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    Ukrainian Side is Seriously Underpowered

    I'm toiling through a mini-campaign about a UKR battalion trying to escape kettle & destruction by RUS/Rebel forces. It's based across a single giant map, each battle directly and geographically adjacent to the next and previous ones. It's fundamentally designed for Real Time play. Although perfectly capable of TB style, RT is where it shines. And by "shines" I mean lit by the burning hulks of BTRs bogged down in 2 feet of mud and bracketed by unceasing RUS artillery. Fun times! I'm going less for narrative and more for in-media-res style - ie you don't get setup time or to repo units much, you need to roll with each battle as it happens to you. Several maps have different firefights going on at the same time, making full control (in RT) nigh on impossible - you literally, must pick what fight to win at any given time. This is where RT might give a far better and more accurate feel to the simultaneous chaos of combat (not that I really know). Its a slog, but I'm enjoying it..ish. Only about 2 months left...
  2. kinophile

    Recon Scenarios?

    Interesting, thank you
  3. So if you put an ATGM team in an open truck they would scan, acquire, fire and reload?
  4. Man, the concussive effects. Owwwww.... Any tankers here got experience/second hand accounts of crew reaction/conditions after a direct 152mm hit?
  5. kinophile

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    Even just tracking when hostile APS radar flicks on/off would give you info on enemy presence (despite decoys). I can imagine peer-war FS doctrine developing to where a certain percentage of positive APS radar hits generates a "good enough" threshold to trigger an automatic barrage fire from autonomous rocket batteries.
  6. kinophile

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    Possibly a combination of sensors/data - radar pinging for general "tanks in this area", then combo IR/object differentiation software to ID an actual tank?
  7. kinophile

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    And the stately quadrill of Defense v. Munitions goes on and on...
  8. Curious who's into this mode. Personally, I prefer RT as a concept, it's way more nail buying and intense, and really beats you if you have a bad plan from the start. I can do well in RT if my initial 5 mins are not stupid. Plus, keeping an inactive/slow moving reserve 8s critical to reacting/exploiting (no surprises there really). My work can be random within any given week, and usually a minimum of 12 hrs + travel. So for PBEMs it's difficult for me to commit to a regular 1-3 turns each day. RT however can be a reasonable 1-3 hours. Usually 1 hour Setup, minimum. Who's interested?
  9. kinophile

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Isn't there a condition/trigger for unit state? Eg exists/destroyed?
  10. kinophile

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Re damage to Friendly units, I believe you can set a trigger to the condition of any unit, either side. Re full units in triggers -you can be specific about which unit activates. . In theory you could set multiple triggers in a choke pint, each one for a different activating unit. It would get expensive in triggers, but still.
  11. kinophile

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Re AI editor - I agree/disagree... AGREE: Yes, its actually pretty adaptable, and with careful triggers can "react" to human activity. My best AI results have been from playing a map multiple times against humans, noting and copying their actions (in whole/part) and building subsequent AI plans upon that historical record. I've used one human oppo's ambush against me as an AI plan and it worked perfectly against him when He playtested for me. Revenge by proxy :). DISAGREE: Boy, does that UI, wording and implementation approach need a massive update. My personal preference would be to be able to extract every single order, as a log file, from a faction in a particular battle and simply paste in as a pre-made AI plan into another map. Open it up in the editor and tweak each order as you like it. Essentially, take a replay, change the map and be able to scrub through the turns, adjusting orders per faction turn to account for the differences. Oh if wishes were fishes....
  12. kinophile

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Iron. It's not RT if you're pausing constantly I call shenanigans!
  13. http://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/preparing-general-purpose-forces-combat-megacities-how-conventional-units-can-best-train I'm tracking the discussions in US MIL re future, megacity/elevated urban fights, and designing a customized mech inf brigade level unit for same. I'm. Curious what fellow CM players do? I rarely use the bog standard TOE units - Esp. RUS/UKR. As them I like to get a think inf base and heavily augment with MGs, ATGM and snipers. MGs I find are inordinately effective at suppression in groups. GLs are useful but easily picked off and just annoy hostile IFVs. I find US standard inf units are pretty flexible.
  14. kinophile

    A plea for a French Army DLC

    At first I thought it was Photoshopped, honestly :). But you've explained very clearly and succinctly, thank you! Appreciated.
  15. kinophile

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    This. CM scenarios can feel like sprints. Ive demo'd the WW2 titles before and it often feels like there's a residue in CMBS from those titles. Eg the distances/scales/unit numbers involved in CMBS as n feel a little WW2 in their tightness and assumptions. I dunno about you guys but I'm a fearful CMBS general. I hear the words Frontal Attack and I just see Slaughter From Unseen MBT. My objective is not to just save my pixeltruppens for the sake of saving them, but because CMBS accurate lethality is so much more brutal and FAST. I've seen WW2 inf platoons get hit by multi-tank fire in the open and successfullly retreat/race to cover. In CMBS that's a third/quarter of the company wiped out in 30s (thanks airbursts!) by a single MBT. So I'm cautious. I need time to spot or else I die, especially as I play almost exclusively UKR(and some RUS). I can win v US, given a reasonable amount if time, but not if the clock forces me to rush/hurry in. Then US optics just ruin everything. My reasonable/minimum estimates as company+/battalion UKR/RUS v US are: Village - 1. 5hour Town - 3 hours City district - 3-4 hours (I'd take 6 if I could have it) Open country - 2 - 3 hours
  16. kinophile

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    Good point re the trucks. Re mortars, yup, naturally true. Still, in the brutal arithmetic of QBs, I tend to go for Max Squared - most guns of the most Useful size. Speaking of this stuff, in game I've never noticed much if a difference between SPGs and Towed Howitzers, other than SPGs tend to be more accurate. Now, I'm not in any edumacated about artillery at all, so if any of the brighter lights around here want to illuminate me on the practical differences in-game I'd be all ears...
  17. kinophile

    A plea for a French Army DLC

    What the blue **** is that.
  18. kinophile

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    To addendum my unit build above, as UKR RUS I've often assigned a DP and AO w/ drones to MI platoons, with a dedicated 152mm battery and 2-3 target points along is axis if its my primary assault unit. I find mortars are not much use in dense, multi story fights - takes too long to pancake a strong point, if they can at all. Prefer to spend the rubles on a heavier system.
  19. kinophile

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    I suspect LA is presented as an example familiar to US readers. Not many can picture, say,, Seoul.
  20. You write some funny stuff but bloody hell that's an instant classic.
  21. kinophile


    That systems op position is very interesting. Im curious, is that the first time such a specialty has been specifically and deliberately integrated into a platoon, from the ground up? Is anyone else (eg CAN/BRITarmies) doing this to a similar formal degree? I'm assuming PLA/RUS only have it in SOF units, if at all.
  22. https://www.themaven.net/warriormaven/land/army-sends-new-helicopter-attacking-stryker-to-europe-counter-russia-2020-bLYZGF2eMU2mc07tYvQOMQ/?utm_source=RC+Defense+Morning+Recon&utm_campaign=2fbd684f64-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_05_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_694f73a8dc-2fbd684f64-81835773 Some daft terminology (infantry need fortified armored support.... So - dug in MBTs? ) but Informative as an overview.
  23. kinophile

    Ukrainian Armour - video diary

    No infantry support..
  24. kinophile

    SHORAD Stryker getting deployed to Europe

    Which counts as a win for Hezbollah, no? Their stated objective was to simply exist after the war, as a coherent organisation. Israel's objective was to defeat them, militarily at least. Who achieved their aims? Whatever reasons the Israeli military might dress up their non-achievement with, in the end Hezbollah is still there, stronger than ever, despite the 2006 offense, which purpose was to degrade and defeat Hezbollah. Ergo, Hezbollah achieved their aim (keep existing) and Israel did not. Which is way more than a draw. Similarly, I've heard/read many commentators in US media describe the 2nd US War in Iraq as a "failure". Yet, to me, the objective of that war, post-invasion, was to keep a friendly, popularly elected (in reasonably free and fair elections, pretty damn rare for that region) governmental system in existence, functional and strengthening. Despite Al Queda, the civil war, the ISIS defeats, that political system is still very much there, and now with an arguably far better and more experienced army. AQI is gone. ISIS is hanging on by fingernails and the civil war has stopped. I'd rate that as the US achieving its aims and its opponents not doing so. Ergo, a win. Steve @Battlefront.com has argued that Debatlsev' was actually a win for Ukraine - its objective, to him, was to keep its front line forces together, operating coherently. The army (well the LOCAL commanders) managed to extricate themselves out. A full kettling and surrender would undoubtedly have been catastrophic for UKR morale and political capital, something naturally desired by Putin (we assume). He got second prize ( a heavy local military defeat) but not first prize - a heavy strategic and political defeat. I can see Steves point, but I still call a retreat a "retreat", and a loss of a territory, badly need men and material still a loss of same. So while UKR fox did escape the bear claws with the bear only getting to bite off the tail -the fox is still tail-less and bleeding. To me, Debaltsev is a tactical win (for RUS) but a strategic draw. Yet, to go back to Israel/Hezbollah, seeing as Russia/Putin's aim was to destabilize and erode the UKR state further, and did not achieve that, then UKR did win..sorta...kinda...
  25. kinophile

    AAR-Black Sea: Going To Town H2H

    I've found The danger with a forward defence on this map is that once RED realizes what you're doing they bring up everything and hit back hard. Retreating under fire is costly, plus they outnumber you abd can pursue with freshies. My best success on this has always been hitting as they cross the bridge/come up the slope on the right. Hit their vehicles when they are in a bottle neck (eg bridge/street) and cause the follow-on to stack up; hit them before they can disperse/unstack.