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  1. IICptMillerII

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Unfortunately for the stryker and its crew, there is actually a surprising level of real life precedence of exactly what you're describing. I can't remember all the details off the top of my head, but a few years back there was a large exercise being conducted by the US 3rd Cavalry Regiment, which is a stryker unit. During the exercise they blew through all of their spare tires, and then through another full set of replacements. It was a bit of a fiasco, and an embarrassment for the commanding officer (hilariously, his last name was Admiral. So they had a Colonel Admiral as their regimental commander) though this incident was not a one off occurrence. So what you described happening to you in game is actually fairly realistic, albeit likely more on the extreme end of plausible. All that said, I agree that it is possible that vehicles might be a tad too sensitive to becoming immobilized.
  2. IICptMillerII

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Concerning track degradation: it is absolutely realistic for tracks/wheels to be damaged by crossing through fences and the like. In reality, concertina wire is considered an anti-tank obstacle that tracked vehicles are not supposed to cross unless they absolutely have to. The reason is essentially that the wiring and materials that forms the obstacle get caught up in the wheels/treads/bogey wheels/etc. It is also easy to throw a track or have any other number of technical failures occur. Further, even if no immediate damage occurs, the material stuck up in the wheel/tread mechanics have to be manually removed. It's a big mess The stryker is also a bit temperamental when it comes to its wheels. As in, it seems to enjoy rupturing them so much that it might as well be a feature of the vehicle. Its not uncommon on a road march for a stryker unit to go through its entire stock of replacement tires, or at least a significant portion of them. Part of the reason for this is the complex hydraulic system used to raise and lower the truck itself. All of this is to say, both wheeled and tracked vehicles are more vulnerable to obstacles than one might initially think. Movies constantly showing tanks driving through 10 foot high brick walls at full speed, among other things certainly do not help with the perception.
  3. IICptMillerII

    Vehicle Immobilization

    I tend to pull crewmen who have abandoned their vehicles far away from combat. Partly because they do not perform well in a firefight, and partly because it isn't realistic to use them as infantry.
  4. IICptMillerII

    Vehicle Immobilization

    There isn't anything you can do to fix a vehicle once it becomes immobilized. Certain terrain is much more likely to bog/immobilize a vehicle, such as mud. There have been a few threads that have addressed movement speed and bog chance, and off the top of my head I think the consensus that was reached was that speed does not effect bog chance, though I might be wrong. I also recall that the game simulates ground being torn up by vehicles repeatedly crossing over it. So if you have a field that a bunch of tanks have rolled over, the bog chance increases. Not entirely sure if that is the case, though I have seen effects in the game enough to think it is. There is also a bit of randomness thrown in. It's possible to bog/immobilize on a road, though the chance is low. This is to simulate a track being thrown for any number of reasons, or a tire going flat, or an axle breaking, etc. Murphy's law is a constant after all.
  5. IICptMillerII


    Haha fair enough! "Check the armor for weak spots with this hammer" or "Get me a box of grid squares" or "Go get chemlight batteries." Some things never change 😄
  6. IICptMillerII


    Ahh ok. Great story! It's always nice to see someone on a high horse get humbled. Of course this works both ways. "Now Marines, try not to break anything on this ship." -Sailor Marines immediately begin smashing "It was broken before, I swear gunny! Besides it's better now!" - Lance Coolie 🤣🤣🤣 (all in good fun of course!)
  7. IICptMillerII

    How to install mods?

    The two folders could may be due to having the demo and full game installed?
  8. IICptMillerII


    @sburke covered it, the Marines have a different doctrine for using the javelin than the Army does. @Vet 0369 might be able to provide more insight as to why the Marines use the javelin the way they do.
  9. IICptMillerII


    Both the stryker and Bradley have both the Launcher (CLU) and missiles:
  10. IICptMillerII

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    @MOS:96B2P @Splinty @sburke here's the 82nd:
  11. Here is an OCP reskin depicting the 82nd Airborne Division. Like the 3rd ID mod, all the textures were taken from Black Sea. I added the flag and division patch and tweaked the textures to work with the CMSF2 models. Download link at FGM: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7564
  12. IICptMillerII


    The javelin is a game changer in modern conventional warfare. A light infantry company in strykers has enough javelin munitions to wipe out an armored battalion. It's a revolution in infantry anti-tank capability not seen since the first introduction of the ATGM in the later 60's. The TOW-2A is a conventional warhead that is effective against tanks/buildings/fortifications. The TOW-2B in Black Sea is a top-down attack munition that is most effective against armored vehicles and certain types of fortifications, such as bunkers. What the tac ai chooses to engage with what munitions is in large part dependent on the capability of the munitions. This likely explains the difference in behavior you're seeing between CMSF2 and CMBS. Very unlikely.
  13. IICptMillerII

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! You're in luck, I have an 82nd skin nearly ready to go. I'll add 2ID to the list as well. Might as well throw in 1st Cav at this point too.
  14. Its a sand colored skin I put together myself. As of right now I haven't posted it as a mod anywhere, but I might at some point in the near future.