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  1. I'll definitely be using a different font for future AAR projects for the picture captions. I've gotten a number of comments about them being hard to read and I definitely intend to take the advice and change it. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update. This AAR isn't dead. I'm back among the living though I have very little free time at the moment, and I currently don't have the files for this AAR with me. I may be able to get them next month, but if not the AAR will not resume until the Spring. Apologies to those who are eagerly awaiting the next update. I hope that knowing the AAR is not dead and just on hiatus is some consolation. I'm excited to get back to this when I get the chance, especially now that C:MO has been released.
  3. Ha very true. Though I'm not sure I can hold a candle to those authors. Can't wait for the next book in the series!
  4. An update for those of you following along: Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish this AAR until later this year. I'm going to be away for the next few months. I did my damnedest to get this finished before I had to leave, but in the end there just wasn't enough time. However, I fully plan on finishing this AAR when I return. The good news is that there shouldn't be too many more updates until we reach the conclusion, so when I get back I should be able to bang out the last few parts. Apologies for the unexpected mid-AAR cliffhanger.
  5. THE CANADIAN CONSULATE Elements of 1st platoon, B Company cautiously advance to the outer wall of the Canadian consulate. The surrendering MP’s are captured and processed, brought to an EPW (enemy prisoner of war) collection point on the beach and held under armed guard by some of the combat engineers. Local security is established along the West wall, and the Marine assaulters are called up to breach a hole in the wall. The assaulters are equipped with demolition charges that can be used to breach walls and structures and are also equipped with thermobaric warheads for the two SMAW launchers. The breach is made in the wall, revealing a doorway leading into the compound. The Marines prepare to breach and clear the Canadian consulate. Note: the explosion from the breaching charge looks like it should be fatal to the Marines. The explosion effect is merely cosmetic. The Marines suffer no casualties or ill effects from their own breaching charges. The Marines stack up at the doorway through the wall breach. Immediately they can hear commotion inside, indicating the complex is occupied. Moments later Regime MP’s being running right past one of the Marine security elements on the South West corner, oblivious to the Marines location. They appear to be trying to escape from the consulate before the Marines enter it. When they stumble into the Marine security position, their withdrawal turns into a panicked rout. What follows is nothing short of a slaughter. The Marines engage at point blank range with rifle fire and hand grenades. There is no return fire. The fleeing MPs are overcome with terror and don’t bother shooting back. Theyre quickly put out of their misery. At the same time the slaughter on the street is happening, a team of Marines enter the consulate. For a few moments, all is quiet. Then there is an explosion of gunfire. A Marine is immediately wounded, but the fire is quickly returned. With both of his comrades killed, the surviving MP decides to throw down his rifle and surrender. Moments later, the Marines rush the room and take down the prisoner. The prisoner turns out to be the radio operator for a MP company command element. The corpse of the MP captain is lying on just nearby. The radio operator is processed and brought to the EPW collection point and noted to be a possible intel asset. The bodies of the company command element are searched for any important documents/intel. The entire consulate is searched for survivors, as well as to secure any sensitive items that remain. After a thorough search, CPT Pulido passes up the disconcerting situation report: none of the consulate workers are in the consulate. They must have been moved to a new location by the Regime. Evidence in the form of bullet holes and a few blood stains are found as well, indicating that there may have been some kind of struggle when Regime forces stormed the consulate. That, or there was indiscriminate killing. Sensitive items such as documents, hard drives and portable electronics such as laptops are recovered. All other electronics (printers, scanners, shredders, etc) are destroyed in place, and the consulate is officially declared secured and sanitized. All of this information is passed up to higher headquarters. The fate of the Canadian consulate workers is unknown, though they are now presumed to be in Regime captivity. Theater intelligence assets are given the additional task to search for any sign of the captured consulate workers. It is unclear what the Regime intends to do. The fate of the consulate personnel is concerning, but no longer a concern of the Marines. B Company is instructed to hold firm at the Canadian consulate while A Company continues to make its way to the US consulate. When the US consulate is secured and evacuated, all forces will collapse back to the beach at the same time. Its up to CPT Amato’s A Company to reach the US consulate so everyone can ‘get the hell out of dodge.’ Thus far that has proven easier said than done, and that trend appears to be continuing. Both the Global Hawk and U-2 sensors show more Regime infantry slowly massing in the neighborhoods adjacent to the US consulate. Time is of the essence.
  6. MSR LIBERTY 3rd platoon, A Company commanded by 2LT Branch is the lead platoon making its way towards the US consulate. They just turned onto MSR Liberty when the BMPs movement was spotted. CPT Amato informs 2LT Branch of the newly developing situation and the increased urgency to get to the consulate. As if on cue, one of the squads of 3rd platoon takes fire from point blank range. It’s a single soldier who wildly mag dumps. No one is hit by the fire and the soldier is quickly killed by a Marine, but this is another close call of many that has also halted all forward movement towards the consulate. If this keeps up its only a matter of time before casualties are suffered, or worse the relief force is so delayed that the consulate is overrun. Mere seconds later, a BMP comes screaming down a side street and into an intersection just 60 meters away from 3rd platoon. It appears to be trying to get close to the US consulate and is oblivious to the Marines. One of the Marines quickly shoulders and fires his LAW rocket and hits the BMP in the rear, stopping it and setting it on fire. Disoriented Regime infantry begin spilling out of the back and into a hail of fire from the Marines. Not all goes in favor of the Marines. Just to the left of where the BMP was taken out is a two story building occupied by Regime soldiers. They open fire on 3rd platoon caught in the open in the middle of the street with at least one PKM machine gun and cause two casualties. The building is too close to the Marines location to call in an airstrike, so the building will have to be taken down the old fashion way. 3rd squad moves into an adjacent building and engages the enemy at very close range. At the same moment that 3rd squad moves into the adjacent building, a team of Regime soldiers who apparently have a similar idea come face to face. A violent, point blank range firefight develops. The team of Regime soldiers is killed, but so is a Marine. Casualties are starting to mount for the Marine Landing Party. A second BMP appears at the corner of the intersection, but before it can fire a Marine with a LAW hits it in the lower front chassis. The BMP driver panics and tries to reverse but instead spins in a circle. In a last desperate act, it pops its smoke dispensers, but the effort is futile. Another Marine fires a second LAW into the side of the BMP, destroying it. 3rd platoon has had a hell of a time on MSR Liberty, and the consulate is still half a kilometer away.
  7. H2H. Programming the AI would have taken far too long and required testing to make sure everything was working correctly. In SF2 both the AT-4 and Javelin can safely be fired from indoors. With the Javelin, as Ian said, there is no initial backblast. The missile is ejected from the launcher tube via a small burst of propellant. This is known as a "soft launch mechanism." Once the rocket itself has cleared the tube/building/soldiers, the actual propellant ignites. This all allows the javelin to be safely fired from inside enclosed spaces including buildings. The AT-4 in SF2 (Black Sea as well) is the urban conversion model, which incorporates a small mechanism at the back containing water designed to absorb the back blast allowing the rocket to be fired indoors without the damaging effects.
  8. B COMPANY ARRIVES The AAVs carrying B Company begin rumbling ashore. However due to the attrition of AAV’s, the loading was less than organized. It will take a few minutes for the Marines of B Company to organize themselves on the beach before they make their way towards the Canadian consulate. On MSR Coyote the scouts and engineers who arrived in the first wave nearly 40 minutes ago have secured initial positions that will allow B Company to quickly move down the MSR and get to their objectives faster. The Global Hawk UAV circling above the city has spotted what appears to be an operational T-62 tank sitting outside the Canadian consulate on MSR Maple. A team of scouts splits off and clears a large 4 story building complex and gets eyes on the T-62. One of the javelin teams from B Company’s command element is brought up ASAP to deal with the tank. Though tired from the run to the rooftop, the javelin team is able to target and engage the enemy T-62, destroying it. The javelin team then displaces off the roof. A second T-62 is spotted at the intersection of blocking position Bunny. It also appears to be operational, and so the javelin team is redirected to a new firing position to engage the other T-62. A minute or so later, the javelin team is in position and engages and destroys the second T-62. As the javelin team displaces, they draw fire from across the street. There are Regime infantry in platoon (-) strength in a building complex along MSR Market, directly in the way of the proposed route to the Canadian consulate. Word of the new situation reaches B Company’s CO, CPT Pulido. He takes a minute or so to consolidate his thoughts and weigh his options, then decides on a new plan of action. B Company will divert from MSR Market to an alternate route to get to the Canadian consulate and will request a danger close airstrike on the building complex housing the Regime infantry. The alternate route is approved, but the danger close airstrike is denied. Even with plenty of hard cover around, the target is within 150 meters of friendly positions. 500 meters is danger close, and 200 meters is considered too close unless the situation is dire. This situation is deemed ‘not dire enough’ by higher headquarters. The enemy strongpoint is noted and passed up the chain of command as a possible opportunity target once the Marines have left the area, and CPT Pulido begins to brief his platoon leaders on the new plan of movement. With the platoon leaders briefed, they begin moving down the alternate route. 1st platoon is in the lead and takes up a position that has eyes on the edge of the western consulate wall. A patrol of Regime MP’s are spotted and engaged. After a brief firefight, some of the MP’s have had enough and surrender. The firefight begins to die off. One of the MP’s takes advantage of this and, using the surrendering MP’s as a shield, aims and fires an RPG at the Marines. The RPG flies left, missing the Marines who quickly pour fire into the men in response, neutralizing the MP’s. After seeing the RPG gunner and human shields cut down, the rest of the survivors decide to properly surrender. The Marines, now wary, keep rifles trained on the surrendering personnel and do not approach. The surrendering men do not try anything further. The situation back at the US consulate becomes dynamic. Its probed a few more times by dismounted Regime infantry. Each time the probe is repulsed by Marine security. Initially it is difficult to determine what the enemy is trying to do. Neither the Global Hawk nor U-2 see an enemy force massing for an attack against the consulate. In fact, the neighborhood surrounding the consulate seems to be rather barren. This situation quickly changes when the Global Hawks sensors detect BMPs moving in the general direction of the consulate. Armed personnel are also seen slowly making their way through neighborhoods in the direction of the consulate. This is bad news.
  9. Here is what I don't understand about starving people? Get more food. Eat. Repeat. Problem solved. Duh.
  10. I think its worth noting that toggling the trees is a quality of life thing for the player. The soldiers cannot see through the trees when they're toggled, so it really doesn't affect gameplay at all. All it really does is allow the player to see his units and give commands to them easier, especially because trees can get in the way of giving orders and can sometimes hide unit icons. Plus, sometimes on maps with a ton of foliage, toggling the trees to just be trunks can give a significant improvement to framerate. I suppose there is an argument for being forced to play "in the saddle" as it were, at eye level the entire time. This too would be player preference though. Would be an interesting way to play the game, especially if it was enforced by some difficulty setting higher than "Iron."
  11. Just wanted to drop by and compliment those working on this on their mapping ability. The maps for this look pretty fantastic to my eye. As someone who constantly feels held back by my lack of ability with the map editor I have to say I'm very impressed, and only a touch jealous!
  12. I like the two perspectives, the comic book style for the up close and personal shots, and the broad overview shots detailing the battlefield as a whole. Can we expect to see any new artwork for the Germans in this AAR? Stuff like infantry clothing, tank camo, etc. That town looks like a real pain to take. Ian has his work cut out for him.
  13. Good stuff so far. I always like seeing the new models/artwork in these beta AARs. With any luck the module will be out before the AAR is finished 😁
  14. Apologies for the delay. I'm hoping to pump out the next few updates over the course of the coming week. Glad to see there is continued interest!
  15. LANDFALL The Marines make landfall and as promised, its with a bang. Timed to coincide with the first wave hitting the beach, a host of Maverick AGM armed Hornets and Harriers are unleashed against Regime forces. In just one minute, the city is continuously rocked by consecutive explosions as Maverick missiles and JDAMs connect with targets throughout the city. The Marines of the first wave pour out of their AAVs and onto the beach. Luckily they take no direct fire, and the engineers are quick to begin their work of screening the beach for obstacles and making sure there is sufficient access to the MSRs leading off the beach. Things proceed smoothly for the most part. One of the AAVs throws a track as it tries to return to the ocean. This is a headache and a nuisance, but not a game changer. Worst case scenario, the vehicle will have to be abandoned and destroyed in place. A quick firefight ends as quickly as it began when two Regime MP’s poke their heads around the corner at the intersection of MSR Wiley and Market. The MP’s quickly lose their heads for their curiosity. Besides that, the beach is quiet. No obstacles are found by the engineers, and both breach points are found to be clear as well. The way is open for the Marines to advance into the city itself. Loading A Company into the AAV’s took a little longer than expected, but the company is finally ready to go and steps off into the water. Unfortunately, another AAV becomes immobilized as it steps off. I’m hoping that this does not become a consistent problem. As the AAV’s swim to shore, the Hornet that missed with its JDAM on the first pass of the enemy assembly area comes back around and drops another JDAM. This time, its on target and the Marines at breach point Elmer get a tooth rattling firework show. After the dust settles from the blast, a few shellshocked MP’s are seen running away through the rubble and are engaged by the Marines. Hopefully this indicates this possible enemy assembly area as being thoroughly neutralized. With the MP’s killed or fleeing, the Marines of A Company begin moving down MSR Wiley. As this is occurring, movement is spotted near the US consulate by Marine security. A few moments later, a group of Regime MPs are seen advancing down a side street towards the consulate. The Marines open fire. This is a dangerous situation. The consulate can hold its own against the current threat, but won’t last long against a large determined attack. A Company must make all possible speed to reach the consulate and reinforce it before it is overrun. Captain Amato, A Company’s commander is informed of the attack on the consulate and the new urgency to get to the consulate. A few moments later as his Marines are moving down MSR Wiley, they take fire from an RPG followed by small arms fire, and a firefight breaks out halting forward movement. The situation gets more tense when Marines from 2nd platoon take a barrage of fire from a side street and suffer a casualty. Regime MP’s fire at the Marines from intact buildings part of the Police Headquarters. The Marines take two more casualties, both wounded, before returning fire with small arms. Two LAW disposable anti-tank rockets are fired into the buildings, suppressing and hopefully destroying the MP position there. The short but sharp firefight ends moments later. The Regime MP’s hold up in the Police Headquarters break under the immense small arms return fire from the Marines and flee their fighting position. With the enemy fleeing, the Marines move up. They establish initial positions along blocking position Bugs and screen the Police Headquarters before attempting to clear it. Sporadic sniper fire is still coming from inside the Police complex which manages to wound another Marine. The snipers location is found and suppressive fire is poured into the position. More potshots are taken at the Marines, including another RPG round which slams into the wall just over the heads of an M240 team. Miraculously none of the Marines are wounded, or even hit. It all goes to show that even though the Regime MPs appear to be retreating, it is more orderly than not and they certainly have some fight in them. With the firefight decidedly one sided in favor of the Marines, and the enemy fleeing or dying, elements of 1st platoon begin the treacherous task of clearing out the Police Headquarters complex. Though initially tense, it is soon apparent that the only occupants of the headquarters are corpses. 1st platoon clears the rest of the complex without incident and blocking position Bugs is officially secured and established. Back at the beach, the AAVs carrying B Company are nearing the beach.
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