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  1. One thing I noticed is that if the spotter can't get a great view of the target it seems these green Canadians will sometimes drop the artillery anyways and not always exactly where one wants/needs it to go. Anyone have a similar experience? I managed to beat the scenario (admittedly this was playing real-time at warrior difficulty). Got two of the G-Wagons disabled/bailed out while trying to engage the OPFOR infantry near the Olive Grove. The LAVs are super useful to hammer the buildings there as long as a RPG doesn't spot them first. In the end I had 2 of my guys killed and a few more wounded plus the two disabled/destroyed G-Wagons but roughly 48+ OPFOR killed/wounded and both OBJs secured. Probably rushed it a little bit on the last OBJ.
  2. @BootieEnjoying the videos so far! Poor marksman. Hopefully you can medic him so he can fight another day. That tall hill is an odd terrain feature. The sight lines aren't as good to the actual objective areas as one would initially expect them to be and the Canadians definitely seem to expend a lot of ammo to get kills in this scenario. That time limit got me too when I first tried it. 45 minutes seems like a lot at first but, goes by quickly. I found it useful to get the artillery going right after they arrive given those call in times. Especially since they need to fire spotting rounds first to get on target. That is what the way off-target initial round near the road was.
  3. Anyone notice in the training campaign final mission briefing it still refers to Bradleys but gives you Strykers? I think there might be another typo or two in that specific mission brief too. Managed to do the reworked Al Huqf with no US Casualties the other day. Didn't notice any smoke deployments from the BMPs (they got shredded too quick for that). The new version of this scenario is definitely more fun than the original. 👍
  4. wrath of the gods...hope you will stay safe and dry. Hurricanes are serious business.
  5. Not to stoke your ire but, ............. I uploaded some screenshots of CMBS into a steam screenshots gallery.....does that make me a dirty dirty person? 😁🤣😂
  6. I agree the Black Sea demo is excellent and has some fabulous scenarios included with it.
  7. I didn't think of the memory stick but that is a good idea.
  8. Some gameplay: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=sJmyDDf1koc https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=Qsg5HvIE5M0 https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=XIbX6LlvKX8
  9. Try searching for DropTeam: Mechanized Combat in the Far Future. Not a a lot of screens out there but there are a few.
  10. Ah I thought that might be the case. Sorry for throwing a wrench in the works so to speak. Not in a rush for it but did want to be sure you were aware of the funky situation there. Should I create a new ticket or can you reference and or re open the original one? Note this isn’t a biggie but some of the products in the order were physical copy + download.
  11. I appear to be missing an entire order from July 9th, 2018. It is order # 320933. I put in a support ticket and managed to get download links for this order but also tried to point out that the order does not appear to have migrated over to the new website yet. For reference the revolved ticket number regarding this is #19958333. Hopefully, this order can be migrated over too. If needed I can submit another support ticket to document this again. Just let me know. Anyways, great work on the new site. It looks fabulous and seems to be working pretty well in most respects. It is certainly a much more modern and responsive site design.
  12. Thanks for the update. It must be a tremendous amount of work for your small team and the eCommerce provider. Best of luck squashing those bugs.
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