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  1. you created a new bug, buildings could be uh ....a little more to scale....
  2. He got shot at the second of throwing. I have also seen other troops taken out by fratricide.
  3. L3/L5 Radio Tankettes - The gunner(commander) doesn't fire in bursts or singles he just constantly shoots until the ammo of the breda clip runs out and repeats each time
  4. You are right! I just checked the M24 chafee isn't listed in the armor for quick battles. M5 is listed. It should be there since it is in TOE. Interstingly also, they phased the priest out because that is not available late in the war as well.
  5. I played through all the sp battles as allies and didn't see any german 251/1 half tracks, are they there and i missed them? I saw tons of allied halftracks though
  6. Bad move for your opponent with hellcat. Open top vehicles and TDs should stay away from dense buildings and hull down outside them or hide in vegetation on the outskirts. half tracks should provide suppressing fire from the outskirts as well. If the weather is bad they are useless, because they cannot indirect fire with bad weather or night. stuart and sherman are ok to fight in cities if you must, but only close to friendly troops for protection.
  7. To me ai open top (hellcat) probably tried to get out of the kill zone, in the manual it talks about self preservation and how units were disobey sometime to save themselves.
  8. I think the 80m listed was for indirect fire
  9. For stationary. In real life there is absolutely no way, at any range you are going to hit a target on the move with a faust like a sherman let alone a stuart/jeep/m8 greyhound. It's not like a bazooka or panzerschrek and panzerfausts have wildly high arcs, and slow velocity i don't think they have a compensation for target movement as well.
  10. effective range on moving target or non moving?
  11. no its just a new link because the other had expired
  12. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YVrkETBW1Wq-Hfa0_svOnrS1xJZLdpBh
  13. Entering the Germans home turf. There is a lot of land between the Rhine and Elbe, and a lot of battles. Some stuff I can think of Volkssturm Militia Walter Model Battle of Remagen Wesel SAS German Tank Destroyers Battle of Hamburg Battle of Nuremburg Operation Plunder Operation Veritable Devers In the south Bavaria black forest and alps Battle of Heilbronn Paratroopers Operation Varsity What areas did the British and Canadians battle to the north south and west and how far did they go before stopping?
  14. Just a couple weeks ago it was officially announced that a new module is coming to Combat Mission : Final Blitzkrieg, which will take the western front from the Rhine to the Elbe. What do you guys think? It seems too far out yet on the planning to say anything about it yet.
  15. well all indirect fire aims at 1st floor now, if they haven't fled from there.
  16. I have texture filtering off as well. Well I am turning off low latency then.
  17. In game 3d model quality best 3d texture best tree detail high shaders on
  18. mine Image sharpening 1.0, ignore film grain 1.0 anisotropic - 16x FXAA - off AA - up to you. low latency - ultra (this is a new option too, I have to look more into it) texture filtering - high quality
  19. I turned off FXAA in nvidia panel and it fixed the menu.
  20. umlaut thanks, I had the same problem at menus.
  21. I see the the difference and on other games as well. There are youtube videos on the subject.
  22. This is something you should try for yourself. I attempted a before and after but was unable to capture the sharpness. I run an older 760. The sharpness doesn't show in screenshots but it is definitely there . edit I tried .70 and then full on 1.0 for sharpness and even that is a leap
  23. stone houses, wood fences, troops, tanks all look amazing
  24. Just noticed there are couple new graphic options for nvidia owners like image sharpening, I have tried the sharpening but not the others yet.
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