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  1. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    He was the only surviving crew of a knocked out HQ armored car with no one near him with a radio that is alive for a about 1 mile over a hill away and no radio on his gear, the ability to call and then adjust fire from a mortar is very unrealistic.
  2. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    I call BS on your landline idea. Let's just call it what it is, a MAJOR BUG.
  3. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    It could be a specialist machine gun team, you can choose specialist teams for quick battles if you have mix selected and sometimes battles already have them set in.
  4. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    someone has to have noticed it... It's a large bug.
  5. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    On possibly why gun crew and spg had paratroop helmets : from wikipedia After mid-1944, Fallschirmjäger were no longer trained as paratroops due to Nazi Germany's deteriorating strategic situation and fought as infantrymen. This probably included tankers and the Fallschirmjäger just filled in gaps.
  6. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    Bailed german HQ armored car crewman calling in mortar strikes without radio. He has a headset but I doubt that counts as a radio. I double checked his gear just binoculars and his armored car is far away from him destroyed.
  7. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    grapevine / stone wall bug - Seems you get teleported a few feet away if you go through a grapevine wrong or near an odd stone wall.
  8. Oh come on guys it just hit the tire, crew should be fine!
  9. Hate Seeing These Guys Pop Out Of The Scrub
  10. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    minor bug wooden bunker is listed for kills for a unit at end of game but concrete bunker is just labeled as a bunker
  11. user1000

    Fortress Italy bugs

    The guys (both gunners) feet and legs hang way out of the bottom of the m2 halftrack. Even standing the front gunners feet are seen via sides. this bug was probably already posted.
  12. user1000

    M3A1 Halftracks not firing

    As the poster above me said, I have used the target line to target other light armored cars with the half track .30cal. It is powerful enough to go through some axis armored cars and hts, if not it makes them retreat. Don't forget you can also use the target line for indirect fire while moving. I make a slow forward then back reverse to starting point using my half tracks, every time you press open up the gunner will fire at that spot, if not he will stay hidden. The halftrack can withstand rifle/ mg42/34 fire from the front as there is enough armor there, just don't turn and expose rear or sides.
  13. user1000


    Time table on when beginning of Barbarossa units/weapons/vehicles will be made? Since I don't own red thunder which has the years of 1944-1945, I am guessing the newer would have TO&E of 1941-1943. I also highly recommend watching the documentary Soviet Storm. WW2 in the East
  14. user1000

    Improvement suggestions

    For battles and campaigns a way to determine if you beat it or not a check mark or dot and for which side. I had a tough time and used notepad to keep track of different ones I had played and beat versus the ones I needed to beat. So some mark showing this would help make it more distinguishable Also there is something messed up when you want to select multiple units an old unit is still highlighted and you have to click off the unit so you can then select another.