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  1. Hi Roy64,

    can you send me the download adress for b.e. version 2.0?

    1. roy64


      I haven't got the link anymore, try contacting the mods owner.

  2. Everything is running smoothly & I love the new sounds, my Panzers are actually rumbling through Europe. Good job. Thanks.
  3. I agree, the website is very confusing. I brought SC-WWII Global Conflict & the Assault on Democracy & Assault on Communism Bundle which has all the improvements of the game. The 1939 world at war scenario is both the European war & the pacific war. The Pacific part of the scenario is the same as you get in Strategic Command Pacific Theater but better if I remember rightly. You just need to buy SC-WWII Global Conflict & Assault on Democracy, if you don't want to play a European war, but that's up to you.
  4. No there isn't that many decent Pacific theater scenarios apart from the 1939 world at war scenario, which comes with Assault on Democracy. You could always ask Battlefront for a refund so you could buy SC-WWII Global Conflict & the Assault on Democracy & Assault on Communism Bundle. You never know until you ask.
  5. There's loads of improvements like different levels of Zoom & bigger maps, checkout the product page for more details. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=317&Itemid=545 http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=311&Itemid=544
  6. On it's own Global Conflict is a poor game as is Pacific Theater, but when you get the SC Assault on Democracy & Assault on Communism Bundle you get a very good game. A bit of a rip of really.
  7. Looking forward to the new version. I enjoyed the first version.
  8. Hello Cantona66, That fixed the problem thanks, unfortunately I had to finish the game when I invaded Russia because I ran out of troops to stop the endless wall of partisans. I'll just have to start a new game without them Is there a reason you used so many partisans?
  9. I'll give that a try, It seems to happen when Germany declares war on Belgium but if you let France attack Belgium it doesn't crash.
  10. Unfortunately I keep getting CTD saying "FAILED(lost_surfaces)" when I get to Spring\Summer of 1940 when I play the Germans. I can send you the saves\crashdump files if you want them. This happens when I play Assault On Democracy or Assault On Communism.
  11. Thanks Bill, I thought that was the case but I wasn't sure.
  12. Shell Production, can some one tell me what the benefits are for researching this.
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