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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Sorry but everyone sees that these screenshots are ugly, they better did not post them at all (and i think they show nothing you could not already do with the existing games/modules and some bmp editing... )
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Yeah, Steve posting about his opinion about Russian politics and Chris cautions users from time to time...did i miss something ?
    Sorry i dont want to be offensive but thats all i heard from them in the last few months...
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from Kobradelta1000 in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Thats very rude and insulting !
    What you do is basically pressure the admins to ban me...a move i think is very childish.
    Iam not the only one who posted slightly "off" topic stuff. Look at the requests for specific vehicles...
    If you hate me (for whatever reason) then put me on your ignore list and leave me alone.

    Oh, i already tried that with a assault rifle in my hands and a anti-tank rocket on my back...
    The point is, you cant compare real terrain with CM terrain and you cant compare real infantry movement with CM movement, especially all the "micro" movement like raising your head high enough to get LOS or similar.
    Thats why i think they need to work on this issue.
    The problem is that many CM maps are so small that your units will spot and "murder" the fleeing enemys anyway.
    What you suggested is kind of a "workaround" but still i think we need more AI features regarding routing and surrendering for a more realistic gameplay.

    So, i think despite the fact that many here are very rude towards me iam still behave civilized.
    If Steve does not want this discussion here he maybe can just exclude it into a "new" thread if this is possible with the forum software.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Constructive ?
    Is BFC giving away the game for free ?
    No, they sell it full price and i pay full price. With that i also get the right to complain.

    What should i say "constructive" ?
    - BFC, what about a new UI ? -> Will never ever happen to CMx2
    - BFC i think you should include new terrain and graphic features for snow in the bulge game, what about that ? -> Will not happen with the current engine or is "to much work"...

    Im just not one of those guys who (in absence of any official BFC employee in this forum) gives excuses for really everything thats wrong with the game (since 7+ years...)
    Oh and yes i have many positive things to say about CMx2, otherwise i would not use my money to buy it.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    ...you mean features that already were in CMx1 and suddenly disappeared in CMx2 ?
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Thats actually true.
    Everytime i play CMx2 i think about how much better it could be if the developers had choosen another engine that wouldn't get the game stuck into a "dead end" from which there is no escape.
    CM needs three things, a more flexible engine (that means new features can be included easier and there arent that many "dead ends"), a ArmA like editor and a more appealing user interface.
    There are so many shortcomings and problems with the CMx2 games but its still the best 3D tactical wargame out there and really fun to play most of the time...
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Again, whats the point of "Constructive feedback" if BFC seems to ignore this forum and has left many things the players complained about unfixed in nearly 8 years ?
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Today is my lucky day :D   
    Sorry but no one in his right mind would spent 3500€ for a desktop pc (+ the money for you to build it).
    "using only the best components available"...you mean all the greatly overpriced stuff nobody actually need ?
    I actually doubt his new pc will be that much better then the old one...
    He could have just updated his old one for 500€ and would have a killer pc.
    What did he say, what will he do with his pc...casual pc stuff and gaming ?
    Did you recommend him to spent less money initially but he refused ?
    Sounds like you had a hard time spending all 3500€ on just one desktop pc, you could have build 3 killer high-end machines with that money...
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    So you are now the one who decides what kind of posts is allowed ?
    Please stop this childish behavior.
    What i posted was a question about a possible fix in the Bulge game, its perfect on-topic !

    Because i think your post is really rude toward me (calling me a attention deprived child) i reported it.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Vehicle Panic behavior is really BAD   
    Sorry ChrisND.
    Its sad that the only response you get here is:
    a ) your point is invalid, there is no flaw or bug
    b ) if there is a flaw or bug...try to make a better game or stop complaining

    I really would like to discuss the in my opinion flawed TacAI panic behavior, i dont want to insult anybody.
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    Wiggum15 reacted to CarlWAW in Soviet SMGs   
    I don't think the argument from JasonC is valid because it focuses on what was happening more often and what not in his opinion. But the raised question was not how often situations in CM appeared in reality. Or how realistic the gaming styles of players are.
    The raised question is the incredible effectivity and accuracy of Soviet SMG units compared to all others - even compared to modern infantry...
    How do you remove insurgents or infantry from a house or from woods withpout the use of heavy weapons? According to the CMRT SMG model, just get machine pistol units (not US or German, but Soviet PPSHs are best) and every infantry in MOUT without support is toast. Perfect.
    Maybe someone should email the Pentagon, that their instructors in Ukraine should demand the production of a million PPSHs to deal with the MOUT rebel problem, where the use of heavy weapons is a big problem...
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    Wiggum15 reacted to CarlWAW in Soviet SMGs   
    Glad someone raised this topic. I have been wondering if I am the only one finding the accuracy of machine pistol units way off in CM.
    Three main arguments come to my mind:
    1. If I take the performance of Soviet SMG-units in CM, they obviously should have become the ULTIMATE infantry weapon for urban fighting or fighting in woods after 1945.
    Now I am wondering why the US Army or the USSR in Vietnam never heard about this secret weapon? Why did they go the German StG44 (called MP44 wrongly in game) assault rifle route with the AK47 and the M16? Where are today's infantry units equipped with machine pistols like PPSHs?
    2. The numbers of German losses against Soviet infantry do not indicate they were as effective as they are portrayed in the game, too. To my knowledge even until the end of the war, the Germans never had higher losses than the Soviets despite the inferiority in headcount numbers and equipment and scracity of everything.
    3. 1st hand experience. Ever shot with a machine pistol in reality? It's a generalization, but to say that it's impossible to hit anything beyond 50 m comes quite close.
    In my experience more bullets from automatic rifles do NOT automatically translate into a higher chance to hit. Quite the contrary IMO. In CM the kind of automatic fire seems not to be modelled.
    In general I think that the hit probability of (machine) pistols in CM, be it PPSHs or (the sharpshooting crews with normal!) pistols, already beyond 25 m is too high and beyond 50 m is quite out of proportion.
    I think the rifle based weapons (M1, K98, StG44/MP44) dramatically are undermodelled in comparison to (machine) pistols.
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    Wiggum15 reacted to LukeFF in Soviet SMGs   
    Geez, I wonder why - perhaps because things are modeled in more fidelity now? 
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    As if CMx2 has no other problems and BFC no other things to do (or things they should do) then adding child soldiers...pff.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Opinion on Thread locking   
    I have no problem with locking threads but i too dont like the "i have the last word" thing...

    I dont know, maybe the BFC forums are a place where everyone is happy.
    Take for example the DayZ forums (a game i play). There are hard discussions about which way the game should evolve and if the devs are fast enough fixing bugs and getting the game to Bata status.
    Here this is not possible.
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    Wiggum15 reacted to sburke in Bulge,Why a New Game?   
    That is kind of a loaded question - define content. 
    Number of units
    level of detail and options in ToEs
    number of scenarios/campaigns
    required art work
    all of the above?
    Also what has to be factored in is, if it was done as a module to CMBN what would be the impact on loading and running?  I honestly don't know the answer, but from what I understand from comments Steve made on the forum some time ago there was a limit to the amount of material they would load in any one game family.  It is not from my impression a financial decision so much as a performance/support concern.
    Eidt- oh thank you Wiggum for your obligatory negative point.  Not sure what about a general statement on possibilities warranted it, but I guess you just feel the need. 
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Bad setup zones in Rough-Village and Rough-Village-Damaged   
    Not everyone is hanging around in these forums...
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    Then why dont they hire new people with better skills ?
    They could start a kickstarter campaign for CMx3 and tell people they need the money for better skilled coders to do a proper well optimized engine.
    Or if they take a engine already avaiable they could use the money to hire people who are skilled in it.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from Myles Keogh in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Why fantasy ?
    Just because i criticize the direction they are taking ?
    Do i ask for completely unrealistic improvements ?
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    So you did not want to have updated scenarios for the paid "engine upgrades" ?

    Another thing:
    The question why it takes BFC so much time even for very small things to add.
    For example the praised "random number of bullets in a mg burst".

    I can only explain this with the engine being a mess of code and it takes massive amount of time to implant every code change and more time to test it.
    Or the engine is already a rag rug, its like the old car you somehow keep running because you cant afford a new one.
    I would support a new car for BFC, go to kickstarter and i will send you money for a innovative CMx3 engine !
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    Ok, enough of this, back to topic.

    Since we are already talking BFC's business model...
    They choose to sell their so called "engine upgrades" and not to release them as a free patch/upgrade.
    Now, why did they not update the old scenarios/campaigns with the (big) new feature...AI triggers ?
    I think its kind of lazy from them and i was really disappointed to see they dont updated the scenarios.
    Yes it takes time, but again, they SELL this stuff and dont give it away for free !
    And dont explain it with multiplayer compability, the old versions of the scenarios would still be abvaiable.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from IanL in Vehicle Panic behavior is really BAD   
    Really ?
    I hope you dont complain about your new car if it has malfunctions, i mean, could you build a better car ?
    I already knew the forums here are full of people that will defend even the most flawed aspect of the game, even the most stupid and obliviously buggy TacAI behavior but i did not expect it at that scale, sorry.
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    Wiggum15 reacted to Wiggum15 in CMBN or CMFI?   
    But keep in mind the scenarios and campaigns are NOT updated or tested with the v3.0 upgrade !
    Dont expect new features like AI trigger in the scenarios (which greatly enhance the capability's of the AI)
    Expect some bugs in the scenarios due to changes made in the patches.
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    Wiggum15 reacted to slysniper in Things in ASL that aren’t in CMx2   
    The only surprise reply from Steve is about Gun malfunction not being on the list of things that should be done.
    That is a factor that is very real in combat and very common. Who cares about players not wanting it, that has never been the design point has it, just because players don't want the feature, at least that is how he has talked in the past.
    malfunctions impact outcomes of battles, and any unit that is in heated battle and is overusing its weapon should be risking  likely malfunctions.
    I will not go into how many times I have seen glowing barrels on weapons.
    Anyway, its the one feature that ASL did right in having it impact play and it is about the only game that has ever done it.
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    Wiggum15 got a reaction from thefiend in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    What' s your age and occupational background that you think you are qualified to tell others what kind of suggestions they can make and not make on a internet forum ?
    Do you know the word "Gedankenspiel" ?

    But if its a serious question:
    Iam 17 and my occupational background is that i live in my parents basement...
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