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  1. Dude why are you so aggressive toward me ? This is a discussion board and if you start a thread boasting about the 3500€ PC you build for someone then expect questions regarding the sense behind this and the hardware used. Oh wait, i forgot...this is the sunshine happiness feel-good place where no one ask any critical questions...sorry.
  2. Could you tell me what components you used ? What GPU (most likely 2), how much RAM, what PSU and what CPU ? Thanks
  3. Sorry but no one in his right mind would spent 3500€ for a desktop pc (+ the money for you to build it). "using only the best components available"...you mean all the greatly overpriced stuff nobody actually need ? I actually doubt his new pc will be that much better then the old one... He could have just updated his old one for 500€ and would have a killer pc. What did he say, what will he do with his pc...casual pc stuff and gaming ? Did you recommend him to spent less money initially but he refused ? Sounds like you had a hard time spending all 3500€ on just one desktop pc, you cou
  4. The problem is that CMx2 runs rather badly even on some, high-end PC's (drops below 25FPS on medium sized battle) if you not significantly reduce details (mostly models). That should not happen. Also, the loading times are too long. Loading big CMBS scenarios takes me and others 5min... I hope this can be greatly improved ! @ Steve Im not trying to Troll. Would a troll have supported you by buying CMAK, CMSF, Marines Module, British Module, CMBN, v3.0 Upgrade and CMBS ! All i do is criticize some aspects.
  5. Yeah, thats sad isnt it ? I too hoped for a AI/TacAI overhaul combined with more AI trigger options for the Bulge game...
  6. As if CMx2 has no other problems and BFC no other things to do (or things they should do) then adding child soldiers...pff.
  7. Not that scout missions are already suicide in CMx2...
  8. What ? "Battle Pack" = a paid update for the CMBN stock scenarios that needs all moduls inc. vehicle pack ?
  9. What playtesting ? The scenarios are not updated at all. And what miracle ? No matter of CMBN, CMFI or CMRT, it the same game essentially. So how should a engine "upgrade" with a few additional features be a miracle ?
  10. You will have to buy two separate keys each 10$ (remember, scenarios are not updated and are probably not working correctly). Its insane how long it takes to get the new Repository working...maybe better just use dropbox and let people post links...
  11. 3.0 Upgrade is also separately... And looks like the "Battle Pack" will need CMBN 3.0 + All Modules (including vehicle pack)...
  12. Why fantasy ? Just because i criticize the direction they are taking ? Do i ask for completely unrealistic improvements ?
  13. ...yeah, i mean its not that the engine upgrade is free for us so i would expect updated campaigns/scenarios. Looks like they dont care about that.
  14. But with Upgrade 4.0 still using the outdated CMx2 engine i doubt we will see much improvement in key areas. Instead on focusing on keeping the old car driving through the addition of a new oil filter, a spoiler and new tires it would be time to move on and invest into a new car. If money or know-how is the problem...well there is kickstarter, i think we all would support you. Another thing i dont like is that we now have it Official, the bulge game will only include "minor" changes. No new trench/foxhole system. No significant gameplay enhancements, no fix for long standing technical issues.
  15. I think the problem is that BFC has to take what the community offers. It has been said that all scenarios and campaigns are "donated" by some community members. Looks like BFC has no time/money to create them. So whats there option if the campaigns or scenarios are below average ? They still have to use them... I too think there are some really good scenarios in CMBS but then again there are some which feel just sluggish.
  16. You always say "be nice and we can have a discussion"... But how "nice" can you be if you want to criticize something ? After every suggestion for change the first thing you hear is either: - no its fine you are irrational or - will never happen they are a small team Them you say "hey but the BFC marketing suggests this is a ->new<- game so whats ->new<- about it except textures and scenarios" Then it goes one downwards from there people are calling you aggresive aor wish you would die in russia (actually happened)... Im done with it, you cant criticize anything about the state o
  17. Spending money on hardware to "improve" your FPS in CM is like throwing money out of the window, at least if you pc is not 10 years old. Generally the only advice: Dont buy a ATI card and buy a CPU with high single thread power.
  18. I have no problem with locking threads but i too dont like the "i have the last word" thing... I dont know, maybe the BFC forums are a place where everyone is happy. Take for example the DayZ forums (a game i play). There are hard discussions about which way the game should evolve and if the devs are fast enough fixing bugs and getting the game to Bata status. Here this is not possible.
  19. "You do not have permission to vote in this poll. " Looks like i got banned from voting or creating polls. I vote for: [X] Yes, and needs a fix
  20. Thansk for staying On-Topic womble ! But whats left after all womble ? A few new snow textures/tiles ? A few new units ? A modified CMBN TO&E ? A dozen Scenarios "donated" by the community ? 55 $ ?
  21. No, no flame war. I just wanted to point out that some things can actually be included into a game. Like better tracer graphics or effects.
  22. Yes. I use this mod but why has everything get modded into a 55$ game ? If it would be 10$ i would not care. As someone pointed out even the scenarios get donated to BFC. I know small team, no money, niche games. But i expect some quality from a 55$ game, especially when its no "proof of concept" or other rare stuff. CMx2 had 8 years to evolve into a quality product. Just look what Kieme(ITA) did with the distance ground textures, with his mod it looks 100 times better. BFC needs to step it up a bit. Or take the sounds, someone pointed out they use sounds from the CMx1 era.
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