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  1. user1000

    The Magic Bullet strikes again

    spalling from the sherman 105 prob, luckily it hit the front it would have been toast at the sides. I've used the priest as well with success against the panthers.
  2. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    Got anything to contribute or improve instead of the off topic trolling again? You guys are a dime a dozen anymore.
  3. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    Add generic animation or button for vehicles that are stuck to be worked on by crew with tools? Maybe after some time, it will become mobile. Or 50/50 percent chance they will make it move again?
  4. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    make tank commanders other people sticking out of vehicles harder to hit while vehicle are on the move, there are way way to many dips and ruts for a ww2 weapon to hit accurately a 25% or less of a person sticking out something on that is on the the move, at a distance Now if a vehicle is stationary for a while and then they pop out, well then they get sighted by the enemy for range of course.
  5. One ww2 recognition guide I have states that it succeeded the m3 75mm howitzer mount halftrack, it was used with troops as close support. I have seen pictures of it being used as being used as short range artillery. It carried a couple of 75mm HEAT rounds, in case an enemy tank showed up.
  6. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    Allow option in QB for daytime - to be a tab called- ANYTHING BUT NIGHT
  7. This is only for blitzkrieg and not normandy. m18 hellcat - when turret is facing rear (in target arc mode) and if open up key is used,back of commander is exposed through tank. m3a1 HT 2xmg- when facing back of half track gunners, back sticks through the armor in front m5a1 late - when turret facing rear, commander sticks through armor right side of him and his back m20 - commanders feet are sticking right through bottom of car. when engaging target behind vehicle gun stick through commander. Always wondered why instant crew casualties. m8 - when target light is used commander sticks through turret only when turret is facing to the side. m10 and m10 late and m36- unable to target light command using 50 cals, no button. didn't check the hellcat or chafee m8 mid commander kicks out through bottom briefly when open up command m2a1 halftrack spawns with no gunner only driver
  8. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    Make allied anti aircraft platoon NOT show up on quick battle > ai suggestions every time.
  9. It is QBs and enemy spotters most likely
  10. over 75% of the time when my team fires off mortars they have return mortar fire.
  11. I have to say the counter mortar fire, firing at an opposing force mortar unit is too much like the modern combat games. I just don't think that happened here this early in the time frame.... There are sophisticated computers today that are used to triangulate and track the round and where the fire is coming from today, especially if it is unseen and far away. Back then this was just non existent guys.
  12. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    The result would be catastrophic for the tank
  13. user1000

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    has there been an accurate beach landing map yet?
  14. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    M40 GMC should switch to 155 HE if out of HEAT rounds, but still firing at tanks. Even that size HE shell would destroy enemy tanks.