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  1. This scenario is based upon reports I have seen regarding the ongoing battles around Tal Malah. Feedback is appreciated. I had to drop the tactical image from the file, as it made it too big to upload. This is my first attempt at a fully fleshed out scenario from scratch. Hope you enjoy! Respectfully, LL Tal Malah.btt
  2. Just saw this. Meds, lol! Many thanks. That's cool for H2H, but my wife kicks my ass every time. It's not even fair.
  3. Thanks, I know you can do that in the editor by playing with the drop down, but sometimes I want that extra "unknown" factor that the QB provides. Making my own scenarios is easy enough. I've done many for my own personal edification. Edit: Apologies, I should have quoted Sgt Squarehead for the reply. I'm on disability due to spinal issues, so the meds kick my ass most days. I'm lucky to be able to play. 😀
  4. Thanks for the reply. I found the force selection drop down, but what I'm referring to is the ability to make the Red AND Blue lists include all sides, so that anyone can be picked or mixed and matched from editor and QB selector.
  5. I was thinking that allowing any force to be chosen for "Red" or "Blue" from the Editor and Quick Battle generator would provide a layer of potential that's pretty exciting. For instance, a player could choose Unconventional + US Army vs Syrian Army, or whatever combo suits your needs. It would be a sort of a QOL feature that provides more utility and warranty. What are the community's opinions on this? Respectfully, LL
  6. The home-made SACLOS jammers are nice. All in all, the Syrian Arab Army has done amazing things with what little they had. As for the other thread, I subscribe to Southfront, so I had already seen it. It is appreciated, as they are a great source of unbullcrapped info. Sharing them is a great service. Respectfully, LL
  7. Also, the game needs Churches added along with ancient ruins. Syria is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society that spans eons. When one of the Churches in Aleppo was destroyed by takfiris, it was the Muslims that got together to help rebuild it and protect their Christian brethren.
  8. I'm very well aware of the modern Syrian Arab Army's capabilities. It almost seems like they were an afterthought in a blue on blue simulator with some IED's thrown in. Not only is the TO&E a complete mess, a lot of their best units are simply not in the game. Their real capabilities are just not there. Here's a little taste of reality: Hope you enjoy.
  9. Just got this game, and it's a lot of fun. I've noticed, however, the Syrians seem comically inept ... like Imperial Stormtrooper/Hollywood levels of ineptitude. I've rammed a T-62 into a gun-damaged Abrams, and the T-62 still couldn't see the Abrams. I've had US soldiers jogging down the street, come under fire from entrenched Syrian MG's and the US Soldier, without stopping, kills the MG and keeps jogging. Just comically impossible stuff like that keeps happening to the Syrians. Doesn't deter me from playing them, it just takes away from the experience. I also noticed after a little browsing that the Syrians are missing a lot of equipment that would add a lot to the game. Link to Wikipedia list of Equipment of the Syrian Army Lots of stuff there to pick from, rockets, missiles, tanks, etc. Bottom line, I would like to see the Syrians receive some love. As a side note, a huge jumble of Abrams tanks idling makes wonderful white noise to relax to, just make sure you don't have some random belligerent arriving a few hours into it.... Thank you.
  10. Fun toy for arms makers, game players, and politicans to engage in all manner of pedantry over. Personally I don't find many 19K's with nice things to say about those cans. Best I've heard is, "well, they're better than a Humvee..."
  11. One question I never see asked is how close have we already come to all out war. How many Cuban Missile Crises have occurred that have yet to be fully realized? Did we truly realize how close we came in the Cuban Crisis until much much later? Would anyone outside of the highest levels of clearance have known about the Northwood's Document (and the reason for Lemnitzer's subsequent firing) or Bobby's meeting with Anatoly Dobrynin? How close did we come when the Kiev Coup failed to secure Crimea? What stopped them?
  12. For a total conversion, I would love to see the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) modelled.
  13. Hello all, I'm downloading the demo for this game at the moment. In the meantime I thought I'd share something the community might find interesting. Below are links to footage captured using HD GoPro cameras mounted to SAA T-72's and other AFV's by the Abkhazia Network News Agency (ANNA). Most of the footage is captured in the cities of Daryaa and Jobar engaging terrorists from the Nusra Front. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv9DJRvuHyI : 8 Missions from Daryaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bsDP5DznDQ : Jobar There's many more that you'll find recommended in the sidebar. Of note is how resilient the T-72 is to RPG-7 fire. Also of note is how devastating the RPG-29 is, versus any tank, really. Googling rpg-29 vs m1a2 reveals a trove of images for those unfamiliar with what a tandem warhead does. Very Respectfully, Liveload
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