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  1. Steve himself said why he rarely has time to provide updates. I forget where exactly but it was essentially that the forums are a gateway drug, and he finds it very hard to "just post an update" and avoid getting his whole day (or more) taken up by answering questions and getting into discussions. He's human like you and me, so while I too would appreciate less radio silence I can perfectly understand why he is quiet sometimes! And if Steve doesn't do it, there really isn't anyone else... I'm excited, but I have plenty of other stuff to do so I don't mind the wait.
  2. Oh yeah, I found my enemy's T-64BVs did a number on my T-72B3s in my By the Beautiful Blue Dniepr scenario. They're definitely nothing to scoff at, especially if they're hull down. That 125mm gun is still dangerous!
  3. HerrTom

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Man, you should see the quality of the last contractor I hired... Insult to parasites maybe?
  4. @Oliver_88 I like it. I would nitpick (as I like to do) that it should be in the ADMIN section but other than that you've got a solid system. What would you have happen if you order two teams to take 5 PIATs from a carrier that only has 5 itself?
  5. HerrTom

    When is ray-tracing coming to CM?

    It would do wonders for CM's flat lighting for sure. 😎 But my (serious) hope for the next CM is physically based rendering. I think it'd really allow textures in CM to pop!
  6. HerrTom

    Modules and PBEM

    Good to know. I was hoping for the Eugen solution where you can play against factions you don't have but you can't play them yourself. Oh well, I plan on getting the big bundle anyway!
  7. How do the modules work with PBEM? If I have NATO (if only for the Marder 😎) and my buddy is an anglophile and has the British module to get his Earl Grey fix, can we play a PBEM where my Panzergrenadiere give a Royal beatdown? Or would we be limited to the content that we both have access to?
  8. HerrTom

    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    Oh I only opened the first mission you sent. It worked, the second one crashed but I think it was because I had already loaded the first one.
  9. HerrTom

    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    Seems my computer can handle it OK @Artkin. Perhaps an H2H AAR is in order? Can never have to many of those! You mentioned teams - if there are the people available I'd be interested in trying that too.
  10. Certainly! AI would help with that too. I know I certainly rushed the crossing to make the AAR shorter!
  11. 1648 The AGS attached to the scout platoon lays fire on a suspected enemy position. It appears our scout platoons are facing each other. My BTR-82As against his BRM-1s. And a tank. I think my platoon should be able to outshoot his, but I doubt the ability of RPG-18s and RPG-7Vs to take on even a T-64BM. Further, autocannon fire finds its way through the dense smoke on the opposite bank, knocking out two more BTR-82As. Back to the Scout Platoon's flank, my favourite T-64BM shoots a sabot under the bridge into one of my supporting T-72B3s. My ATGM team continues to look at it and twiddle their thumbs. I've ordered them to move and setup in their hex again to get them to rotate towards that bank. Though at this rate, it'll either disappear or knock out more vehicles before they decide to actually do their jobs! My now last surviving T-72 fires on a spotted BMP-2 as it bogs down. It misses. An SPG-9 round hits its ERA, causing quite an impressive explosion, but no discernible damage. A view across the river, showing the number of destroyed enemy tanks. I've now landed 6 BTRs on the opposite bank. Unless my artillery has done an excellent job, they're not going to be enough. I'm going to attempt to assault the riverbank as best as I can, and the scout platoon will interdict what's left of the SAM Battery. Once these limited goals are completed, I think I'll call a ceasefire since I lack the combat power to do much more. I'm going to have to rebalance the scenario somewhat to get the sweeping battle I envisioned on the opposite bank. Either by giving the Russians better equipment (and maybe more) or by reducing the Ukrainian forces that start on the board. My ultimate hope for this scenario was for the Russians to be able to force a contested crossing with some blood spilt, but not this much! Then to slam into the reinforcing Ukrainians on a meeting engagement on the opposite bank.
  12. HerrTom

    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    That is a beautifully huge map! 😮 I might be interested in helping, provided my computer can handle it haha!
  13. The trouble primarily is that the rocket propellant degrades, which could make it not launch or injure the operator. The explosives too, but I think it's to a lesser extent.
  14. Good thoughts. I used the wonderful work by @IanL and @Ithikial_AU to gauge the actual weather on this date at this location, including wind and temperature. Additionally, the original map actually had a road bridge, but I was corrected that it's actually a railroad. I think I can drive vehicles over a railroad bridge too, but I haven't tried it yet.
  15. HerrTom

    The state of CMSF2

    Or the Fletcher's Paradox. There is always half of the work left to do. In engineering, we joke that you can always get close enough for practical purposes haha!