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  1. I'm a little late to the discussion, but I'd like to point out that if the IR sight can see through the smoke, and the laser is on a similar wavelength, it too will penetrate through the smoke, allowing guidance. From a systems engineering standpoint, this would make sense. If your operator can see the Target, he should be able to fire on it. That would preclude a visual wavelength laser. Beyond that, you'd want your guidance laser to be on a low wavelength like infrared, since it will be less affected by battlefield obscurants like smoke, dust, and bushes. It depends. TOW is wire guided, SACLOS, meaning instead of laser beam riding, the control unit tracks a flare on the missile and sends commands to the missile to fly down the crosshair. Most Russian ATGMs work in a similar way, except the missile itself guides onto a laser instead of the launch unit guiding it.
  2. I remember in ARMA you could offload all or part of the AI from a server to a particular client that dedicated to doing all of the AI calculations. I think ARMA's AI was CPU limited, so since the client was able to run faster, the AI acted faster and seemed smarter.
  3. I also agree with you by and large, though I would say the key is applying the realism and detail where appropriate. I still play cardboard occasionally (though my wife won't touch them with a barge pole) and something that particularly newer wargames (like the COIN series or even the newer Next War games) have done well is really narrowing the focus of the details to make the point of the wargame really pronounced without dragging you into unnecessary bean counting.
  4. I can see the beautiful pictures too! Further tweaking (and enjoying the huge amount of CMSF2 scenarios!). No post processing. Current post processing. I think this shows off all of the fun depth stuff you can do, particularly the ray tracing. You can pull a lot of depth out of the image and really show how beautiful Battlefront's models are. I agree with Erwin's earlier comment that it was too dark, though I think it also depends a lot on weather and time of day 😎 There are two things I wish I could fix, but unfortunately can't. 1) depth based shading showing through smoke (and trees in all other CM titles except this one) and 2) the exaggerated effect on grass.
  5. @Bud Backer I'm seeing your images as grey Do Not Enter signs! I've been playing around with screen space ray tracing in CM... it's a bit finnicky but it can get some nice occlusion and reflection. It's subtle, but look for shading in places that light would have trouble reaching - in corners, in the grille. Wiesels move into position, ready to meet a Syrian assault. Pop goes the T-62. You can see the shading in the Wiesel's tracks in particular.
  6. I lived in Boston for years, how did I never hear about this? Looks like it could be a great source for reference pictures for 3d modeling.
  7. Oh, definitely small unit actions. Wait, in CM? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be her cup of tea. Maybe I can convince her yet... Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  8. I agree. I love Andrey though. He's clearly passionate about what he does. WRT the patch. My guess is it's going to release during my wedding or honeymoon this month, such that I won't be able to play for half a month! That's how these things go, right?
  9. I think JSGME should work, but if it's in the game's root directory, mods would need to reflect the path down to the Z folder. So it would be in the JSGME mod folder like the following: (modName)/data/z/(mod files) I'll try it myself when I'm back at my computer today since I was thinking of doing JSGME myself for different effects mods.
  10. I too am getting the invalid link message. Shame too, I was looking forward to a revamped German campaign. Not that I'm biased or anything. Invalid Link The link you are trying to access does not exist.
  11. In The Bear Went Over the Mountain there are many examples of Mujahadeen fighters fortifying in compounds in villages. The 40th Army had tonnes of trouble reducing those strongholds, even with BMP, tank, and artillery and aviation support. The houses are practically pillboxes!
  12. I don't believe that the vertical component is ignored. I can't prove it right now, but I recall in the CMBS scenario Brutal that a Konkurs team on the top of the tall apartment building in the back of the map couldn't get ATGM ammo from the BTR at the base. Must have been a 10 story or higher building. Edit: Though it may be a 16 meter sphere, if you know what I mean. Not the distance someone would have to run to get there.
  13. Wonderful work! I can't wait to try it out!
  14. Yeah, I never really got to where I wanted to get with FX modding myself. The system is surprisingly limited!
  15. Wow @37mm those look great, especially the muzzle flashes! Looking forward to more!
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