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  1. Hapless

    IED Mechanics?

    Thanks for answering guys! Looking forward to testing them out against a human player...
  2. I've been wondering how something command activated like an IED fits into playing WeGo and thought: "Why not just ask?" I'm guessing that most if not all of the mechanics will be the same as in CMSF1, but I can't remember them and I'm sure other people would like to know... so: Does the TacAI trigger the IED when it thinks the time is right or is it somehow controllable by the player? Are there ways (eg. target commands or target arcs) to use IEDs to target specific units/vehicles or differentiate between infantry and vehicle targets? Is it possible to use IEDs to booby trap buildings? How much do the different types of IED differ? For example: are cell and radio IEDs cheaper than wire detonated IEDs but less reliable because of NATO ECM? If something like ECM is interfering with an IED detonation command, will there be any feedback for the player? (Because while it might realistic that players get very confused when they press a button and nothing blows up, they probably need some way of knowing that its not a bug). Are VBIEDs driver activated, or activated remotely? If activated remotely, would it be possible to detonate a VBIED even if the driver is dead? And on the flipside, can VBIEDs be disarmed by engineers? Does each IED have a separate triggerman? Can one IED be detonated by multiple triggermen and can multiple triggermen detonate the same IED?
  3. Well, definitely nice to see the Abrams has some competition! Despite the fact that the Challenger almost certainly fired APFSDS, I'm quietly wondering what happens when you hit something like an Abrams with HESH (composite armour says "not much", but still curious). CMSF2 is looking plenty appealing based on Blue-on-Blue alone!
  4. Awesome stuff, really enjoying it! Interesting to see that the uncons aren't consequential enough to make it onto the fabled Blood Board, though I suppose in their little pixeltruppen heads they might be angling towards a slightly different Valhalla.
  5. Insurgents with US helmets now? Someone has been throwing money at them. Always good to read your AARs Bil, looking forward to some good shots on AA1 from behind KT2... especially if the TOW Stryker actually performs. I never seem to have any luck with them.
  6. My pixeltruppen shoot up surrendering enemy troops with disturbing frequency. Obviously they think its unfair that their opponents can use a Geneva Convention "Get out of War free" card and embrace the safety of captivity while they have to carry on risking life and limb. Either that or the TacAi never got those Laws of War lectures...
  7. Full contact, all the way. On the one hand, it feels impossible to either ignore or expect an opponent to ignore the things that CM inadvertently clues you in on: the sound of enemy mortars, holes magically appearing in fences as the enemy drives through them, being able to back plot tracer fire or penetrations through vehicles back to where they came from. Its much easier to keep things simple and say "Do whatever, just don't bomb my setup zone". On the other hand, exploiting these clues almost always encourages reasonable tactical behaviour anyway: better keep your mortars moving to avoid counter-battery fire, better smash through some walls or fences as part of a deception plan, better play pop-up with your tank destroyers. Even things like splitting your squads and platoons and leaving them out of contact has a cost-benefit decision attached: do I as the player want more information by spreading my troops out, or do I want them to be able to share information between themselves and benefit from being in contact with the platoon HQ? Its nice to have a recce screen out in front. Its not nice to see it crumble at the first sign of contact because the individual teams are scared and alone.
  8. Hapless

    A long delayed update

    It is pretty entertaining seeing Combat Mission spreading via word of mouth on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/736220/discussions/0/1693795812297693643/
  9. Hapless

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    On the flipside though, the defenders can't fortify, booby-trap or generally prepare the battlefield like they can in the real world: no mousehole lines to fall back through, no buildings prepared for demolition, no using tunnels and sewers to get about, etc etc. The more I play CM, the more I want an operational layer to inform the QBs and tie them together. I only want to make that decision to plunge into an urban area after the enemy's mobile forces have been destroyed and the defenders have been isolated, shelled and bombed for a few weeks.
  10. Hapless

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    Obviously it depends on the map, but mortars can be pretty handy. Granted they're not as hard hitting as artillery, but the shells tend to drop straight down into streets, gardens and courtyards etc, while arty arcs into the surrounding buildings. So, not so good at smacking point targets, but helpful for isolating enemy positions, blocking routes etc. Plus, if you take on-map mortars you can use the crews as infantry teams once they run out of bombs. Its always handy to have a few trucks too so you can bus troops around behind the lines.
  11. Hapless

    map of quick battle ?

    On the quick battle setup screen you can change the type in the top left: In the scenario editor its on the mission tab under description at the top:
  12. Hapless

    map of quick battle ?

    Trying checking you've got the right kind of battle selected in the quick battle menu- if the map is an assault, then it won't show up if you've selected meeting engagement.
  13. Hapless

    Tactical Lifehack

    IIRC, in Black Sea everyone puts their war paint on for night missions and some Russian and Ukrainian troops without NVGs get night vision optics for their personal weapons. Probably just that.
  14. There was this article back in 2012: Filling in the Blanks: Leveraging Simulations to Provide Tactical Experience