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  1. Other than the extra men, Is there a more discernable difference in-game between Marines and Army? Eg, less likely to be suppressed at equivalent experience? I don't want to start a fisticuffs of Army Brats v Marine Jarheads, I'm curious from a strictly in-game, technical perspective.
  2. Im curious, why SF over BS? Identical engines, modern ToE.. Javelins in both
  3. kinophile


    It's an old, limited engine, certainly that's a fact. It doesn't compare well to engines developed at similar times.. But the vast, vast majority of those had teams, for their engine alone, double/triple/quadruple what BFC has/had in total, for everything! I'm the end I believe it boils down to resource allocation (people/time=finished objective) rather than the ease of the thing. They only have so many people to throw at any particular issue or project, so as Steve has said countless times it's simple a matter of Staff triage. There's a billion things we'd all like but, at the staff scales BFC operates at, re/building the engine is complicated and very expensive in people/wages.
  4. TBH Baneman's losses are pretty disastrous, relative to your own. He has barely scratched you and you've given him a flurry of heavy blows to the jaw and gut. You have a massive, untouched reserve, equivalent to what he has already lost, so unless he has 50% more units than you.... Even with javelins, he doesn't really have a chance. He could pick off a vehicle or too but then you'd just pull back and plaster the javelin site with fire and arty. Rinse and repeat as each team reveals itself or is discovered by forward infantry. Combine infantry/IFV pinning assaults with armor OW and, well, stick a fork in and turn him over - he's done. I could be wrong, but If I was him....helllllooo start lines.
  5. kinophile

    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    I'll give it a shot. PMing
  6. kinophile

    An der Schönen Blauen Dnjepr scenario

    Danger, Will Robinson!
  7. It's like he's Canadian or summat.
  8. An almighty YES to TLOTM.
  9. kinophile

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    I think he's pulling himself together... Somehow.. :P
  10. True that. In CMBS, as RUS v US I've found myself setting about 10-15% of points aside for Surveillance - Air, UAVs. I find mixed terrain (open + towns/villages) As the most dangerous, vis a vis javs. Which is exactly where Baneman finds himself.
  11. I will happily play the B&Ts v US,, purely to have my vengeance on those blasted M1A2s.
  12. God as RUS it's just an Agony of relentless killing. I'm firmly convinced a well stocked Bradley platoon can stop/viciously degrade a RUS armor Co anytime.
  13. Where's Come And See? Horrifying, amazing and incredible that it got made in the first place. Plus, as a Tv/film crew, I can tell that the actual shooting must have been just. ****ing. Awful.
  14. kinophile

    Interested... But...

    Now THAT is a killer point, for me. I'm a MOUT/FISH aficionado ref modern combat, so having that kind of flexibility in-game is very very attractive.
  15. kinophile

    Interested... But...

    Many thanks, this clarifies the differences nicely, I appreciate that.