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  1. They are not in the documents folder, nor were they ever. I bought the CMBN Big Bundle yesterday, and while there was a documents file, no manuals were included in it. I was able to locate the CMBN and the Arnhem add on manuals on the website, but the Commonwealth mod's manual seems to require that you use it on the web. What I'm wondering is there a place on Battlefronts website that I can download this specific manual from. All my other Battlefront games have full documentation, for some reason this one did not. Christian Boe
  2. Is there a way to download a .pdf of the Commonwealth manual for the Mac? I managed to find the other 2 missing manuals, well I haven't found a copy of the vehicles manual either, but I didn't think there was one for that. I really like having the manuals for the encyclopedia part. If anyone could provide me with this info, I be greatly appreciated. Christian Boe
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