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  1. the elephant guns are jammed, dunno why they didn't eject. Easy mission..
  2. Was awhile ago but probably the gunner in that half tracks stick through the front of the gun shield (his back) when aiming towards the back of the ht, so would make him vulnerable to incoming fire at the front of the vehicle while he was facing back,
  3. If a mod was made for CMBN Market Garden Module Vote me in on on a module that focuses on the cotentin peninsula and it's battles. I know, I know, people will say it can already be achieved with what's already out. I believe this was in all somewhat missed. This is my hope to see some older french and german equipment in use.
  4. I don't recall many Cotentin battles.. I get my fix on Close combat 5 I made and released a sb map for CMBN called le varimesmil based off the cc5 map. The battle editor was to intricate for me to finish properly.
  5. It is referred to in one of the books as a crane mount. I'm wondering if the half track carried an AA tripod on the outside that could be used externally like the US had for the .50cal. It may have been dismounted and used by the troops as well on a shorter tripod for ground fire or just carried into combat as an lmg. I couldn't find any mention in the books.
  6. Were these half-tracks supposed to have an MG-34 AA on the back for defense? The game shows the AA mount on the rear of all HTs but no gun. If this has been discussed before and I missed it disregard.
  7. Also a major one, When open up command is used on the half tracks and they are forced to dismount by the player or enemy fire, and you order them back in they do not sit down. They are in the open up command manning their weapons which causes even more casualties from enemy fire.
  8. Game: CMBN Version: 4.02 Type: Vehicle M3A1 HT Problem: Before the start of the game in the starting areas, before any command is used, rear gunners feet stick through bottom of HT, fixed partially when open up command (to sit down) is used the 2nd time.
  9. Be glad you are getting bug reports in any form, I don't write exactly write picture books about them..
  10. Bug: bullets seem to stick to the top of stone walls, when fired at them.
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