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  1. Homo_Ferricus

    Demo Feedback

    It would seem reasonable to differentiate building entry behaviours between QUICK and FAST—if a player is using QUICK into a building, the entire squad will use the nearest point of entry only, queue and all. If FAST is used, squads will hurry inside the space asap without being delayed by the other fireteam(s) queued up at the nearest entry point. This way there is an actual difference in how the commands are used in this context; stack up and breach the building vs. get the hell out of the street right now.
  2. Years ago while playing the CMSF campaign, I managed to get most of a platoon slaughtered trying to clear a complex in the last minutes of a mission. Shortly afterward I recounted the event to a non-CM friend of mine in distressed fashion. He was surprised by how much this affected me, and described a vision he had of me sitting at a dim-lit desk, drunk and in my underwear, wretchedly writing letters to the wives of the many virtual men I’d gotten maimed and killed. It was a foretelling vision.
  3. Homo_Ferricus

    Demo Feedback

    Ahh the elusive Siamese Abrams. Didn’t realize these ever made it into production, let alone combat testing
  4. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    As someone traveling without a gaming computer, I demand you people upload more screens and videos!
  5. Homo_Ferricus

    They meant september of next year!

    It’s worth pointing out that Battlefront is a small enough company that a major emergency for any one of the employees would be enough to wreck any posted delivery windows. Sometimes those emergencies are the kind that really consume you, and it may not be possible or appropriate to publicly talk about it because, a) it would reflect poorly on the business, and b) it’s just too personal to share with customers, at least while it’s happening in the moment. I know some would say the customer is owed a notification about this sort of event, that it’s the burden of running a business. However considering Battlefront’s size this is a good reason why they might prefer to keep dates less-than-defined. If one person becomes suddenly unavailable or OBE, it’s not like there are other teams that can have their priorities switched to ensure a certain deadline is maintained. I say: why freak out? If you are a preorder customer and you feel like you’ve been swindled, just cancel your order.If you have difficulty with that, have your credit card company reverse the charge on grounds of unrendered service or w/e. If it doesn’t bother you so much then continue to hang out and live your life while the gamesmiths finish forging their newest title. Nuff said.
  6. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    After spending a couple of days in the countryside just a few miles from the border with Azerbaijan, I’m saddened to report I still haven’t been shot at. Sporadic clashes my ass!
  7. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    Saving that for my visit to the Turkish border
  8. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    I’ve been in Armenia since last Thursday. Just woke up and had some breakfast after attending a birthday party at a winery 30min outside the capital. The plan is... there is no plan. My Airbnb is rented until this Friday, at which point I’ll have to find somewhere else in Yerevan to stay, or go out into the countryside, or go to another country (most likely Georgia). I’m going to give it a few days before I think too hard about it.
  9. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    Yes I will be travelling about without a desktop or laptop and unable to play CM. I'm not starting with a King's budget so I'd rather not make the investment now, and wait to enjoy it in the not-so-near future. I'll have to survive on forum lurking, AARs and Josey Wales videos on YT until I get back in front of a decent rig.
  10. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    Speaking of upgrades--I'm leaving the country for some time later this month, possibly for as long as a year or more. Are there plans for the CMSF1 upgrade offer to be a limited-time thing? Or can I expect to be able to get the upgrade deal when I'm back in front of a desktop computer in a year or two?
  11. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    I’m not interested in going to Syria because I can’t find friendly people and interesting places elsewhere, I’m interested because of how much time I’ve put into following the conflict for the last 5 or so years. If I find an opportunity for a reasonably safe visit, I don’t know if I could stop myself from taking it. I’d love a chance to see East Ghouta, Darayya, perhaps even Dara’a and maybe cross to Jordan from there. I imagine it would become a quasi-journalistic visit rather than a naive romp through Syria just so I can say I did.
  12. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    Hmmm, does it help that I was born in Russia? I’ll be outright honest—your warnings are only making it more enticing. I could probably pass as a Russian to most Syrians, and even if my Americanhood was discovered I’m decently capable in social situations and understand if I need to pay some modest bribes to conscripts that don’t get paid jack. I’ve been keeping up with the conflict rather vigorously for a number of years and the opportunity to hop and skip from Armenia into Syria is definitely tempting.
  13. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    LLF thanks for the encouragement! I’ve not really shared these plans with anyone as I’ve grown out of many old and stale friendships and have never been close with family, so hearing your input is more valuable than you might guess. It’s a turbulent time for me as I figure out the most graceful way to quit the job, start to make firm plans and preparations for what I need to bring/arrange (good footwear, travel insurance, a bunch of other things I’ve hardly thought of), and try to get my health in best order before I leave. The immensity of what I have ahead of me is just now dawning on my emotions. I’ll be starting in Armenia at the end of September, most likely. I have zero debt and saved about $15k, which I hope that I can go for a year on, living frugally and supplementing with whichever wage situations I may find abroad. Will likely make my way to SE Asia from there but I’m not committed to anything, and feel a dangerous curiosity about visiting Syria... I hear the govt. areas are pretty safe and stable now and they’re working to get the tourism dollars flowing again. CMSF2 demo! Give! Give! Me want!
  14. Homo_Ferricus

    CMSF2 Demo

    There’s something I need to learn from you guys—I’m 29 and feel... well, old. Not in a pompous above-it-all kind of way either. Just a ****-my-body’s-deteriorating-and-I’m-running-out-of-time kind of way. It’s spurred me to decide to quit my job in the next month and take off traveling the world in rather aimless fashion. But we’ll see where exactly that plan goes... In an effort to not completely derail this thread—yes, yes! CMSF2 demo! That good! Me want!
  15. Homo_Ferricus

    Building degradation upgraded?

    Quick follow-up; is there any abstraction calculated with building damage? i.e. even though the building doesn't visually degrade, does the amount of cover and protection it simulates change as a wall nears collapsing? edit: if so this would be problematic, as I'd be prone to moving troops into a building that appears solid but is actually perforated and won't offer me the level of protection I believe I'm going to get.