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  1. IICptMillerII

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    @Frenchy56 there is a thread for CMFI screenshots and videos here:
  2. IICptMillerII

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    I dream of a world in which people are literate. As has been stated many times now by Steve and beta testers, the US Army campaign called Task Force Thunder, and the US Marines Campaign called Smper Fi Syria are fully 100% updated and ready to go. They do not require any additional work or patches in order to be enjoyed to their fullest extent. The rest of the campaigns, (the Canadian campaign, the German campaign, the Dutch campaign and the British campaign) are all still being fully updated, thus in their current form do not benefit from all of the engine improvements. However, they can still be played and enjoyed in their current state.
  3. IICptMillerII

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    I just checked and it's a .7z file for me. That's what I uploaded and when I checked the download it downloads as a.7z file for me. No idea what a .man file is or why it's showing up like that for you.
  4. IICptMillerII

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    I've updated the mod to include a strings.txt file that changes the name to "Sahrani Liberation Army" on the AAR screen and under theflag on the password screen for PBEMs.
  5. I think the confusion might be over the upcoming patches and what they entail. As far as I know, the patches will have title specific fixes, as well as overall engine fixes. For example, it has been mentioned that the BAR and Bren guns in the WWII titles will return to firing bursts at long range while stabilized. This is obviously exclusive to the WWII titles. The big overall engine fix will be to the TAC AI abandoning its positions while under direct or indirect HE fire. This fix has already been applied to the release of CMSF2, so the behavior we are seeing in CMSF2 is what we will see in all other 4.0 titles once the patches are released. I personally think it is a great improvement over the base 4.0 behavior. What is not currently 100% clear is whether or not there will be a title specific patch for CMSF2 along with the rest of the patches. I suspect not, though I have no firm proof to back this up. Just my hunch.
  6. IICptMillerII

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Extract the "3rd ID Multicam" folder into a folder named "Z" that goes in the "Data" folder in the CMSF2 directory. For example, my address path looks like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Data\z
  7. Ace Combat soundtrack gets an upvote from me! Even if it's not from Ace Combat 4 😉😁
  8. IICptMillerII

    Winter Garden of the Iron Cross

    Glad to see you're back! Hope you had a good sabbatical. Have you heard/seen the news of the upcoming module for Red Thunder? If you haven't I hope I'm the first to excite you by telling you that the module will be adding winter to the CM Eastern Front, among many other things.
  9. IICptMillerII

    No Tracers

    Has anyone tried adding in numbered tracer files that are blank in order to show the effect of a tracer only being every 4th round or so? For example, if the red tracer is just called red.bmp, you could try adding red 2.bmp, red 3.bmp, red 4.bmp with the numbered files being a blank image. No idea if it would work but it might be worth a try.
  10. @mjkerner Nice! I see you too have discovered the magic of photoshop templates and the pattern tool 😁 I especially like the green and tan camo patterns in the second pic. The colors and scale of the camo pattern are just right to my eye.
  11. IICptMillerII

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    I used the beret model from CMBN. The one made by @Saint_Fuller had a sheen to the texture that I couldn't get rid of in photoshop. Fuller is the author for the SSh-68 helmet model that is used by the mod. Thanks! I don't have any plans on doing the RACS forces at the moment. Maybe another modder will come along and take that challenge on.
  12. Sahrani Liberation Army by IICptMillerII The Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) is the army of the fictional country of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani from the videogame Arma: Armed Assault made by Bohemia Interactive. I decided to make this reskin because I've always liked the "generic OpFor" look of the SLA. The "lore friendly" loadout of the SLA is mechanized infantry in BMP-2s (Syrian Republican Guard formation) along with T-72M1s. However, all T-72 variants and the BMP-1 have been retextured as well to allow for flexibility when using the SLA. This modpack will replace the following stock Syrian assets: Regular and Reserve infantry BMP-1 BMP-2 BRDM T-72 (all variants) Shilka Special Forces (NOT Syrian airborne) Voices: In Arma, the SLA have hispanic heritage, thus speak Spanish. However, I have given them Russian voices and names as these assets are readily available from Combat Mission Red Thunder and Combat Mission Black Sea. Going through the process of creating a whole new set of voices in Spanish would have taken me too long and been far too labor intensive. Infantry: Both Regular and Reserve Syrian infantry have been retextured to look like SLA soldiers. Regular infantry have their rifles model swapped to use the AK-74. This is purely a cosmetic change, as the game still simulates them firing the 7.62mm round of the AKM. Additionally, the stock helmet texture has been remade by SaintFuller to model the Soviet SSh-68 helmet. The textures for the helmet were made by SaintFuller and tweaked by myself. All other infantry textures were made by myself. Vehicles: Included are reskinned BMP-1s, BMP-2s, T-72s, BRDMs, and the Shilka. All textured by myself. Especas: These are the Special Forces of the SLA. They are equipped primarily with AKS-74Us and wear green berets into combat instead of a combat helmet. The stock Syrian Special Forces are used to represent the Especas. The AK-74Ms and helmets have been model swapped for the AKS-74Us and berets. The beret is from Combat Mission Battle for Normandy with the retexturing done by myself. The AKS-74U model is from Shock Force 2. All other Special Forces textures were made by myself. Known Bugs: Sometimes, swapped model textures will "flicker" when viewed from a distance or from up close. To my knowledge there is no way to fix this. However, it is mostly unnoticable. Credits: Battlefront.com for making Combat Mission and most of the base textures and models Bohemia Interactive for making Arma: Armed Assault and the SLA IICptMillerII for making most of the textures and model swaps SaintFuller for making the SSh-68 helmet model and base textures Usage: You are free to use this mod how you like. If you use any assets from this to make your own mod, just be sure to give credit where it is due. Download Link: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8070
  13. From Circling the Wagons, playing as OpFor. This Abrams just refused to die: It was still alive at the end of the scenario.
  14. IICptMillerII

    Minefield Mayhem....

    Funny how you completely failed to read what it was I was referring to as outside the scope of CM. I was talking about breaching a massive sand berm, NOT about breaching minefields. Breaching minefields has been in the game for years. How anyone could be so stupid to think it isn’t possible in CM is beyond me. Not sure if this is a second language issue, a lack of daily crayon munching issue, or the irrelevance of the FDF in general. Either way, learn to read. Actually, don’t bother. After all you’ll find landmines most effectively with your legs and face.