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  1. Ability to play with more than just 1 other person in MP would be really fun. Make it so each side can be split among several players. Even have it where 2 players can fight the AI. I think that is a missed opportunity in these games.
  2. Nearly unscathed hull down firing line. Damage done by hull down firing line.
  3. One must master the art of subterfuge in order to free the cats. One mustn't look too much like a cat in order to interact with the cat's slave holders unnoticed.
  4. I would make the argument that while this is in the CM2 parent forum there is no general forum for the old games, or all CM games for that matter. It makes sense to allow all game's content here to have a constant flow of content and a centralized media location. Also CM1 content will probably be in the minority. That said I am glad to see people are adding onto this thread already.
  5. Changed it to from a question to a statement. Now it is the Combined Unofficial Screenshot Thread. I'll start it off with one of my own. KV-1 doing it's job on some Panzer 3s.
  6. I have always been one that has loved looking at game screenshots and short gameplay videos. Most combat mission game forum sections have their own unofficial screenshots thread. There always seems to be a trickle of new content pertaining to each game, but this seems to so limiting to have one for each game. If we were to create a centralized screenshot/media thread here in general to pertain to all combat mission games, cm1 and cm2, it would allow for easy viewing and a constant stream of content in one area. What do you guys/gals think of doing something like this? -Edit- First it was a question. Now this thread has become the Combined Unofficial Screenshot/Meida Thread. Start posting your screenshots and videos for all to gaze at and be struck in awe by their glory.
  7. Just for future reference if anyone needs it. With DGVoodoo2 I was able to get everything running smoothly, except fog still does not work.
  8. Thanks for the info. My DDraw Log looks about the same. I am using the version from battlefront's store. I'll try out dgVoodoo2 now.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Weird. It doesn't work with or without anything changed. Menus are slick and responsive though.
  10. Can you tell me what compatibility settings you have for your game? It starts up really quickly, loads quickly, and is more responsive. Sadly it never draws anything on screen when I get into a mission.
  11. Mechanically they are still really solid. Not much has changed in the newer games from the earlier games when it comes to control scheme. AI I enjoy more on the older one. Map Generator is brilliant. Graphics are a bit archaic, but they do their job and don't hinder the experience too much. One thing is that fog does not function. Nvidia used to use a thing called fog tables to render fog. They have stopped supporting it. That is what the original CM games used. If anyone knows how to fix that I would be grateful, but I don't know of any fix for it.
  12. I still enjoy them much more than the newer games. Just so many things to love. Map procgeneration, large toe, large scope, simpler control, and so many missions and campaigns. Plus more varied AI and simplistic units. Makes it feel like a tabletop game.
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