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  1. Nice try. But logic doesnt get you anywhere on this forum...
  2. We are not sorry for the delays because we are the ones who suffer the most. Besides our 4 hour sleep, we take the freedom to post long comments about politics. It's ready when it's ready. Then it will be released. And don't forget: we have been successful and in business for 20 years.
  3. So everything is flourishing around CM, the community grows with each day and problems are patched as fast as they are discovered... What an echo chamber.
  4. What a huge supporter. He bought one game and attacks customers who have bought all games...
  5. The old company that created the innovative success of CM, was run by people having all the time in the world for long political posts, while they were years behind schedule?
  6. That's I call an impressive proove of identity. Somehow it sounds a bit far fetched to me, that the way this company is run today it could be the same company that invented WEGO in 3D for PC and was so innovative with their developments all the time... But hey, since an old forum account from their early days is still maintained, who will question such a strange transformation...
  7. Oh, finally I have met one person believing in CNN (Communist News Networks) conspiracy theories of russian bots being responsible for satanic and corrupt witches losing elections because of Putin...
  8. Ever heard about fake profiles and fake traffic? What makes you sure, that certain claqueurs are customers...
  9. Its absolutely clear, that its run now by people with no understanding of how to run a business. The original creators probably were bought out with a NDA and are long gone. People running their business usually become better and better. Here they want to make the customers believe they turned into totally incompetent "managers"? It also explains why the current US-government controlled team running this op, is not capable getting the most simple things into the code within two years - because it was written by someone else... During that time the old team had developed a whole new game and game engine...
  10. Aren't you any longer one of the owners of the company? Only a kolkhoz working stiff? I ask because although the development speed of you rproducts is fast as a snail you ignore customer questions but instead prefer to "invest" time in making political statements. Just lLike a kholkoz worker who does not care about business.
  11. 99% of all scenarios are during daylight my friend.
  12. Yeah, it's one of my best tricks for tanks, but also one which shows how flawed the spotting model is: Say you have an enemy tank which must be removed. 1. Make sure that the spotting info is received by your tanks, who are assigned to attack it. 2. Instead of simply moving into hull down and attacking: drop smoke in front of the attacking position. 3. Move the tank(s) into hull down position without the flawed spotting model allowing your tank to be seen immediately because of the movement. 4. Once the smoke disappears, your tank is stationary, but it has the advantage of the spotting info. Whenever a tank moves the spotting system seems to put a huge "HERE I AM!"-sign on it. But the assumption that a moving tank under any cicumstances can be spotted better than a stationary one is unjustified and therefore the model does not work - especially when it comes to the crucial aspects of only partially exposed tanks. I assume the whole spotting system is based on certain basic (not always correct) assumptions, like the one described above. And they seem to play into spotting hidden or camouflaged infantry too easily, too. Sadly, because they decided that everything must be available for realtime play, the spotting calculations must be cheap. So they can't correct the basic spotting model and use a much more sophisticated one. That's probably the reason why, after years, they couldn't solve certain spotting problems but only can tweak nuances. But the foundations of the model are severely interwoven with the realtime contraints of the engine. It seems they developed CMx2 to have an engine that could be expanded and developed - but instead of having a totally flexible engine by now, they bound it on a rock called realtime and therefore need to make all calculations as cheap as possible.
  13. @Amizaur The given example is not about spotting during driving. It is about spotting before moving.
  14. The "experts" here fill page after page discussing unimportant nuissances, but when really big flaws of the sim are discovered and raised, they lose any interest... A car can work perfectly 99% of the time. But if the air-bag system does not activate when needed, then the best car with all the huge design efforts, to improve safety of the passengers, becomes the worst car because it fails in the most important situation. The problem CM still has: Spotting overall works quite well. But then it comes to the most important situations, the model does not work correctly. Probably the most important flaw of the spotting model always becomes obvious when tanks are involved. One example is mentioned above. Another one - and maybe even more severe, because it prevents the player from using realistic tactics with tanks: it's not possible to use the tank commander for spotting witht he tank turret down. What makes it worse: The spotting model seems to weigh movement (of tanks) over anything else: with the following effect: if one tank moves and one stands still, the tank moving into LOS will be spotted first by the stationary tank. Therefore in CM it works better to use smoke to move a tank into position, than to move it without blocking LOS. And in reality if a a battlefield is controlled by enemy tanks/ATGs? The tanks are placed turret down and the TC is spotting - during the attack he is mostly looking for muzzle flashes (which are not modelled at all, btw). In reality once a flash is detected the TC often also gets a sense where the enemy ATG/tank is. He instructs his gunner and the driver moves the tank hull down and the enenmy is engaged immediately. After 2-4 shots the tank drives back into safety and changes its position and DOES NOT sit like a duck! In CM, because of the spotting behaviour, it is better to create pressure by pure firepower and use tanks like sitting ducks because of the flawed spotting system.
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