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  1. create a text file in your normandy directory called display size.txt in that put 1280 720 60 and then save it. The 60 is for 60Hz
  2. Yes! flickr and pintrest both have ww2 photos that are not even on google. i am guessing they turn up in peoples old attics or where the hell ever and just use sites like those. https://www.pinterest.com/ww2today/latest/
  3. Semi historic - It's the 101st vs the 17th ss on the flooded fields of the cotentin peninsula attacking toward Carentan https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AbhXp204p2ZCvKgv6Fo-BXBGks-thijM
  4. I have no clue where it is as I have a sp mission I am about to release and want to pull it out of there. Searching doesn't find the .btt name either. EDIT OK I FOUND IT : All I had to do is type battelfront in the search and the install structure unlike italy or blitz allows you to find the files in the main game folder in game files/scenario instead of appdata like the other 2 games Please sticky
  5. god i hate trying to find the path everytime.... In C:\Users\username\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission I only have blitzkrieg and italy and i am missing normandy is it someplace else?
  6. I can bet you the garand is taller than the average tanker
  7. Yes, and at that range they should hear the engine, tank impacts and incoming and outgoing rounds too! You get the same Bs at night battles, you have to hear that engine that close! To not know it is there is total BS. Is it a soldier skill level problem? What game mode are you playing on? We don't know if the bow gunner has been KIA or incapacitated or just unconscious by the round or not, my guess is he has. If he is still alive perhaps an invisible clipping problem on the grass or trees blocking them. I still personally think t the 360 arc is not allowing the piat team to not focus on one angled area as well. Maybe the soldiers don't want to try the piat at the fronts and trying for the sides or a better angle? Maybe they don't feel its a threat and are waiting for troops to eject and holding fire? What ever is shooting at the makr iv is so weak and far away ,I have never seen so many hits without a bailout some crew could be unconscious/dazed. maybe AI = Why waste a pait round if you know the tank is done for? Troops that are extremely fatigued can walk past stuff as well.
  8. panzerschrek jinking, it works better with smaller zigzags.
  9. Did you just do a target arc or armor arc? I was able to break off a 2 man rifle AT team from a larger rifle squad, and was able to take out a hetzer based on a possible contact icon with 1 AT HEAT garand rifle grenade when I did a smaller armor arc for that anti armor team, I also moved them low and slow through the woods. If you use pausing and planning you can almost play right down to a first person level in tactics if you wanted to, the game allows for it.
  10. It appears if you 360 degree the arc they are constantly looking around 360 degrees for armor, they are overlooking the spot where the tank is because they are scanning 360 constantly (eye are not still long enough or they can't focus on a specific area ?) try to make the arc 180 degrees in front of them? I don't think the animations show them looking around, but it would be like someone spinning around in a circle while walking straight.
  11. Imagine the different tactics that had to be used with these turret less tank destroyers. You better be able to turn you tracks faster than the enemies can turn their turret and not get weighted down in mud. The guns did have some side movement but not much. If you were flanked you were pretty much a sitting duck. pull into town, take a defensive ambush position, pull forward stop engage, retreat back into town.
  12. East To Victory ETV Pressing For Berlin PFB BF probably already has it named.
  13. Jagdpanther = open range ambush tank destroyer
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