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  1. You are right. Voices are far too quite, I can barely hear anything the added nations say!
  2. So you are saying there was more variety of plants available in 1944? Do you mean warmer weather has killed them off since? The color and plant health was probably more vibrant as well.
  3. woops guess that was suppose to be in the normandy shots since it is a market garden module, I just went by the snow.
  4. You can then use target light to indirect fire with .50 anywhere
  5. Indeed they can target by themselves but this wasn't taken into question by me. I suggested that there be a target light command that would allow the user to use the .50cals as an actual target light line to anywhere, so that you as the player can just select which area to target with .50cals alone.
  6. Uncertain about what aircraft were used. Not sure if allies had air superiority a this time in Italy, or german or even italian aircraft from bases in northern italy or other bases (hungary, czechoslovakia etc) were still active at the time.
  7. no air support listed in TOE for RTV
  8. how did they make fields without that problem? Good job if it works.
  9. I would hope so Wiki says the Germans had control of 45,000 Italian troops up there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Republican_Army The Axis had 21 much weaker German divisions and four Italian Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano (ENR) divisions with about 349,000 German and 45,000 Italian troops on 9 April. There were another 91,000 German troops on the lines of communication and the Germans commanded about 100,000 Italian police.[8][4] Three of the Italian divisions were allocated to the Ligurian Army under Rodolfo Graziani guarding the western flank facing France and the fourth was with the 14th Army, in a sector thought less likely to be attacked.[9] I am trying to find out just which armor or vehicles they used. Did they use their own or German?
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