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  1. Thank you! First step to this is not to have forgotten about this for a year... Crunch time at work always ruin good things!
  2. No love for North German Plain rather then Fulda?! Heresy! Call it CM: BAOR. But, given the choices I'd also say Early War. It's a relatively uncovered part of tactical wargaming and poses unique (I think) tactical dilemmas for the under gunned Germans.
  3. HerrTom

    Trophy can intercept HEAT....?

    If I wasn't before I am now. Thanks!
  4. HerrTom

    Just had a tremendous ordnance shock

    An Iraqi crew didn't necessarily need a penetration to bail out. Could be the ping pong ping was enough to spook them into running?
  5. Here I was thinking I should resupply my AT teams and they grab 1000 rockets. That much munition materializing in their pockets annihilated everything in a half block radius But on a serious note, I agree. I don't always (often?) need 1k rounds all at once.
  6. HerrTom

    How accurate *is* CMBS?

    Germans are obligated by law to be very precise in their wording! Very interesting article, surprised I missed it.
  7. I think the HQ panel covers the 3 men in the other team. In the AAR screen does it show 6?
  8. HerrTom

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Wow looks awesome. Excited to see what you come up with!
  9. HerrTom

    AFV Show & Tell

    I have to agree. It's so... cute? I'm also partial to the Leopard 1. Comes from an age of transition so they made a fast tank with a great gun and sensors (for the time). All in a beautiful profile.
  10. HerrTom

    Who's winning the tank war?

    Thank you Haiduk, very informative! I think a crucial point hit here was about semiconductors. Computers and high tech sensors are HUGE force multipliers. The cost difference between an M1 and T90 aren't enough to offset that advantage. In the 80s when smart weapons and thermal optics were starting to be fielded Soviet planners equated their power to nuclear weapons! The playing field may be a little more even technologically but I don't think it's quite enough.
  11. I'd for sure watch that!
  12. The scenario is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Vifzw2iuC16rLAhQ7MWR7sMIT5EtKJ9/view?usp=sharing H2H only currently. Cheers!
  13. If I haven't yet I will! Thanks for the reminder.
  14. My forces continue to maneouvre to the river, getting ready for the ambitious crossing. (Designer's note... I think I overestimated the capability of my reduced Russian MRB against these BMPs! I originally designed this scenario with the 3rd battalion arriving after some time but thought twice. Call it thrice now?) An ATGM bounces its way through the air towards 5. Platoon, 1. Company's tanks. It screams right overhead, scaring the hell out of the crew. They frantically work to find the source of the missile. They fail. A second missile slams into the upper front plate, killing the driver. The crew abandons the tank. Things continue going poorly as one of my BTRs in 1. Company's weapon platoon eats some 30mm cannon shells. The fragments kill the driver and gunner, as well as a Metis team. Clearly the smoke and suppression hasn't been enough to protect the BTRs fully. Thankfully, they are almost all in position, ready for the crossing in the next minute or two. Above, smoke can be seen covering the approach into the dachas from the forest. In the next couple of minutes, hopefully I can get the shots we've all been waiting for. The amphibious crossing! (And literally the main reason I made this map and scenario )
  15. There's a book, too. Er ist wieder da. It's pretty good. I haven't seen the movie yet. Definitely thought provoking. There was also a movie on that experiment in California called Die Welle that looks at how the political cliques can catch on.