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  1. Pixel

    New Website status update

    Thanks for the update. It must be a tremendous amount of work for your small team and the eCommerce provider. Best of luck squashing those bugs.
  2. I asked a similar question a few days ago and the answer seems to be to patiently wait. Since they are migrating all the account and order information it is also possible that they are also moving/changing the download system as well. I do happen to have a link to the old/current official download location for the 2.00 base game CMBS installer but I have no idea whether it would be ok to share it even though it requires a license key to activate and function since this file isn't "publicly" available on the product description pages for the game. The best bet is likely to just be patient or submit a support ticket request. Hopefully, one of the battlefront guys will see this thread and respond to you directly.
  3. Pixel


    Will access to installer downloads across all games be down as well during this period?
  4. Pixel

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Did you make that epic eagle?
  5. Is this winnable playing as the Russians? I tried and basically ran out of ammo and got overwhelmed by the more numerous US troops. The scenario description suggests it is suitable for H2H games. But, it seems like a desperate doomed defense as the Russian side (still kinda fun though) even though you can make some of the enemy squads feel the pain.