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  1. I highly doubt that... Panicking is just the word the game uses for a mental state that gives survival the top priority and no longer cares about orders. - Getting out of the building ? Ok ! - Running towards the enemy where no cover at all is available ? WTF ! - Choosing a spot with zero cover and direct LOS to a enemy T72 ? WTF ! - Getting killed by a 120mm HE round from the T72 ? Priceless ! That is not panicking, thats being on some bad drugs...
  2. You also have to take into account the psychological effect of being inside a building, surrounded by stone walls. Even if they think its not safe enough anymore inside the building, the last thing they should do is to aimlessly run outside without a clear idea where they will take cover next...and standing in the open while facing a T72 is not my definition of taking cover... At least 2 squads committed suicide that way during my play-through of that mission, although there were more buildings and walls very close they choose to run to a complete open space with 0 cover...
  3. I know that would be the first comment... Does a professional soldier who panics loose all common sense ? There is a difference if someone panics, runs out of a building and gets killed while trying to reach another building or if someone just runs out of a building into to open (and stays there !) where there is zero cover and the air is full of lead anyway.
  4. Hi, i just played a scenario where a small joint UKR/US force defends a HQ against a Russian attack, i think the name of the scenario was "Alexanders house" or something like that...anyway... The russians had some BTR-80A with the brutal 30mm gun. Throughout the scenario my men run out of buildings who got hammered with the 30mm gun. The problem, there were enemy soldiers and tanks outside so the squads leaving the building got killed instantly ! If they had stayed inside the building they may have taken a few wounded but the chance of surviving would have been much higher. In another situa
  5. How long does it take for you to load a normal size scenario with best/best settings ? What about trees moving in the wind ? 50% performance drop ?
  6. What do you think, do automatic weapons need to be nerfed a bit ? Should lonely or isolated soldiers route faster ? I would say yes. The Formations (the "Death train") are much much tighter as in real life, also, soldiers always try to get to a specific part of that formation which results in unnecessary movement. Then you have the "isolated shooter kills my whole squad" cases and you wander why is this guy still there, why does he still fight ? Is he of fanatic motivation ?
  7. Yes, i get the same bug with the Standard versions, HD stuff works fine.
  8. Generally, the first thing to do when someone is shooting at you is to shoot back. Thats something the TAC AI does not do very well. They go down, crawl, take cover...but it takes too long till they return fire at known or suspected enemy positions.
  9. Is this the first CMx2 game with bridges inside ?! You would think somethink like that would have been fixed ages ago...typical for CMx2.
  10. The graphic engine of the CMx2 games actually has never really been updated since Shock Force. They only worked around some things but its still a very very bad engine if you care about performance and eye candy.
  11. It was significantly faster with 1.0 ? I never played 1.0, i started with 1.1... Can someone else confirme its a 1.1 thing ?
  12. Ok, just tested something: Scenario: Ambush Settings: Best/Best Loading time: 4:15 minutes Scenario: Ambush Settings: Best/Balanced Loading time: 1:35 minutes I have a Radeon R7 265 with 2GB VRAM that can run all new games (FarCry 4 or ArmA3) in high settings with no problems. loading times are very fast thanks to my SSD. So this has to be a specific CM bug/problem with textures and AMD Video Cards, Battlefront please fix this !
  13. Ah, i already suspected it was a ATI issue...CMx2 and ATI never worked very good...but i thought they fixed it after so many years...
  14. Hi ! Are these loading times normal ? Loading a Scenario -> 4-5 minutes Loading a Savegame -> ~3 minutes I have a very good PC that can run ArmA3 at mostly max. settings and a SSD. Are my loading times normal or not ?
  15. PM sent, cant wait to play with this mod !
  16. Great job, they look top notch and the pdf file you added is very helpful !
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