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    Lefties hate the IDF?  I'm a lefty and have immense respect for the IDF (I've even been to Israel twice on business, amazing place, visited Masada).  That doesn't mean I agree with all Israeli policy, or all my own country's policies.
    Stringing up lefties?  You mean the ones who believe in an evidence-based world, not fairy tales?  The ones that know that climate change is real, as is evolution, and the world is not just 6000 years old, and that people with non-white skin are also people, as are women?   You mean them?   The ones that know that war is real and real people die in them (which is totally cool as long as it is not one's own precious self, yes?)?  The ones who actually know history because they read books instead of watching TV all day?   You mean those folks?  Some of them have a full lifetime of interest in military history and therefore love what CM offers.  Keep your insults to your f(*&ing self.  Let's stick to CM on this forum, there's folks of many differing views of the world here.
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    folkieredux reacted to danfrodo in Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead   
    Thanks for that folierdux!
    Dear Fellow Battalion Commanders, note that I am not looking to start a discussion on left-right, right-wrong, etc.  I just want to point out that one cannot assume that everyone who plays and loves wargames is like oneself.  So let's be respectful.  We are all getting whupped, often, by this game and should therefore feel some shared experience and comradeship.  We all feel deeply the loss of our beloved troops -- especially when it's due to our (occasional/typical/endless?) poor command decisions.  ('endless' is my experience).  And do we not mourn those losses no matter the country for which they fight?  I've never been fighting as Germans and cheered as my ranks are decimated by allied artillery, yet I am glad that nazis lost. 
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