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  1. " Now I am taking advantage of the pro of being self employed and logging off for the day knowing all is well and our collective wait to get CMSF2 out the door is nearly over. Steve" This was posted by Steve on the 22nd of November. You can see rest of the message by scrolling up.
  2. If I remember correctly CM2 BB sold so many copies in relation to the country's population in Finland that had it sold so well in the USA it would've sold millions of copies.
  3. It might be the engine manual though, not the game spesific one. At one point I had 5 copies of the same manual because they kept sending me the same 3.0 engine manual with the physical game. It highlights all the engine features but doesn't have TOEs or tutorial chapters etc.
  4. Looks to me that the HE hit the palm tree instead of the building.
  5. What about the original retail release published by Paradox, waaay back in the day? I have that and I also have all the modules bought from the Battlefront store itself.
  6. How will the upgrade work if I have the original Shock Force as a Paradox retail release on CD and expansion packs bought through your online store?
  7. Pessimism tends to take hold when the patch is promised to become available in the coming weeks at the beginning of 2018 but then instead of the promised patch you get only silence for almost six months. It'd much easier on the developers and the community if you'd just post something along the lines "hey guys, there are some unexpected problems wee need to look at and this might take time". People understand when you communicate, when you don't they don't. And the bankruptcy wasn't a prophecy, it was a figure of speech. If you can't tell the difference I really see no point in discussing any further.
  8. Well looks like Steve is alive and reading the forums, at least every now and then. He posted this about 4 hours ago in another, now locked, thread: I just wish conversation didn't have to come to this point where people start to lose their patience. Especially when all you'd need is a small amount of communication that doesn't take time. I'd be cool with "it's done when it's done" but when even that is not said it starts to seem a bit suspicious.
  9. No, we actually do not know that at the moment. For all we know they could be prepearing to file for bankruptcy and keeping low profile while doing it not to affect sales. You can't just stop communicating with customers after you've said that soemthing is nearing completion. And this has been a trend for a while. They were supposed to roll out a new store front back when Final Blitzkrieg was announced. Well they stopped talking about it as well and didn't do it. There is no evidence of them working on the patch any more and there won't be until we get an official statement about it. And as you say, it'd only take them a few seconds, just log in and post "We're sorry for the delays, but we are working on it" etc.
  10. Any word on when the patch might be ready for release?
  11. Good evening everyone! After laying awake last night and contemplating life and everything it entails I started to wonder the beauty of unit models in Combat Mission game series. And the more I wondered the more I became frustrated that to my knowledge there is no way to look at those models, apart from firing up a scenario and oogling at them. This realization came with another thought: wouldn't it be nice if we had some sort of unit viewer in the game? A list of all the assets from handguns to tanks and an ability to look at the model, spin them around and take in all the utilitarian beauty these things have to offer. If one wants to add more use to the viewer you could also add unit specs into the UI so that you could familiarize yourself with the look of the said unit and with the specifications. Now I am not a game developer nor even an IT professional, far from that. I have no idea how much work this feature would require to made it into the game, but I do feel that some of the gorgeous models go to waste because there simply are no scenarios with them or they are just simply too few and far between to be really noticed. What say you, my fellow grognards and war gaming enthusiasts? Am I being delirious and simply asking for things not meant for mere mortals or is there something worth pondering here? Also you must forgive my writing as the hour is late and I'm sleep deprived.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! This makes sense, especially as I haven't done anything major to my machine after the unistall.
  13. Heya I had to do a reinstall on CMBS on my computer. I installed the game and promptly upgraded it to 1.04 standard. I booted up the game to see if everything was going smoothly. At this point the game did not ask for an reactivation. However after I upgraded the engine to 4.0 version I had to naturally activate the game as this was my first 4.0 install on this system. Was the activation behaviour of the game normal after reinstall before the 4.0 engine upgrade, does the game store its activation on my computer even if I have to reinstall it? Thanks in advance
  14. Thank you for the anwsers! I was kinda hoping someone from the Battlefront would see this and respond so that everyone else with similar issue would get advice. I'll contact the support and let you guys know when I'll get more info.
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