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  1. This is awesome! What a cool tank destroyer! I'd feel a little vulnerable though!
  2. Can we get some pics of the Volksturm units?
  3. 2 campaigns and maybe 20 or more scenarios is what Elvis said I believe.
  4. I really hope we can get the field cap in this module!
  5. This is a cool mod! I want more kepi though, how do I make it so platoon leaders and Company commanders wear them?
  6. Sabre rattling/Versailles/nationalism/lebensraum/Failure to get into art school/military tradition. Boils down to ego.
  7. Glad your're enjoying it. I find CMFI the most unique with its number of nations, terrain palette, and maps. There's nothing better for me than successfully assaulting a fortification on a mountain in this game. Oh except "The Gorge" level in the Monte Cassino campaign. Dislodging the Fallschirmjaeger will bring you to tears.
  8. You know I tested this a week ago. I launched a QB against an all conscript and low morale German force. Some of them truly did fight to the death. The only ones surrendered after significant grenades had been thrown. I even said to myself "surrender damn it!" But how do you judge when the AI should fight/die/give up? It almost seems impossible to fully implement what is realistic and what isn't when it comes to the human psyche applied to pixeltruppen. I'm sure there are cases when Ostruppen fought bravely and to the end and elite SS troops didn't. It's possible that balancing could perhaps be better (maybe in the case of poor morale vs high) but hey, a surrender fest instead of a pitched battle after an hour of maneuvering on a large map? That would be quite anti climatic. It is a game after all.
  9. In regards to this model "smod_german_winter_officer-sr_uniform" it was spelled "smod_german_winter_officer-snr_uniform" hence the reason why it wasn't showing up. Just needs a minor text edit. The gebisjaeger senior officer is still bugged though.
  10. I concur. In that mission the Germans spent a lot of rounds on my one bunker (they managed to kill one soldier) while my troops in the trench shot them to pieces.
  11. Hmmm I recently played the Advanced training campaign and the bunkers saved my hide when the Germans assaulted my position.
  12. These look really cool! Do these replace the "standard" troops or the FFI or both?
  13. Also is it just me or is the AI better? I played a QB as the Free French assaulting a mountain held by Gebirgsjaeger. I took the mountain and then was promptly surrounded and destroyed. I was very amused.
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