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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Aragorn2002 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    I'm sure the community would appreciate an update on the current status of Fire and Rubble. Can we expect a release in the autumn?
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to sttp in Battlefront Poll   
    The CMx2 engine is thirteen years old,  and it shows. So I say let's drop the demands for new theaters and new features and instead urge and allow them to focus on an entirely new game engine, CMx3.
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from quakerparrot67 in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - Soviet Side   
    I'd really 
    I'd love to see some large mounds of bricks from collapsed buildings and some more craters
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Field Oggy in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - Soviet Side   
    I'd really 
    I'd love to see some large mounds of bricks from collapsed buildings and some more craters
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from USNRM3 in Molotov Cocktails   
    Curious if these will be added in especially with the Soviet Partisan formations being included. It would be neat to drop them on vehicles from 2nd story windows!
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Bulletpoint in Armor Skirts   
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to benpark in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    Here I am thinking you are talking about the scenario load time. Ugh.
    Yes- the two giant Berlin maps take a while to load- not that long for me, I'm maybe around 15 minutes for the two massive ones- but that is the same for any nearly 3kx4k maps out there with lots of objects populating them. I have endured longer waits than most any cumulatively now, I suspect. So, you will only experience that load time if you want to chop it up in the Editor 3-D view, or simply to see what has caused me early-onset arthritis- in which case, the load times come with the territory(no pun intended). The older screenshot of the maps only shows a portion of one, so there's a good deal of coverage of Sector Z spanned over 2 maps.
    They are truly best used for chopping up into smaller battles. They are included in game content in part as well, so they are playable- and the load times are what you would expect there for anything comparable in CM size-wise vs. load time. And they are not the only big maps- the battle of Berlin was only part of 1945 in the east.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to DerKommissar in Infantry vs Tanks   
    It just occurred to me, that I didn't really answer OP's question. My apologies. Here's a good video on what folks did before RPGs:
    In short: Don't engage tanks head-on -- circumvent as much as possible. Mitigate situational awareness with fire or smoke. Sneak in on the rear. Throw anything you got on the engine, tracks and other weak spots.
    This is very true. Each cannon is worth its weight in gold.
    Sounds fun! I've been looking forward to the more unconventional, Red-Dawn-esque, type stuff in the new module -- and Seelow Heights trench warfare.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to MikeyD in Infantry vs Tanks   
    Let's remember by the end of the war German armor was a spent force. Few remaining tanks, little remaining petrol. Ammunition shortages. The Vistula-Oder offensive did to German armor in the east what the Bulge battle did to German armor in the west. I put together four scenarios for the coming module. Totaled together, they field just four still-running German tanks versus (let me count on my fingers) 35-ish Russian tanks. Don't worry, the other guys' scenarios more than made up for my lack of German armor
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to DerKommissar in Infantry vs Tanks   
    Yeah, me too. I've had success using their AT guns, field guns and AAA against Panthers. Too bad those things are a nightmare and a half to relocate.
    I'm guessing that would be a rare scenario, as a Panzer Division was more mobile than a Rifle Division. There's no better scenario for the Panzer Division, than catching a Rifle division on the move and in the open. They could pull back and/or launch a counter-attack. A tank's main armament is its tracks.
    Late-war Soviet offensives usually involved hundreds of tanks, following an ungodly barrage of every caliber imaginable and, possibly, IL-2 CAS. A Panzer Division would probably be ordered to plug the gaps in infantry divisions' lines, to counter the most dire Soviet break-through attempts.
    That's a job for the T-70! Maybe, the BA-10/11 armoured cars, as they packed a 45mm AT, too. They got rarer as the war went on, but were still in service until the end. So, as much as I'd like to see them -- I doubt they'd be added in the new module. Recon units were often equipped with lend-lease goodies like the M3 Stuarts and Valentines -- and those we may still see.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Infantry vs Tanks   
    That's a point in itself.....In the anti-tank role I'd take an IS-2 over a Bazooka every time!
    TBH wartime Soviet rocketry seems to be a really mixed bag.....Their real fascination with fireworks only kicked off after WWII, notably under Kruschev.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to mjkerner in Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?   
    Btw, tried to have my son dropbox me the folders/files, but he doesn't have the time and probably couldn't find them buried in the 931 GB drive anyway (all every CMx2 game and module, plus CMA). Looks like this weekend he'll be back, so early next week I'll get the HD back.
    And thank you for your interest and kind words!
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Lethaface in Warsaw Uprising?   
    I really didn't start this thread about what morally constitutes what event should be put into a game that simulates a horrifying time in our history. I just was curious if they had plans to add this. If they don't don't I totally understand. Plus there could always be a mod. No need to sensationalize that "they're in denial." They're PC game creators. Not a head of state.
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Shorker in Fire and Rubble   
    I really hope we can get the field cap in this module! 

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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to IICptMillerII in Fire and rubble (questions) :-)   
    The module takes CMRT from the end of the Bagration era (September 1944 iirc) and brings it all the way through to May 1945. So yes, it adds fall, winter, and spring to the game. 
    Not entirely sure what you mean about assault squads, but the Volksgrenadiers featured in CMFB will be present in the CMRT module, and they are basically assault infantry when armed with the MP44. The module also adds in the SS, Luftwaffe field divisions, Kriegsmarine, and Volksturm for the defense of Berlin. So there is plenty of stuff to play with, both new and old. 
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to IICptMillerII in Fire and Rubble   
    Hey, someone finally tagged @kohlenklau
    I've done it again so hopefully the notification spam gets his attention. I know hes been waiting for this vehicle for a long time and I'm glad that he finally gets his wish to have it in a CM game!
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to danfrodo in Fire and Rubble   
    for me this falls under the "asking to receive everything is same as asking to receive nothing".  I want the main fighting covered, not every little niche unit that didn't really matter to the outcome in any major campaign/battle.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Mord in Fire and Rubble   
    Drop the B***S*** arguing and enjoy the picture.
    Where's @kohlenklau he's only been pining for the friggin' thing for 9 years.
    He finally wore the boys down.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to DougPhresh in Fire and Rubble   
    You know this has generally been a pretty good community over the years, albeit one with a fair bit of Clean Wehrmacht apologia.
    Sure, I can see the value Sicherungs units add, and while I disagree, I can see why some may want to see Feldgendarmerie. That inclusion has never extended to entertaining the idea that they were "just like" Commonwealth Provost Wing troops or American MPs. They weren't, and anyone who can open a book can see why.
    I do not have a single kind word to say about the Waffen SS historically, but this is a wargame and they were unmistakably a major combat force. I can play Battle For Normandy and see why they were such ferocious opponents in the fight for the Carpiquet Airfield. Their massacre of Canadian prisoners there and elsewhere, to say nothing of the countless crimes of the Waffen SS as a whole are outside the scope of the game, and reasonably outside of discussion.

    The idea of the Dirlewanger Brigade as "soldiers like any other" is absolutely sickening and reprehensible. There may not have been humanitarians on the Eastern Front, but one side waged an unprovoked genocidal war of extermination - and the other did not.

    I don't want to see this thread locked, but I also don't want to read excuses for the war the Germans waged, only to see how BF is choosing to model it. To their credit, they have done a fantastic job balancing sensitivity with historicity and I expect they will do the same here. They are not in the business of morally exculpating mass murderers, just getting the colour of their tanks right, and they do it well.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Sequoia in Fire and Rubble   
    Guys, do we really want this thread locked?
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from _Kraut_ in Fire and Rubble   
    I think their tactical significance is pretty nil in comparison to other units. Were already getting detailed Waffen SS units which will probably include Recon, School, Fusilier and Ersatz battalions. I don't think the devs need to add a niche unit that's pretty much remembered as genocidal killers. 
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Attilaforfun in Fire and Rubble   
    Oh here we go
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Ithikial_AU in German power   
    I think you'd be correct in your assumption. I find FB to be extremely difficult as the allies when facing the Volksgrenadier's with all their MP44's. They also get a nice selection of heavy armor in late 44. I would also include playing as the fallshchirmjager in Battle for Normandy in the hedgerows is a nice advantage unless it's against other airborne soldiers. But the main question is why do you want to play as overpowered? Where's the fun in that? Play as the Italians in Sicily! Play against the odds and come out in victory!
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Haiduk in Soviet assault engineers - elite infantry in bodyarmor   
    As I already said in the thread about on-map bug guns, the late warfare phase was some different from the previous phases. Soviet troops encounterd with strong enemy defense, which relied on perfect ordered system of trenches, different bunkers, minefields, heavy defended water obstacles and the cities with old strong fortifications and very tough stone buildings. Sieges, assault actions, bloody fights in attempts to breakthrough rugged defense - this a feature of battles in late 1944 - 1945.  In that places, when neither tanks nor infantry could handle and even high-power guns  on direct fire culdn't help, then on the scene of the theater of war they appeared - ShISBR troopers , elite "Stalin's panzer infantry". ShISBR is from "Shturmovaya Inzhenerno-Sapiornaya BRigada" - Assault Engineer-sapper brigade. Under those rush, bravery and non-standart actions didn't remain standing no one strongest German fortress. It is very starnge that such interest unit wasn't reflected by BFC in CMBB, and I think, in CMRT they also weren't in the plans.
    I hope, theese guys in bodyarmor will appear if not in this module, then in some pack. Here I will tell in short about these troops, their TO&E the kind of application in operations and examples of their actions. For now, just several photos


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