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  1. I turned off FXAA in nvidia panel and it fixed the menu.
  2. umlaut thanks, I had the same problem at menus.
  3. I see the the difference and on other games as well. There are youtube videos on the subject.
  4. This is something you should try for yourself. I attempted a before and after but was unable to capture the sharpness. I run an older 760. The sharpness doesn't show in screenshots but it is definitely there . edit I tried .70 and then full on 1.0 for sharpness and even that is a leap
  5. stone houses, wood fences, troops, tanks all look amazing
  6. Just noticed there are couple new graphic options for nvidia owners like image sharpening, I have tried the sharpening but not the others yet.
  7. Its in the huge PDF manual, found in your installation folder. however I could not find where the manual mentions anything about target armor arc command, dunno if it has been updated to reflect this after the recent ai patches. edit: It is not in the normandy manual but it was in the blitzkrieg manual (although normandy now supports this now) "An alternative to Target Arc is Target Armor Arc. It functions the same as Target Arc, except that a unit with this command will only engage enemy armored vehicles within its arc, and will leave soft targets like infantry alone. This is useful if you do not want your anti-tank weapons to reveal themselves too soon against enemy scouts." target arc "Any visible enemy units that are located inside this area, or that move into this area, will be fired upon. Any enemy units outside of this target arc will be ignored (until self-preservation takes over and the Tactical AI decides to override player orders; e.g. if an enemy unit suddenly pops up at extremely short range)." "is also useful to keep a unit’s “attention” focused on a specific part of the game map while it moves. If, for example, you want to keep a close eye on a bunch of buildings (where you suspect enemy activity) while driving down a road, you could assign a target arc to several units covering this area. The target arc increases the chances that units will recognize and engage an enemy threat within the target area quickly" setting a target arc with vehicles make it so the acquisition time is less, so the tank, rifle or mg doesn't have to swing its barrel around to shoot, the barrel is already pointed at the center of the target arc you set. So yes it makes it so it can shoot faster. That is where self-preservation takes over and the Tactical AI decides to override player orders takes place. I never use any of the target arcs but manage out just fine staying hull down or hidden with opening up and closing the hatch in a quick pattern to see targets. I know there are great benefits to it that I am missing, but the AI and skill of the soldier do a pretty good job now.
  8. On All Cm2 WW2 panzerschrek teams just don't ever get suppressed. I had 19 guys firing at them behind a stone wall, the team of 2 panzerschrekers destroyed the stone wall and all the guys. Try that with a bazooka team and you will see what I mean.
  9. Yeah no genetically modified stuff growing back then that's for sure..
  10. Isn't the gun suppose to have a wooden handle on top ? Also Wasn't the handle added to the BAR later on in the war as well? Picture also in game 3D model of the m1919a6 has 2 bipods visible, one folded under the barrel the other deployed.
  11. https://filebin.net/rxlv0khs521yrhov/Halt_For_Repairs.btt?t=dcrqufg2 best played as allies, too easy as axis
  12. Does the AI switch between ball and AP based on how strong the target is or or just when it runs out of one ammo uses the other automatically? For other vehicles with the .50cal as well.
  13. ..... Also you have to really plan your artillery well as Brazilian EF on this one, helps a bunch.
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