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  1. Yes, performance has gotten a lot worse which I know is because of the RTX series which is why I said modern computers won't be able to play CM in a year or two because Nvidia & Intel are doing really crazy things with their products now. I will maybe, just give me until like tomorrow i'm really tired lol.
  2. I expect to run at the same frames or better as people with same spec's as me. And, I mean Command MALB, yes. The fact it doesn't have any 3D rendering means my CPU/RAM/SSD is not the culprit. CM has very little rendering (It uses LOD's) so it's not my graphics card. I'm running the game at 1920x1080 and I have shadows turned off. And Graviteam Tactics uses platoon's so you can have around 1000-2000 units in a single battle. I'm not downgrading my graphics card lol. I've even tried downgrading the OS a few years ago to XP just for this game to see if it was the lack of legacy support for Windo
  3. I built my computer so I don't have any bloat on it. It's running off of the 1080 It's nothing on my PC. I've built three PC's and none of them could run Combat Mission. All running i5's, with two having a dedicated card (r9 290 & gtx 1080). I'll make a post on helpdesk but I mean they already have my money lol so I'm not sure if they're going to go the extra distance and help me but I'll check it out. Thanks.
  4. First off, I know the game runs on OpenGL. I don't know why that is but it is. I know the game performs hundreds of calculations for every soldier or whatever. But I play games like Command and Graviteam Tactics/Achtung Panzer and those run perfectly and Command simulates a hell of a lot more than CM. So, I built a PC pretty much specifically for these three games and I can't get it to even work properly. I get maybe 10 frames in a battle and even when I get more than 20 frames the camera lags behind so ****ing much it's unplayable. I have a i5 4690k, 32GB of ram and CM is installed
  5. 1) Command from MatrixGames is the one I'm speaking of. IMO its on par with CM in terms of the calculations it's doing. 2) I didn't know it was just one developer. Do you know why isn't he just reaching out for other developers for hire? CM could benefit so much from faster development. 3) Why isn't CM on steam? I have a developer/publisher account on steam and I can tell you the takeaway amount from steam that you hear on the internet is 100% bull****. However, I can't say the exact amount due to NDA but if Combat Mission were to be on steam and at least 100 people buy it; It would
  6. Fresh install of windows/cm. Also I don't think its the bus speed since 128bit era games run perfect but its not comparable 100% imo to cm due to cm being much more demanding on calculations than other games so I don't believe that it would be the mobo but yeah thats a bottleneck. Also is there a reason behind the development process of cm? I feel like they are bleeding money with expansions and standalone when they should make a game that will run on computers made within the past five years. I don't get them at all.
  7. Both monitors are 1920x1080 at 23" so playing on a different monitor doesn't have much any different impact So the 4.0 features on the front page are the only additions to CM? Motherboard was switching from AMD AM3+ Asus Sabertooth 990fx to LGA 1150 PC Mate Reason for the switch was alot of games don't run well on AMD as they have poor multi-core support so I went with Intel. I thought CM would be one of those games that would be fixed during my switch of motherboards. It wasn't.
  8. Hello there! So I own SF, BN, and BS and I have the same problem on all of them I can't get a decent framerate to which I feel as ignorance to release games like combat mission in 2010's and have them not run on modern computers. Basically I see people on YouTube with pure **** running as systems and combat mission runs with 60fps with maxed out settings and yet I can't obtain thirty. I've tried everything; Installed it on SSD, overclocked CPU and GPU and absolutely nothing does anything to my frames. So my question is as it says in the title: will upgrading to engine 4.0 increase my fram
  9. I just bought Shock Force due the price and to my knowledge that's the only Combat Mission that offers some unconventional warfare (IED's & Spies) which is really hard to achieve in other Combat Mission Games (Normandy, Red Thunder) but in a game with a fictitious battle with NATO & Ukraine vs RU; I think unconventional warfare would be beneficial. I would hope to see a expansion for militia as the troops currently fighting in Ukraine are either rushed musters or civilians. Ukraine's not winning a head on fight against Russia. Realistically they would adapt to guerrilla tactics such as
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