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  1. Thank you very much for validating the testing! Hopefully this will help BFC.
  2. No that's not the case, once the radios are gone, they're gone. Only verbal coms afterwards. You can monkey with the HQ and vehicles all you want after they disappear and it doesn't return the radios. You can try it yourself in the editor, just make the map big enough to put the squad out of LOS and you'll see.
  3. No, not at all. Some screenshots are obviously in order to explain this better. One Squad Syrian AB + 1 BMP 1 added Going to the Deploy forces screen from within the editor shows the HQ already in the BMP, radio icon visible. 2nd Squad - Radio Icon Visible 3rd Squad - Radio Icon Visible HQ moved out of BMP to the ground nearby - Radio Icon Visible 2nd Squad's radio has vanished - Radio Icon Not Visible 3rd Squad's radio has vanished - Radio Icon Not Visible
  4. I am able to most easily replicate the issue with Syrian Airborne and a BMP 1. I can start a new battle in the editor, go to units and purchase a Syrian Airborne Infantry Battalion. Pick one of the infantry platoons and add a single BMP 1 to it. Select Deploy (blue/red) and then move that platoon HQ in and out of the BMP while checking the radio icons for the squads in that platoon. The radios vanish every time.
  5. Hi all, I've run into an issue where squad radios just mysteriously vanish . I've traced one of the triggers of this behavior to the Platoon HQ element. It seems that mounting/dismounting the HQ during setup or as a part or importing a core units file, breaks the radios for the whole platoon. It doesn't seem to matter much which nations troops are used when this issue crops up. Just wondering if this is a known issue or if there's some magic work around, because no matter what I do, once the radios are gone, there's no way to get them to come back without redoing the TO&E/OOB
  6. Here's a couple of shots from a test of the opening battle: Tal Othman Couple from Kafr Nabudah
  7. lol Mullah Nasr-Eddin with a bad attitude...might just work...
  8. Hi there. Indeed, work is steady on the campaign. Mapping has been completed (finally). Currently working on scenario design. I'll try and gather up some screenshots of the testing to post up in the coming days.
  9. Hi Sarge! I appreciate that, but I don't want to force people to download mods just to play my scenarios. Perhaps if I do something more extensive in the future I could look into that, but as it stands it sure would be nice to have the 2S3 as an off map asset. I bet it would be super simple to add when they go to fix the ammo loadouts for the PKM, etc. 😁 Respectfully, LL
  10. Very nice! I was hoping to make it more fun to play as Blue vs AI, sounds like we're on track! I plan on buffing the scenario a little more based on the feedback I've gotten thus far, as well. Respectfully, LL
  11. @Lethaface Very nice screenshots sir! They have great atmosphere. As a side note, the AI has been buffed based on this AAR prior to it being posted, so those who download this scenario will have a tougher row to hoe, so to speak. Respectfully, LL
  12. As I stated, I we did extensive testing with the in game arty. For some of my scenarios we've had to use US/NATO assets to stand in for 15cm artillery and also for air controllers. It works as a kludge fix, but the immersion just isn't there. I refer to the "Russian" advisor from Moscow, Texas that features in my Al Hamamiyat scenario as an air controller... Respectfully, LL
  13. Hello there, That's a great question, I'm glad you brought it up. I went through and checked for what packs are required for which scenario and came up with the following list: Tal Malah: Base + Marines (although due to the zushkas present, NATO might be needed too) All others: Base + Marines + NATO None require the UK pack, as I do not own that one. Also I wanted to take this opportunity to publish the updated map of the Kabani meeting engagement. The elevations were reworked and the AI has been tweaked. Dropbox link Also, the old link in the thread points to the new file, so it still works, too. Here's a nice screen from a recent test game that Lethaface played.
  14. Hi all, As I've been working on creating my campaign, there's been a lot of testing going on to see what does and doesn't work. We ran into issues with Syrian heavy artillery and the over pressure it generates. Specifically, the M46 (which is the heaviest piece) does not have enough to trigger mines, so the SAA can only clear minefields with sappers (unless you give them US/NATO 15.5cm). Also the M46 doesn't have enough knockdown power to take down walls very efficiently. I though these reasons would be decent ones to make a thread asking BFC to look into maybe adding 152mm as off map assets for the Syrians. The 2S3 would work since they had them in 2008 and they're still being used. I think CM:BS has later versions of the 2S3 modeled as off map assets. Would that not make it a super simple addition to SF2? Add it to the UK pack and I can guarantee at least two sales 😂. Respectfully, LL PS, I'll update my Tal Malah thread soon with more stuff...I've been busy working away at it 😁
  15. Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it. I still have fun playing these scenarios, even when it's just a test in editor mode, the digital toy soldiers amuse me greatly with their antics. I will have things ready soon to test, in the meantime since you enjoy the more urban side of things you might like Al Hamamiyat and Qasabiyeh. There's an updated Qasabiyeh in the pipeline.
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