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  1. A few weeks ago i updated my rig to an iMac. Till now I've had a good time! Unfortunately not much strategy games are available. Can't evaluate why... From my point of view it's the perfect platform for strategic and/or tactic war games.

  2. Have you tried to login with your account under battlefront.com? When you access your account you can click on "view" to show your orders. (see picture 1) picture 1 At the next page you can find your key under your contact informations. (see picture 2) picture 2 I hope this works.
  3. You should have received a email with the activation code. (I bought the download only version) It is a 32 digit alphanumeric code.
  4. Hi folks, I'm also new here. So I would like to say hello first. "Hello!" Thank you for this very helpful link xwormwood!
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