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  1. If you were wondering why CMx2 requires an always online connection, it's so Steve can personally login and mess with your game. =D ... (It doesn't you guys, chill)
  2. If you need to take extra time for the Mac edition, please do! I murdered my Windows box recently by having it substantially overclocked on stock air for a long time. Hey, it lasted six years! =D
  3. In the spirit of fraternal love and harmony, I also apologize. I was just making a joke, but really it didn't add anything valuable. Cheers to you both. *hugs*
  4. I stand corrected, having consulted the relevant sources! 😃 DESPITE the lack of good maps, though, the Allies were very fond of map shooting in the Normandy campaign, especially the British forces. Nonetheless, at the ranges depicted in CM:BN I don't think I'd want a lot of predicted fire put that close to my company!
  5. I shall defer to your tongue sticky out and keep reading, then! 😃
  6. The western Allies had quite good maps and survey data, though, and "map shooting" definitely was done. I don't know if you'd want map shooting done at a target within a few hundred meters of your infantry though, especially if a spotter was on hand!
  7. It would be cool to have a CM set in the 80s for Cold War gone hot type scenario, but also then we could do stuff like Grenada. That would be pretty neat. I just like PASGT and ALICE gear, maybe 😃
  8. I'd love to play too. I've got basically every module. My only challenge is schedule, with all these wee babbies running around. But if you don't mind me taking my sweet time, I'm up for a game! We may want to hold out for the forthcoming patches, but I'm up for any CM game you listed.
  9. For the artillery issues, you can set a barrage anywhere on the map prior to the first turn, and you can delay it so it doesn't come immediately. Maybe not what OP is hoping for but maybe helpful!
  10. For Cold War Gone Hot type scenarios, you could look at Assault!, Fireteam, MBT, or Lock n' Load Heroes of the Gap. For WW2, you have Squad Leader/ASL, Tobruk/ATS, Combat Commander, all the WW2 Lock n' Load games, Fighting Formations, and the TCS series by the Gamers/MMP. Basically any board wargame where the counter represents a squad to platoon would probably be more amenable to direct representation. Some larger ASL battles might want to be split into multiple scenarios, because some of them are RIDICULOUS.
  11. I think one of these is the post I mentioned above. In them, @MikeyD describes some of the artillery abstractions that are used to work around the limitations of the action square system.
  12. It's good the balloon never went up, because there would probably be fewer customers for Combat Mission: North German Plain!
  13. It would be nice to be able to keep using the save right after the first mission of the Semper Fi! campaign so I don't have to slog through that recon scenario again! =D
  14. How goes the testing? I need a break from all these Saggers! =D
  15. I think @Bulletpoint stated that he felt the artillery was highly abstracted. I can't find the thread, but I am certain that at some previous point someone provided a lengthy discussion of why artillery works the way it does. It IS abstracted rather than modeled directly. An artillery shell landing triggers a probability calculation for each unit within a radius and that is the basis for casualty determination. The reason for this is that the "Action Square" system of the engine and the way squads and teams work mean that the troops are more tightly clustered than they would be in real life in many situations. As a result, if they modeled the artillery more directly, a LOT more squads would get vaporized by 155mm shells because they are all packed into an 8x24m box instead of spreading out over 50m+. Maybe someone who understands it better or has that explanation somewhere can share it. It might help.
  16. Maybe if I could air assault to the other side of the river and take the high ground, and have a couple 155mm tubes tasked as well! X D
  17. Yeah, I just barely had gotten boots on the objective building on the near side of the river when they gave up. There was no way I was going to get across the bridge and secure the others in the time I had left.
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