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  1. I forgot how insane the MK 20 RH-202 was... Each Marder is practically a Shilka Lite! Makes those "preserve" objectives very hard when your autocannon fire rips floors apart with ease!
  2. HerrTom

    Artillery in SF 2

    I had posted a thread on this earlier too. Consensus I saw was we don't know, but think it's delayed fusing.
  3. Sounds like a good fit. VASSAL is really designed as a virtual tabletop - no rules checking AFAIK. Colour me interested as well.
  4. Or... Western Front of WWIII. It is after all the Western TVD vs the Western Powers. How much more West can you want? 😀
  5. NATO Operational Combat in Europe or something like that? I forget that particular one, but I like a couple of others Nuclear Weapons - Either player, feeling his position is hopeless, may overturn the game table. He forfeits the game, but we hope he enjoys losing so spectacularly. Use of tactical nukes: if one of the players resorts to the use of tactical nukes, spray zippo lighter fuel over the game and set it to fire. The effect is comparable to reality.
  6. I bagged a Leopard! Not in and of itself extraordinary, but I didn't take any casualties from it in the process! A small achievement, but an achievement nonetheless. @Vikingo I'm running with Reshade, using an Ambient Occlusion and some colour correction. See the previous page for a link, though I've tweaked my settings since posting.
  7. Could this be an auxiliary effect to the fleeing implementation in engine 4? It's possible that we never really saw this happen because fleeing (without losing command, perhaps?) is more common? Anecdotally, I've found myself disappointed in the choices the TacAI makes when it does the "self preservation" pathing mid-turn (as opposed to broken/transparent icon running). It occurs to me that I don't really pay close attention to what the broken units are doing...
  8. To the best of my knowledge I think Bil and CptMiller are correct in disagreeing with this. Once strategic parity was reached in the mid 1970s, Soviet strategists appear to have come to the conclusion that limited nuclear war was a non-starter. Prone to full escalation. In this sense, the USSR believed in two possible wars: a conventional war (either confined to Europe or otherwise) and a full nuclear exchange, with no in-between. The wild card likely is actually the United States, which never pledged "no first use," and from what I've studied would need them to defend Europe until the microchip revolution in the 1980s came into full swing. Unfortunately, the Soviet policy appeared to have been massive retaliation, even though many Western planners anticipated Soviet first use. This is an interesting book on the subject: http://www.npolicy.org/books/Getting_MAD/Ch5_Battilega.pdf
  9. Syrian Mechanised Infantry assaulting a MILAN position. I think I've played Alamo too much, though I find this scenario very hard as the Syrians. My forces rout as soon as they take fire, and take heavy casualties as they run away (fewer than if they had shot back, I imagine!). Particularly when storming the keep.
  10. HerrTom

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    This is probably the issue. MILAN has quite the minimum range - seems like 200 meters, according to the epitome of information, Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MILAN If you're closer than that it probably can't line up to engage. I know I ran into that same issue in that scenario where I brought my MILAN teams onto the fortress walls and couldn't figure out why they weren't shooting!
  11. HerrTom

    Demo Feedback

    I actually saw one doing just that this afternoon. I also saw a Leopard drive through an ambush, killing 4 BMPs and 2 T-62s without ever being spotted by the vehicles, all within 100 meters!
  12. @borg I'm adding a few shaders to the pipeline using Reshade to get some depth based effects - Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field in particular. Not sure about others.
  13. From the other side of the battlefield... Syrian mechanised infantry assault an imperialist German Headquarters unit caught unawares.
  14. HerrTom

    Armor fire mission

    Maybe BFC is giving us DPICM? One can dream...
  15. I noticed some artillery can call in "armor" fire missions. I haven't really noticed a difference, does anyone know what it's supposed to do?