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  1. Just got the new CM Fortress Italy update . The scenarios are now alphabetical in the Editor using a MacPro. Great improvement. Thanks John. Combat Mission is a great game and the only game that I play.
  2. NeoHom. I will try that, leave the fort and wait for reinforcements.
  3. In the Scenario Editor the scenarios are not list alphabetically. They are in a random list. This occurs in all of the CM games. Sometimes it is difficult to find my modified scenarios. I am using a Mac.
  4. Today I preordered the big bundle CMSF. I have all of the old modules. I paid full price because CM is the only games I play. I hope the CM is a profit making operation. I enjoy all of their games and hope they make even more. Thanks CM gang.
  5. My original Shock Force does not work since upgrading to a new Mac. I am very interested and would pay the going price for a new version.
  6. Count me in. I will buy the upgrade. This was one of my favorite combat missions games.
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