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  1. I can still find many bugs but I'll let you pull them out of your magic hat and solve them..
  2. Now try to aim those smoke rounds at an open top vehicle...
  3. unaware that 4.02 was even out
  4. There is a dismount bug, troops run far away form vehicle with new patch on dismount command
  5. Crashes could be caused by anti virus activity as well.
  6. You just put the file (ddraw.dll) that zuf linked to, into all your Combat Mission 1 games. It goes where the game .exe is located. If you still don't know or forgot where it is, click the game icon on your desktop, start menu or windows search for the game right click it, a box will pop up at the bottom click open file location and it will take you right to the folder that is where to paste the ddraw.dll to enable fog.
  7. CONFIRMED WORKS !!! For years people were wondering how they can enable cm1 fog on new systems including myself. I don't have a good program that will take screenshots without coming up black if you know of one let me know so I can add one so you can see. Any way to pin this for others with CMAK, CMBO and CMBB can now use the fog?
  8. in all cm2 ww2 games after mg gunner dies in priest tank none of the other crew take over. Sexton II no one pops up on command open up
  9. I don't see it as a bug. If there is an explosion near you and you didn't know what it was or coming from you would just get out away from the spot where it happened in at the time, wouldn't you? You're not going to stay there. Plus maybe concussion / scare triggers.
  10. I take it you haven't done any battles with the patch yet.
  11. It WAS probably an HE, hit the front didn't know they would use HE against tanks, is that even possible? maybe rookie gunner.
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