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  1. Haiduk pointed out in some other thread (don't remember which) that the best Ukrainian APFSDS round is still insufficient for the frontal armour of T-90s and that's why they give priority to ATGMs over sabot. The turret ERA of the Oplot is actually quite tough and stops T-90 sabot rounds. But the hull is terribly vulnerable. Same for turret's side.
  2. The in-game sound of the Abrams vs Bradley perfectly captures that feeling. You can almost hear the rust in Bradley's sound.
  3. That was definitely a pyrrhic victory for the Russians! The extreme imbalance in infantry casualty figures show how well you've done. Don't worry about your tank losses, Oplots do look like modern tanks, but they're T-34s at heart. Seriously though, you did pretty well. Regarding that Oplot, is it even possible in-game to throw nades into a tank through the open hatch? Wow!
  4. Greetings everyone. I've been thinking of buying this game... but the fact that the last post is from more than 1.5 years ago is disheartening. How much SP content does this game have? Are there any people playing this game online?
  5. If you had more than two Oplots and were absolutely positive that he had only one T-90 left, I would suggest rushing forward, but when you have only two tanks, it's quite risky. Just as sburke said, you should consolidate and wait for the arty. If you can immobilise it with arty, then your job will get a lot easier. And in the screenshot you showed us from the T-90's perspective, it's quite clear why the Oplots are failing to see the enemy tank; the T-90 is effectively in a reverse slope position, and the Oplot is already pretty damn bad at spotting, let alone with the enemy in a reverse slope.
  6. *STRONK. Yeah smells like some bad propaganda. I don't think there's a doubt that a determined military response by NATO would end pretty badly for Russia's interests in the region, but this article is more like "Outta bullets, down to harsh language" stuff.
  7. Yeah I'm following this too. The T-90's pre-demise scene was pretty damn good.
  8. Jeeeeeesus! This is some real Stalingrad footage, right? Right?! Awesome work, man! Just one small thing: the T-34/85 wasn't put into production until sometime after Stalingrad, so the shots should probably contain only the T-34/76. And the logo is pure awesomeness... it's so metal that I just want to create a metal album with this logo as its cover art.
  9. In-game, arty smoke is not multi-spectral and does not block IR radiation. Oplots have the same multi-spectral smoke as Abrams and T-90s. I don't know about Bulats and BTR-4Es, but I think at least the BTR-4E has the same kind of smoke. BMP-2s have the black smoke that doesn't block IR. And by the way, having BRM-1Ks can help with spotting when your tanks pop defensive smoke, since it has radar. I found that out in a mission of the TF Spartan Resolve campaign, where my BRMs became heroes due to their spotting capabilities (seeing and shooting BTRs behind smoke).
  10. Just played Bradley Speedbump and Night Jump. Both maps were spectacular. I especially liked the small details in the town in Night Jump (Kostyantinivka?), they made it look incredibly real. The mission itself was great, with Russian RPG and RPO teams working round the clock to ruin my day. Finished with a total victory with 34 casualties. The Bradley Speedbump mission was terrific. I used the terrain to get my BTRs to the Bradley's side of the map (the elevation changes of the map were quite detailed), then tried to advance my infantry with rather disappointing results, so I URAed and charged my BTRs, with the result that I actually managed to kill the remaining Americans and the Bradley and get them to surrender. I'll soon be also playing Myrne roadblock. Do you have any new scenarios in the making? I'm really looking forward to seeing more of these stuff from you.
  11. Thanks for the kind words for my pixeltovarischi. Well yeah I'll probably give CMBN a thought too, but I might not have the funds for the combined bundle + v3 upgrade right now, so I've put it for later.
  12. Well, I think that I'll have to go with CMRT since I like the eastern front more*, but definitely the one after it will be CMFI. Thanks everyone for your opinions, especially Bud. * I mean, I can't resist the urge to call down a massive arty barrage on the Germans and then shout URRRAAAA.
  13. Although I totally prefer WEGO to realtime, I believe that sometimes in infantry-centric missions you need to play real-time. Because many of these missions are designed to simulate special forces, but the TacAI is sometimes too stupid, especially when it comes to infantry; and the 60 second time of a turn is sometimes too long for the rather fine control you will have to exert over those elite, but non-numerous forces, especially when time is a factor.
  14. I would also add the US Campaign to this list. Especially the 3rd mission (the infamous Poking the Bear) and also mission 4. It is a very well-made campaign and it's also not too hard. Also, if you're looking for some infantry-centric, SOF-style fights, I would recommend Euri's scenarios such as "Leave no stone unturned" and also the Task Force Spartan Resolve campaign by Imperial Grunt.
  15. Thank you everyone for your informative responses! @gnarly Yes I've considered CMFB as well, but I've put it for later, after this purchase or maybe the next. I dunno, but both the Italian hills and the Bielorussian plains and marshes seem to have more appeal to me than the Ardennes. And yeah CMBS is lovely stuff (but perhaps lovely isn't really an appropriate term for airburst HE and ATGMs... ) @domfluff Yes I've noticed that, and it's one of the appealing points of CMRT for me, not to mention my long-time love for the T-34/85. @Bud_B Yes that's exactly why CMFI entered the competition. But overall, which one do you think would have greater appeal for a fervent CMBS player? @kohlenklau I'd have to eat noodles and soup for a rather long time if I did that. @sburke But what if I don't even want to beat the addiction and just want to sink deeper and deeper into it?
  16. Greetings, ladies and gents. I've played CMBS and it is one of the best games I've ever played. Now I'm going to step into WW2 CM, and I don't really know which one of these two to choose. I know, the question is going to have people shouting at me "Do you have any idea how different they are?!". Yes I do. I've played both demos, and I like both, despite the fact that their greatest similarity is both of them being called Combat Mission. In CMBS, I liked both combined arms missions and infantry only missions, probably preferring combined arms missions (involving armour and mech infantry) by a rather small margin. I want to hear your opinions about these two games. I really like the Ostfront atmosphere, but recently I've developed a liking for CMFI after reading through the forums. And by the way, are there any user-made Soviet campaigns for CMRT? I've looked at the mods section and at TSD, and all the campaigns I've seen have been German. Thanks in advance. I figured that the CMRT forums were more active, and that's why I've posted it here.
  17. Maybe I've gotten things mixed up, but I'm certain that the AGS-30's setup time is less than half the setup time of the Mk19 on the US side.
  18. I know, and as I already said, I've given a target order on enemy infantry who were inside or outside buildings, and I've seen many M136 rockets fired at them by US infantry, and for this reason I actually sometimes use target light to prevent them from doing so. Actually I've even seen them fire their AT-4s autonomously, mostly when encountering enemy PKMs inside buildings. TOW-2Bs warhead is just like Javelin's if I'm not mistaken. Therefore, it's actually quite effective against buildings. The top-down attack profile is probably a setting that can be turned on or off, just like the Javelin which has both a direct attack and a top attack mode.
  19. I haven't really tested TOW humvees but I've seen bradleys firing TOWs at buildings, although after having fired their autocannon for a while. In RL, TOWs are very useful in that role and I think that vehicles should be firing more TOWs at buildings. Dunno, I've actually seen them fire AT-4s very frequently when given a target order.
  20. If you give American infantry a target command, they will (almost immediately) use their AT-4s, but their autonomous use of AT-4 against enemy infantry is rarer than autonomous Russian use of RPGs. The AT-4CS (CS stands for "Confined Space") is designed to have a smaller backblast making it suitable for use from within buildings.
  21. RPGs are indeed very deadly. Their only downside is that when fired from within buildings, they suppress the firing team. But the AGS-30 has an awesome ~30s setup time if I remember correctly, and it's the greatest advantage (IMO) that the Russians have against the US. Especially with the troops being much more closely packed together in the game than in real life.
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