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  1. Oh, definitely small unit actions. Wait, in CM? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be her cup of tea. Maybe I can convince her yet... Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  2. I agree. I love Andrey though. He's clearly passionate about what he does. WRT the patch. My guess is it's going to release during my wedding or honeymoon this month, such that I won't be able to play for half a month! That's how these things go, right?
  3. I think JSGME should work, but if it's in the game's root directory, mods would need to reflect the path down to the Z folder. So it would be in the JSGME mod folder like the following: (modName)/data/z/(mod files) I'll try it myself when I'm back at my computer today since I was thinking of doing JSGME myself for different effects mods.
  4. I too am getting the invalid link message. Shame too, I was looking forward to a revamped German campaign. Not that I'm biased or anything. Invalid Link The link you are trying to access does not exist.
  5. In The Bear Went Over the Mountain there are many examples of Mujahadeen fighters fortifying in compounds in villages. The 40th Army had tonnes of trouble reducing those strongholds, even with BMP, tank, and artillery and aviation support. The houses are practically pillboxes!
  6. I don't believe that the vertical component is ignored. I can't prove it right now, but I recall in the CMBS scenario Brutal that a Konkurs team on the top of the tall apartment building in the back of the map couldn't get ATGM ammo from the BTR at the base. Must have been a 10 story or higher building. Edit: Though it may be a 16 meter sphere, if you know what I mean. Not the distance someone would have to run to get there.
  7. Wonderful work! I can't wait to try it out!
  8. Yeah, I never really got to where I wanted to get with FX modding myself. The system is surprisingly limited!
  9. Wow @37mm those look great, especially the muzzle flashes! Looking forward to more!
  10. Phantastisch! Hoffentlich ist das die Lösung. Es sollte auch damit schneller gehen.
  11. Wenn du Einheiten sagt, meinst du individuelle Truppen oder Battalionen? Kannst du die vorgefertigte Scenarios ohne Probleme spielen? Man kann immer neu installieren zu versuchen. N.b. mein Deutsch ist jetzt total Quatsch... Es gab zu viele Jahren seit ich Sprachte oft! Entschuldigung!
  12. Thanks! I'm kicking myself because I kept forgetting to do it myself! I have some vague plans to try again with a smoother transition to smoke and making it a little wispier, but haven't come to fruition yet
  13. I admit, I wasn't really planning on doing this. I was mostly curious what other CM'ers played and if there were any good ones to add to my cardboard closet. 😎 Perhaps I didn't frame that well. Nonetheless, I think there's good advice here. I've made some four scenarios (finished, though without AI - still trying to figure out how to do that well) and can understand quite well how difficult getting something really good must be. Regardless, my example has battalion-scale units fighting over the whole of Berlin on 1-km hexes on 4-hour turns. Playing a match earlier had me thinking how the CRT really translates to combat, and how you could really zoom in there to make some interesting Combat Mission scenarios showing, for example, the plight of one of the East German battalions pushing across the Glienicker Bridge into the Grunewald. It certainly doesn't capture the entirety of the game, but it can capture the essence. Or capture the stubborn resistance of a police unit facing a battalion of Grenztruppen trying to force their way through their street. To that extent, I don't think you need to capture the entirety of anything to get good mileage out of the thought, just a creative microscope.
  14. While going about my mellow Saturday afternoon, I had a thought on the number of paper-and-chipboard wargames I have in my closet: How would I turn them into a Combat Mission scenario/campaign/game etc.? Some of them are pretty ripe (I think) for interesting missions. My personal favourite is actually the first wargame I ever played: Berlin '85 published by SPI. It details a potential (and at the time, future) attack on West Berlin by Warsaw Pact forces in the 1980s. It's been criticised as having a somewhat bloody CRT, though from playing CM it seems urban combat on the battalion level is a deadly affair! I can imagine some interesting scenarios detailing the initial assault over Checkpoint Charlie or defence of the airport at Gatow or Tempelhof for some heavily mechanised urban warfare. It might even be pretty doable using CM:SF2! So, what would you do if you had the time/energy/inclination? 😎
  15. I use DaVinci Resolve, and it's quite powerful, but I'm not sure how easy it is to compose text. There are tools to do it but haven't done it in a while.
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