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  1. Thank you very much for that wrap. Yes I know that the pref file can be deleted (on another game, is it CMBO the file can be edited, I think) but since I have the game working well and know that there are idiosyncrasies on my system, I am now happy and don't want to muck about. There is no doubt that changing the size of text setting to 125% (makes the desktop much more readable) and running the monitor at top and recommended resolution caused the game to spill over at the bottom right. Anyway it is an easy fix - and there might be other issues such as clicking Ctrl-+ in GMail to make text larger may have an influence which I have not yet figured out. Most times on opening the game the panning is smooth - if not I pan a bit and the system often picks up on the requirement and the panning becomes fast and smooth (figure that one out, mate !!) Otherwise I Alt-Tab and right click the desktop and open Display Settings and toggle Text Size to 125% and back to 100% and the game is sweet. Following your post I will check if it is the Alt-Tab to minimise and then the reopen which causes the change. Thanks again. My time is under huge pressure atm - but I will slowly work thru the Pegasus game.
  2. Thanks all for your help and your advice. It has taken all this time (3 weeks) to get CMAK v 1.3 installed and running smoothly (NB) on a clean install of Win 10 Pro. But I have been very busy elsewhere and it only took this afternoon to get CMAK sorted. Here are some of the issues I encountered - just in case anyone else has a problem. Installation of V1.1 from the DVD was no problem. But installing V1.3 patch ran into the 'Code 5 Access Denied' error on the CMAK.exe file. That usually means the upgrader cannot uninstall the old file. So the quick fix for that is to change the name of that old file and the upgrader will not have to delete it. Worked a charm. Starting the program and I chose the first resolution solution offered with 60 hz - (I have a Nvidia GTX 970 which is years old but still adequate for my work with a Dell U2415 monitor with native resolution of 1920 x 1200 60 hz) The top resolution offered (I did not write it down) seemed OK. Then on starting the program all was sweet but the image was too large and I could not see the bottom of the screen - disaster for CMAK, of course. Next step then was to open the program by right clicking and click 'Troubleshoot Compatibility' - I tried Win 68 as suggested and then win 7 but the issue was identified by 'Compatibility' as that I had set the 'Size of Text' in 'Display Settings' at 125% - Compatibility offered a solution which worked, but the panning and scrolling of the graphics in game was slow and jerky. Not satisfactory but the full game screen now displays correctly. Now when I open CMAK, I first manually change 'Size of Text' back to standard 100% - change colour to 'Game' and it runs as sweet as a top, and very fast with 32 GB ram and off an M2 PCIe drive. Now all I have to do is keep the SS off the Pegasus Bridge. Once again - thanks all, I still love this game above all other wargames, but yes, I know I have to engage in the latest CM releases soon.
  3. Thanks for that Erwin. I am wondering if making a special window on my monitor and running V1.03 in that will help. Still would buy V1.04 if available. My WIN 7 Ultimate got caught in the recent purge on activation - it was an old oem and all I did was upgrade to an M2 ssd and change from 32 bit to 64 bit. Friends say I should do a clean install WIN 7 and see if it activates. But I have already bought the WIN 10 Pro Retail, so one would think that is the way to go. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello all. I am just about to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. I am in the middle of a huge Pegasus Bridge Campaign game on my old Windows 7 - My CMAK is Version 1.3. Has anyone succeeded in getting CMAK 1.3 to run on Win 10 - or alternatively where do you buy V1.4 now. There is no sign of it on Battlefront.com that I can find.
  5. Great - at last my display problem for CMAK is solved. Thank you Schrullenhaft. I have bought a 4K monitor (res 3840x2160) and an ASUS GTX 970 graphics card so I wanted the best possible display. Easy - just delete the .pref file in the Game Folder in Programs(x86) and a restart will allow to set a higher res - maybe even 3840x2160. No way - shock, horror - there is no .pref file, and every time CMAK starts it throws up a very course and ugly image. But - Schrullenhaft has fingered the problem - after Vista, Windows writes the .pref file to a hidden folder. Perhaps I can find it !! not guaranteed. But, again - there is another way. Go back in time to before Vista, right click the CMAK shortcut on the desktop, click properties and open compatibility mode. Easy now - just select something before Vista (Win XP SP3, of course) and restart CMAK. Sure enough up comes the res selection boxes - first one offered is 2048x1536x60 - that's a 1.33 to 1 aspect ratio (native to CMAK) so I grab it. Display is great, panning a bit jerky but the control boxes are postage stamp size and too hard to read. So - delete .pref, restart CMAK (still in XP mode) and select 1920x1440. WOW - Is Good. Still one more thing - on NVIDIA Control Panel (right click the desktop) you get the choice of 'Aspect Ratio' or 'Full Screen' or 'No Scaling'. 'Aspect Ratio' gives you black side bars on the wide screen monitor - 'Full Screen' lets you use all the display but widens and flattens the Shermans (no bad thing) and makes the Tommies look even tougher. Forget 'No Scaling' - you just get a postage stamp (on the high res monitor) On the NVIDIA Control Panel you can also choose to let the GPU or the Display to do the scaling- I have chosen Display. And another last thing - the image which is displayed at any resolution is the same size and is the same portion of the map - just far superior quality at higher resolution. Up to a point which is determined by the game I suppose. Res is easy to set on CM -2 games using the display size.txt file in the game folder (not in Programs(x86) so it cant be snaffeled off sometime later LOL) I tried a few settings and settled for 2048x1536 (1.33 : 1 aspect ratio and 'Full Screen') The trees and water at Arnhem are beautiful and the cabbages in Ukraine are ready to eat. So, don't delay - go buy yourselves a Christmas present.
  6. Hi Schrullenhaft, Fixed. An update to Catalyst 13.9 did the job. I was using an older version to be compatible with Turbocad Red Sock renderer. I wave since updated to Turbocad 21 and it seems to work fine on Catalyst 13.9 also. So all good. Thanks for the headsup about FI, I will take a look there too, and I expect the Editor will be much the same as BN. Thank you. Your kind reply was excellent.
  7. Hi All, This is my first post. I have no excuses, I have been playing CMAK for over 10 years on and off and have just finished Monty's Gambit in 8 battles. Now I have a hankering to use the Battle Editor to put together some battles of my own - Crete is a favourite location because I spent some time there, years ago, and talked to many of the locals. Hence I want to take a look at CMBN and the Editor which I expect will offer more functionality. Any comment is welcome. However. When I start CMBN Demo, I get to the PLAY/BUY screen and if I hit PLAY up comes the 'Battlefront,com - Home of .....' screen then a windows box which says Windows Has Found an Error, and is searching for a solution. End of story. No joy thru Task Manager. Read 'Read Me' about 'display size.txt' and checked this forum and learnt it is in the program root directory, but it wasn't - searched for 'display size.txt' and it does not exist. So I made one and put in '0 0 0' and also '1280 1024 60' - which is the display specs but no joy. I also fiddled with compatibility mode by right clicking the shortcut and properties in the normal way. Still no joy. I have posted for help before I reinstall because there might be a well known issue, and if so thanks. System is an AMD Phenom II 4x B55 processor in an ASUS M4A88T M/USB3 mobo + 8Gb ram - it uses the onboard Radon HD 4250 graphics chip (maybe there's my prob) Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and all latest updates, bios and drivers. Thank you for your attention and hopefully help.
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