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  1. I may have over reacted..I love these games to much to give up on them..
  2. I swapped my hard drives in my two computers and all my battle front games are screwed..Cant correct any of my games without hours of ticketing..I give up on any more Battle frount games..dont want to spend hours to get them fixed.
  3. I really love the new stuff, Engine 4 and all.. but I still play CMBO, CMBB on my old lap top from time to time..lol Ps all modded up.. Flash.. Love you all... Long live the Republic
  4. I should add the paradox version had no key.. and reading off the Battle Front web site says quote "The CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade works with an original Battlefront purchased CMSF1 Base Game license key." Butt if no upgrade path.. I have lots of your games to keep me in play for ever...lol Thank you ..
  5. I originally purchased the paradox boxed version of Shock Force and discovered Battle Front from there. I followed the updates to Ver. 1.20. Then I paid $1.00 for Ver. 1.21... Question.. Do I still qualify for the discounted upgrade to Shock Force 2?
  6. I would gladly support bringing Shock Force up to the V 3.0 engine..I love the setting of that game..and wish I had the options that come with that engine..
  7. Thank you very much...That cleared it up..You guys are Tops
  8. Therm? Tankodesantaiki Therm? Mosin Nigant? Marder=Abrems? WTF?
  9. Are you wounderfull guys at Battlefront going to update the formations pedia in the Black Sea PDF?
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