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  1. Hi steve and devs. its been a while to visit this forum. I was surprised that CMSF3 forum appears. I reallly enjoying AARs of BRAND NEW CMSF game. But at the same time im also looking for operational map of CMSF like one of graviteam tactics. is it planned for future CM series?
  2. How about just selling CM game both website and steam like dcs world??
  3. thx for info! i recently interested in southern front of france and caen,im gonna play CMBN again then
  4. i heard US Forces fought in Northern France stuck in the bocage and it was pretty hard to advance, but didnt know about southern France after operation Dragoon. is there bocages too?
  5. there are so many equipment and nations in one game! and operations too. but lack of controls and graphics make me sad.... the only one CMx1 title im looking for the remaster. maybe not for CMFI modules because they said working for 'last' CMFI things. so Afrika Korps 2 plz! if its out, im glad to pay for it even expensive price
  6. thank you heinrich, i resized & modified a bit on that veins muzzle flash
  7. And those kriegsmarine shutzen squad just killed total 30 brits in this battle.
  8. Elite panther of the battle. fortunatly all crews survived, and squashed some enemy infantry and TD.
  9. B Company of 82nd Airborne Division trying to capture the bridge..... And Fire Superiority wins
  10. as you can see when i'm opening up any vehicles in CMSF, tank commander feeling the air XD how can i fix this?
  11. thx John! Actually, right after that turn, other defense line just broken by one Mujaahedin. lol
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21pOWzWkSEw this is the vid BM-21 firing airbusting HE on the hill3234 which soviet's important stragic point. After fire support, about 30~40 Mujaahedins dead by one MLRS..
  13. i encountered same problem. i bought only CMBS 4.0 upgrade...
  14. Really? Then i have a question...What is the first game will get 4.0 engine upgrade? you said you are very interested in Upgrade CMSF to mordern standards, So...CMSF first?! anyway, whatever the first game has 4.0...it makes me hype.
  15. does cmsf has armor penetration system as detailed as 3.0 games?(like cmbs,cmbn,...) as you know, there is no armor hit decals in cmsf. but sometimes I saw MBT's ERA has partially gone by enemy AP rounds.
  16. how much verba missile is better than stinger?
  17. i never thought that put some radio dialog in my CMSF AAR. Nice work!
  18. good. i received some PBEM game request by mail. i will play some PBEM with other guys untill you can play CMSF.
  19. im tired to fight against ridiculous hard A.I. i want to play multiplayer with other guys, and i didnt play any PBEM match in CMSF before. if anyone can play PBEM for SF, tell me. i will wait for you (maybe if i can )
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