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  1. absolutmauser

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    It's got 8GB.
  2. absolutmauser

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Running well on OSX. As mentioned above, make sure you drag the extracted application into the Applications folder if it doesn't unpack there automatically! Otherwise you get a black screen! I'm on a mid 2013 MacBookPro 15" with integrated graphics and it's running well on Balanced, similar to performance of other Engine 4 games (I've got all of them except Gustav Line, which I will get!) Looking forward to the full release! On a sad note, Strykers are still made out of spit and tissue paper, just like IRL. @Pete Wenman We can be more than one thing! We can be happy about the demo and simultaneously grouse about any number of other things! We're amazingly capable in this area! =D
  3. absolutmauser

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Well played. Just in time to ruin my afternoon productivity! =)
  4. absolutmauser

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    I think you originally replied to add "nuance" to sburke's "simple and practical" answer. I just wanted to add that COIN is not a new term, nor is counterinsurgency theory a "post 9/11" theory. FM3-24, which is the Army's documentation and statement of this post-9/11 COIN doctrine, is a revival of the doctrines developed in the 1950s and 1960s with updates to adapt to new technology and the differences between the current Jihadist insurgencies compared with Communist and other prior insurgencies. Gen. Patreaus and Gen. Mattis, the listed authors of FM3-24, specifically discuss how they are applying these earlier doctrines that have been neglected for 20 years, and placing them in the context of the current insurgencies. I see your point, though: Soldiers fighting in counterinsurgencies prior to the modern world of post 9/11 had to deal with such primitive situations as: ---Being assaulted by AK47 and RPG-equipped guerillas who blend in with the civilian population ---Dealing with restrictive ROE that prevent the use of firepower in various situations ---Being transported in helicopters on air assault missions and relying on helicopters for casualty evacuation ---Being blown up by improvised explosive devices and other booby traps (maybe there will be an initialism for this sort of thing in the modern era!) ---Setting up combat outposts and firebases and conducting ambush patrols outside of observation posts and outposts to detect and disrupt guerilla attacks on those outposts ---Relying on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft to deliver close air support including dedicated COIN aircraft like the AC130 gunship ---Being armed only with a mix of assault rifles, precision rifles, automatic rifles, grenade launchers, hand grenades, rocket launchers, light wheeled vehicles, light armored vehicles, APCs, tanks, artillery, mortars, and radio communications ---Using elite special forces to conduct raiding, interdiction, intelligence gathering, and training indigenous personnel My god, it was practically the bronze age. I'm surprised they didn't pay the troops with salt.
  5. absolutmauser

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    COIN as a term for counter-insurgency has been around far longer than the US doctrines developed after the invasion of Iraq. I don't believe Galula or Trinquier use the term in their seminal works from 1964 and 1961, respectively, but the USAF was discussing dedicated COIN aircraft at least as early as 1963.
  6. absolutmauser

    BP1 - Celer et Audax - The PIAT!

    The Kangaroo still worked for me, but I've been putting the "crew" in it as opposed to the random individual drivers. There's one 2-man crew. Maybe it is specifically the Kangaroo crew and only they can get in the actual driver and bow gunner seats, like a tank? At any rate, I generally agree that BP1 is a little bit messy.
  7. absolutmauser

    BP1 - Celer et Audax - The PIAT!

    It looks like the platoon leader's track has been left out of the scenario as shipped. I edited the scenario, revived "1 Halftrack" and it appears in a suitable spot near the Platoon HQ with the PIAT in it. =)
  8. I pulled it up in the scenario editor and the platoon HQ's track has been removed from the mission. If you "revive" it, it will be sitting outside of the building the platoon leader is in and the PIAT is in there. =)
  9. I can't find it either!
  10. Hi all, Enjoying the new Battle Pack so far. I am playing Celer et Audax at the moment. The briefing says the platoon PIAT is in the platoon leader's track, but I can't find it! Can anyone help? Am I blind? Best, AbM
  11. Hi all, I have been trying to play CMFI v3 on my desktop and I can't seem to get it to be very playable, performance-wise. My system is as follows: GPU: Radeon 7970 (15.7 beta drivers) CPU: Sandy Bridge i5 2500K Ram: 16GB Resolution: 1900x1200 (24" monitor) I've tried running the game on fairly high settings but the framerate is pretty rotten. I have CMBN, CMBS, and CMRT on my MacBook Pro Retina with integrated graphics (it's a Haswell i7), and it seems to run the games much more smoothly (albeit at relatively low settings). It seems weird that a relatively beefy GPU is struggling so much when the integrated GPU on the macbook seems to be handling things okay. Does anyone have any advice for getting CMFI running smoothly on a 7970? Thank you!
  12. I was able to get a touch, but that gave both of us credit for "Terrain" victory points and I ended up with a Draw. Might as well take the loss and not lose all those paratroopers if that's how it's going to go!
  13. Hi all, I've been going back to CMBN after playing a bunch of CMFI and CMBS in the last few months. I never played the RtM campaign and have been really enjoying it. However, I am absolutely stuck on Hell in the Hedgerows. I've searched the forum and found a couple of threads, but not much in the way of help. I've restarted from the end of the previous mission a few times and have found that there are a few different potential German defensive plans, but I've not be able to succeed against any of them. After beating on this mission half a dozen times, my best result so far is to end up with both infantry companies on the sunken road at the middle of the map having taken minimal casualties, with company HQ and heavy machineguns positioned in the second floor of the buildings in Le Hamlet. This seems to be the only firing position where the HMGs can put fire on the German main defensive line except being placed in front of the bocage on the sunken road, where they typically get chewed up right after they open fire. I am trying to husband my HE and smoke mortar rounds so I can pour fire into the bunkers and use smoke as much as possible, but the wind is such that my smoke screens seem to be useless and I still haven't been able to push through the German fire to get up the opposite bank and onto the road in enough force to actually clear the Germans. Has anyone had success with this mission? I have been getting Major and Total victories up to this point (on Iron) and I don't want just "Draw" this one!
  14. absolutmauser

    Cannot download 3.0

    The helpdesk got me squared away. Thanks!