they work fine with Win7/64? Fine with me and without that paid for 1.04 patch, after buying the disc itself so many years ago already.. Come back to the old CM1 games after all these years, reinstall the discs and then find out they want to sell you a patch that's NOT EVEN needed to get the games to work? Heh..
  9. johnsilver

    10 Years

    I bought it also when 1st came out, same with BO and BB then stopped gaming period for several years. Dusted off the old discs and trying to remember how the game even works now.. How funny huh? Nearly 10 years without playing the game and plum forgot.. Went fishing about for old friend names and didn't spot any, looks like they have moved onto better things also from the past. Was hoping at least SSpoomy was still around.