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  1. Well, there it is. Steppenwulf was right. A file folder that survived three uninstalls. That had mods in it. Found it, removed it, reinstalled and we're good. Thanks for all your help gents!
  2. So I checked out the folder mentioned, and it only has Black Sea brz files as shown below. Any other things it could be? And this problem occurs with or without mods installed. I did a fresh reinstall, no mods, and still had the problem.
  3. I checked teh data folder and it only has black sea brz files. So I'm not sure where the text problems are coming from then.
  4. Upgraded to V1.03 today. Launched the game and had really bad mixmatched text. Uninstalled the game fully. Reinstalled and patched back up to V1.03. Problem persists. Pictures attached. I have most other combat mission games installed. Please help!
  5. Wow, I just made that video last night and it's already on here? Sweet. I edited that up really quickly (Read: Sloppily) late at night, just for something to post on my communities forums. If it's something you gents like I could make more in the future with tighter editing. - Onion
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