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  1. Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it. I still have fun playing these scenarios, even when it's just a test in editor mode, the digital toy soldiers amuse me greatly with their antics. I will have things ready soon to test, in the meantime since you enjoy the more urban side of things you might like Al Hamamiyat and Qasabiyeh. There's an updated Qasabiyeh in the pipeline.
  2. Great shot! Love the choice of font. FYI, Tal Malah AI is getting a serious makeover for the re-release. Those head choppers wont be quite so moderate the next time around 😁
  3. Great info! Thanks for that. When I made that scenario, I tried to get those zushkas to be more effective. This is just what I was looking for. I'm trying it out now. FWIW, Tal Malah was my very first published scenario, so I have been revisiting it as time allows. It will tie in with Qalaat Al Madiq in the campaign. Edit: I just checked the AI plan on that group. It is set to area fire into the town, just not the movement part. That will help them a lot I think. Thanks
  4. Oh man, what a battle! Tal Malah occurred during a time when the takfiri forces still had a lot of heavy equipment, unlike Al Hamamiyat. Their armored columns approached the frontlines with artillery support, behind VBIED attacks... Thanks to everyone's invaluable feedback, this campaign is shaping up to be a real beast. We plan on also releasing the updated scenarios as stand alone once the campaign is baked, as some of the maps have gone through a dramatic facelift. Respectfully, LL
  5. Perfect! Very nice AAR. Thank you very much for that. Al Hamamiyat has been internally updated to help with the long time on the air support, and I've made notes regarding the AI performance. Usually for me the TOW team would be inconsistent, but often enough would cause havoc when he did decide to participate so I left him alone for the time being. The results you achieved were remarkably close to the end result of the actual battle. Well done, sir!
  6. hehe...thanks bro, but those are all things I'm already doing, foot paths and dirt lot tiles are also very useful in that regard; and by the time you clear this side of Kafr Nabudah...you're going to be dreading walls. The city is also heavily damaged. The use paths and battle damage will come once all the major terrain elements are laid down. Right now, laying down connected buildings across multiple slopes is what's being done. It's a hilly town.
  7. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support. 🙂 I've learned a lot since I laid the first tile down on Tal Malah. All of my maps are going to reflect this in the campaign, and stand alone once the campaign is done. Here's an in-progress shot from the west side of Kafr Nabudah in the meantime:
  8. Very nice. I'll go through those files in the near future and see if I can roust up a Syrian dialect to record...
  9. Nice find. I think we can record a decent Syrian dialect to fill that gap in the game's immersion. Although on some scenarios they yammer constantly and that can get annoying sometimes but, 🤪, at least you're not playing as the Houthis...
  10. Quick update: Kafr Nabudah 4k is coming along nicely. Qasabiyeh, Kabani, and Tal Malah have been updated internally for the campaign. Here's some in-progress shots of Kabani after the elevation rework. Respectfully, LL
  11. Very nice! I definitely recommend making use of every asset for that scenario, they're all designed that way. It's not an easy battle by any means, I can't tell you how many times my guys ended up getting their heads chopped off during testing...
  12. In our times, the only harmless friends are
        a jug of clear wine and a vessel of songs
    Go cautiously, for the passage to happiness is long and narrow:
        Take your cup, for life chances only once!
    Am I the only one wearied because of ignorance?
        Our doctors? Their pall a result of the science of ignorance!
    Look with sharp eyes upon this rumpus path:
        the affairs of this world are all terminal.
    My heart had hoped for the consummation of our love;
        but death in the path of life is the thief of all desires.
    Caress a beloved's lock of hair; quit babbling!
        Omens are in the conjunction of the heavenly stars.
            Never! Never will they fine Hafez sober:
            he's drunk with the eternal wine.

  13. Just got this title and am surprised that development stopped on it. There's a huge amount here. It would be amazing with just some tech updating. You have me on board for such an endeavor, especially if we can squeeze an Iran-Iraq war title out of it, too 😁
  14. Alternatively we could try sending ludicrous quantities of hookers and blow to BFC offices until they cave in...🤪
  15. That would be extremely nice, but I seriously doubt such a thing exists. For my scenarios, I use US/NATO forces as stand-ins for "The Russian from Moscow, Texas®"
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