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  1. It was prototype APFSDS round which never entered service. I don't remember suddenly. If someone know the name, let me know.
  2. I wrote reply by mistake. How can I delete this?
  3. I don't know why they gave up huge factor of modern games. Any possibility for that?
  4. Characters turn out like the file I uploaded. It makes me quite uncomfortable. Any solution?
  5. His mail : kite9420@gmail.com. Dropbox invitiation? Would you tell me how?
  6. "2vs2" That part was typed by mistake though but it's very interesting that there was an attempt to make 2vs2 possible. Was that successful?
  7. Hi, guys. My friend who bought CMBS is not so used to writing things down in English since he and I are both south koreans. So I've decided to write this post in place of him. I've heard this game offer 1 vs 1 pvp style multiplayer game which requires each other's IP addresses. He wants to play match but actually few koreans play this awesome game so you can assume that he got no one to play with. I've decided to buy this game soon though. Till then he's alone playing single player just like a poor puppy left alone in the house when the owner went out for the trip :/ If there's anyone who wants to play this game with him Contact me delfosisyu@gmail.com Then we can make an appointment for the match. P. S. By the way, are there any CMBS utility tools to help arranging match? If there are, please notice me.
  8. I hope so. This is the last thing I want to check before purchase Since I have lots of friends wanting to play this great game together. If not, I and my friends may have to begin a tournament.
  9. Actually I don't like MOW, combat distance limited to 100m(seriously...why?), rambo infantries.. but MoW has a quite good vehicle kill system without health bar. Vehicles destroyed when modules like ammo box and engine is damaged. Also each gun and ammo has different armor piercing value. So I used it as a simple example. Thanks for your convincing words. I set my mind to buy this game.
  10. Greeting, guys. I'm quite interested in combat mission series. A friend of mine recommended this game and the video he sent contained the scene of armor piercing scene silmilar to that of the men of war series. Since I enjoy military games with realistic armored warfare like Steel Beasts, I'd like to know whether each vehicle in this game has different armor value and penetration value of their own ammunition. Thanks for having attention to my question and help me getting interested to this game.
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