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  1. Edit: I rate this from the CMFB game manual higher than any UI overhaul, but that´s my personal preference.

    page 125

    Stock Mod Tags 
    Note: Ardennes region art is used by default for environmental art, if no mod tags are selected. 
    [germany] - German environmental art.  
    [france] - French environmental art. 
    [holland] - Holland and northern Belgium environmental art. 
    [autumn] - Autumn environmental art. 
    [winter] - Winter environmental art. 
    [snow] - Snow unit and environmental art. 
    [cold] - Cold environmental art. 
    [muddy] - Muddy unit and environmental art. 
    [whitewash] - Adds whitewash camo to vehicles. Whitewash tagged art is used automatically by 
    the game when the date is January or later, and there is Light Snow or heavier on the ground. 
    [whitewash snow] - Combination of Whitewash and Snow mod tags. 
    Mod  tags  are  used  by  scenario  designers  to  force  selection  of  textures  tagged  with  the 
    appropriate label. For example, a scenario that has the "[whitewash]" mod tag will always 
    attempt to use any textures with a file name containing "[whitewash]" (without the quotes) 
    when the scenario is loaded. Mod tags are also used automatically by the game when certain 
    conditions are met; for example, if the Region of a scenario is set to Germany, the game will 
    automatically load textures with the "[germany]" mod tag in the file name. 

    So differend unit artwork in the UI should be no problem...lets see if BFC has done it.

  2. LOL i can handle it and the fact I won't be bothered for even $4 shows what I think of it.  Nothing against those guys, I really do wish them all the luck and success in the world.  There is room in this industry for more than one tactical game company.  I just prefer the decisions BF has made over the ones they have made.  My choice as a consumer.  And I don't go over there spamming their forum with all the things I want that are in CM.  That too me is the behavior of a troll and would be disrespectful of them as a developer and to their gaming community.  If I wanted their features, I'd play their game.  I however want CM features so I play this game.  That is called adult behavior.

    You just play at being a troll. Wiggum.  And why exactly did you change your forum name?  It isn't like it doesn't show.  All the folks who ignore your posts still show up as ignored, and your cute little Christmas message now show as coming from your new name as do your previous posts.  If you meant to fool anyone you failed miserably.  But I would think you'd be used to that.

    Yeah, you dont care about GTOS, but i care about CM !

  3. NV view- Why is this necessary other than being something "nice" to look at?

    SOP's and formations- Formations would be nice, but the nice thing about CM is the micromanaging! You are the battalion commander at the same time as being the NCO in the rifle squad at the front.

    Road Command- Would be nice I guess for multiple vehicles, but again I can just do this by plotting movement points on a freaking road.

    You are getting way too silly now.

    NV ?

    Because it gives Night combat a realistic feel and adds to the immersion ?

    Yeah, plotting multiple movement points on a road and then your vehicle still drives in a stupid way around into a field...

    Looks like sburke just cant handle the fact that a game like GTOS exists and is available on Steam for 4$....how sad.

  4. GTOS has formations, SOP's...GTOS is not about micro-managing infantry like CMx2 !

    Try do that in CMx2... intentionally...

    I choose a formation (Line) and stealth behavior and let them move towards the enemy using a depression in the terrain.

    Oh, did you notice the NV feature ? Wouldn't that be nice to have in CMBS ?


  5. It is interesting that you promote AP games which have no infantry even close to comparable to CMx2 and yet complain about CMx2.... How come AP gets a pass on that?  Could it be that you are just trolling... again.  Wiggum.

    GTOS has advanced infantry options CMx2 can only dream about + does not focus on micro managing your infantry, stop spreading lies.

    Also i am also demanding a better modelling of infantry combat in the GTOS forums.

    Sorry, double post, hate the new forum system...

  6. There are a few things... O come on ... you can do better...  dont you think thats lazy and disrespectful towards us forum members?


    Not as long as you can read my posts for free, wait until i start charging 55$ for it, the quality will go through the roof.

    Dude, they are not straight out of Normandy. The game covers more than just December 1944, so you have to expect the unit portraits to be shown with a green background.

    And you know for sure they are not just taken from Normandy...WHY exactly ?

    And they could not design 2 diffrend sets of portraits ? Would that be too much work or distract them from something else ?

  7. Likely to get fixed soon ?

    I posted about that problem 3 years ago and it is still not fixed so forget about "soon".

    And today we have PC so powerful to play games like ArmA3, why should fire and smoke give us bad framrates in CMx2 ?

    Because the engine cant handle it ? Then its time for a new one.

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