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  1. Here's a bright idea for you, why don't you quote what combatinfman said that prompted our response? or are you not that bright? If the moderators aren't going to stop the stupid comments about lefties and liberals then we will respond. It's not the first time he's done it.
  2. Well said, So tired of trumpers. They turn any topic on any forum into attack on people who have different views. Even when the topic is just about a computer game they still have to spew their drivel.
  3. same thing happened to me, check if you have the missing files inside a folder where they are supposed to be. for instance don't have your quick battles inside a folder inside the quick battle folder. should just be the files
  4. Maybe it's because you have troops on 2 different levels. The hedge would block LOS for the troops on the first floor.
  5. Ashez, Why do use such an insulting profile picture on a forum like this? It's childish and offensive
  6. is it just me or has anyone had their downloaded scenarios and campaigns not loaded into the game? all I seem to get is official release scenarios/campaigns
  7. are we to start individual tickets? I too have invalid serial numbers on activitation
  8. "PS,I don't know sometimes I think Trump was needed by the deeper american industrial/miltary complex, to reset world policy and maybe gain something from the bleeding Middle east strategy by adapting to the new situation" Trump and his fascism and racism is not needed in any shape or form in the United States.
  9. How did this get by the moderators? what a bunch of BS!
  10. hey kohlenklau, here's a tank mod I'd liked to see
  11. i think you need to use the open up command so somebody mans the machine gun(s)
  12. great mod! and the other 2 battles are in in the 2b data file, a night at the opera and red square
  13. i might have to redo the malta map and put in the correct flat topped buildings. kohl are there only single story flat topped buildings or multi story too?
  14. actually this map was made for kohlenklau but there is no campaign or battle, the map is free to use, so go for it
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