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  1. @Haiduk is there a day-by-day timeline of unit movements? On line or as a document(s)?
  2. This is a sure-fire way to get this interesting/useful thread locked.
  3. This is 100% the single critical game difference from CMBS to all the other titles. @Erwin I'm surprised. It sounds more like an issue of how you're using them, because every single time I deploy UAVs, in any game, I spot vehicles within 3 turns (US) or 10 turns (RUS). It's a terrible flaw on the UKR side that they don't have UAVs. I really hope they're added in the CMBS expansion..BFC et al accounted for a lot with regard to UKR forces, but obviously not for their practical can-do innovation & resilience. I usually give them 1 x US UAV team per Co, using the crappier drones. It makes a hell of a difference.
  4. Fine if you have tracks, although even then muddy ground can strike. With BTRs +muddy you're taking a 30% chance of bogging at Quick or Fast speed.
  5. And that's just v AI (I assume). Wait till you try H2H and get the moment of OHNOYOUDONTOH****YOUDID
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Blood-Concrete-Conflict-Megacities-Anthology/dp/1984573756/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=smallwarsjo0e-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=99de8aded2f69770c90180da5d66a721&creativeASIN=1984573756 Has anyone read this?
  7. Ahh - do you mean "dead vehicle sees all units spotted by player's entire force, even if the dead vehicle could not actually see those units itself"?
  8. Ive found a combo of street fighting with an exterior flanking force (usually through the little village at left, then across the river and up over the slope in front) is good. But that force must NOT break out too soon. Also, Peter has some nasty AI plans in there, so keeping that flanking force as a mobile, last ditch reserve is very useful. I once had to return the entire force (1.5 pltns plus 2 atgm teams) to deal with a very bad MBT charge up the main street. Brilliant scenario, one I very consciously emulate and keep in mind when designing. Its cray-cray v. humans
  9. UKR can be depressing. I recently fired 3 ATGM in quick succession against a T72. Just got soaked up by the ERA. Made the next few turns very exciting, which is why I play UKR in the first place. :) The lesson is that with RUS ATGM you're not guaranteed a kill, buts probable. With UKR ATGM you really better have a back-up plan and assume 50/50 failure. With US its fire n forget, brah. Press the trigger and refresh Facebook.
  10. Very well put. Also good for Last Stand type fights. I've a Urban map in my head for Human v fanatical AI. Only possible with that ballast. @Sgt.SquareheadI haven't had the pleasure of your Mosul map but I assume you're using this approach to maximise the AIs "tenacity".
  11. I doubt any AI, even in more well funded or advanced games, could stand against a human oppo for 4 hours. We're just too devious and oriented for pattern analysis. Give us lo g enough and we'll spot the AIs tendency to something then use it against it. Actually, though, I read recently about an AI bring developed using StarCraft 2 that is, apparently, quite the mother****er to play against. But starcraft is super simple in terrain, units and "weapons tech ", in comparison to CMBS. Only the most basic principles of tactics still apply. CM/CMBS though is wayyy more unforgiving and unpredictable, plus SC/SC2 doesn't really provide for The point being that it is, tome, inherently pointless to provide AI plans for 2hrs+ battles. These longer battles are really human affairs. Of course, my current building scenario/campaign (in limbo due to workload) has a battle that us essentially a 2 hour scramble to escape RUS AI forces, and its hard (to fight). For the AI I kept it super simple - company 1, attack here. Even then, but 1.5 hours I'm running out of orders and most players have the measure of the AI also.
  12. 55 mins is insane for assault on a built up area. "Maybe" ok for a race through rough/open countryside Maybe....
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