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  1. It is QBs and enemy spotters most likely
  2. over 75% of the time when my team fires off mortars they have return mortar fire.
  3. I have to say the counter mortar fire, firing at an opposing force mortar unit is too much like the modern combat games. I just don't think that happened here this early in the time frame.... There are sophisticated computers today that are used to triangulate and track the round and where the fire is coming from today, especially if it is unseen and far away. Back then this was just non existent guys.
  4. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    The result would be catastrophic for the tank
  5. user1000

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    has there been an accurate beach landing map yet?
  6. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    M40 GMC should switch to 155 HE if out of HEAT rounds, but still firing at tanks. Even that size HE shell would destroy enemy tanks.
  7. user1000

    Howling Wind

    You're too superstitious man..
  8. user1000

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    If you are referring to my screens, the tankers might have ejected in panic because they could not see just what they were being engaged by. (hidden piat guy in flowers) Or it did get through and caused damage. The other guy flaming the stug, looks like he was trying to find a path to the fumes with the flame. I think the stug did have a problem with leaking fumes from it's fuel tank or hoses in real life.