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  1. I found 2 more bren carrier problems. 1. If a 3 man british mortar team is in cargo and they spot an enemy if the man with the sten is over the driver side firing on occation the animation gets stuck stuck on him reloading the sten (he freezes) 2. When open up command is not used in a bren carrier and they have full cargo the troops firing at enemies is not comparible to the Us halftrack in terms of casualties taken. There are times where i have driven to a bunch of houses in a bren carrier with full troops and taken no casulties even though they are standing up firing. The US ht gunner is taken out instantly every time.
  2. It was custom made only for the trailer... Are you sure it's not hidden as a quick battle map there are a ton.
  3. having beaten all sp battles never saw the one shown here.
  4. It was a automated quick battle, I think it's offered in the optional vehicle pack with other neat stuff.
  5. sdkfz 135/1 - when the crew bails, the crew in the front seats leave the hatch vertical
  6. unknown if logged but the gunner in the bren carrier has his feet sticking out the bottom.
  7. last mission in Troina campaign for some reason the 81mm mortar guys have HE/HT rifle grenades, if they are 66mm.
  8. 1. US 81mm mortar has 66mm HE in loadout...... 2. 81mm mortar bearers unable to give out 2WP shells to the 81mm mortar team on the same tile.
  9. T30 75mm howitzer HT, the vision flaps on the lower part of the gun shield stay open even when open up command is unchecked. I am thinking they were not modeled in, but this opens up crew to small arms fire. On that note all Halftracks in all cm games driver and passenger side armor windshield do not go up or down.
  10. Are you talking about being able to split them into scouts playing as the Italians or letting the ai do it automatically to the opposite side in situations? I think it would fall under engine limitations I think I saw before. The same reason why ai can't remount a bailed vehicle, once they have bailed.
  11. That type of rifle ( Model 91/28 carbine )that shoots it, or that grenade launcher is not on their loadout.
  12. Checking the manual i see that they have Brixia 45mm mortars and 81mm. I then thought it was possibly something that they scavenged. The manual doesn't say that the breda carries them as a loadout. I'm unsure if they are launched grenades for their weapons.
  13. what are the 8 60mm HEs that the Breda HMG team has?
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