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  1. Autumn? I was hoping for sometime late summer : (
  2. I'd really I'd love to see some large mounds of bricks from collapsed buildings and some more craters
  3. If a tank model has armor skirts such as a stug does it actually add to the overall armor the tank compared to a vehicle that does not?
  4. Curious if these will be added in especially with the Soviet Partisan formations being included. It would be neat to drop them on vehicles from 2nd story windows!
  5. Sounds excellent. I'd be lying if I didn't believe Germany had thousands apoun thousands of tanks and their army was the most mechanized in the war. But that was before college when I was a bit of Wehraboo. ; )
  6. Great responses guys! I recall one defensive battle where I had three AT squads all shooting at the flanks of a Hummel in an open field. I think I shot at it for 10 turns only making spalling hits. It pulled back and started devastating my squads which were hidden in several cabins. : ) I threw my hands up and sent my lone SU-152 only to see it get destroyed. Good times! Anyone looking for an actual challenge against AI in red thunder should defend as the Russians with very minimal tank support!
  7. Did the Russians just have so many tanks in 44 that they weren't needed? You don't seem to hear much about Soviet Rifle Divisions attacking German Tank positions on their own.
  8. Successful tank hunting is the most satisfying thing to do in this series imo. Nothing better than taking out a 400 point heavy tank with some sneaky grunts. Unless you're the Russians. I find their AT rifles to be very ineffective. Didn't the Soviets get US bazookas from the lend lease program? Perhaps we will see that in the next module? It kind of surprises me that the Russians didn't have their own rocket anti tank weapon for infantry but I suppose German tanks were uncommon by the time they got their economy kicking but alas I'm no expert.
  9. I'm curious to see how the maps will differ from the base module. I suppose there would be a lot more urban combat.
  10. Anybody got vein's RT uniforms? Those were really neat
  11. Oh hey its some sort of kubelwagen cousin : )
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