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  1. OK, So I am wondering when you invest the allotted 5 chits in diplomacy and you finally get enough hits for lets say Turkey to "prepare for War" at 95% can I as Germany safely pull my remaining 4 chits and recoup some of my investment at that point or should I leave them there until they are fully committed and have joined the Axis?
  2. Just started replaying the game and I was looking back at some old posts and found this one on Franco joining if Vichy isn't formed. I don't do any looking at scripts, modifying or anything of the sort. I just play when I have a few extra hours to burn. Is this scenario still in play or has it been written out with updates? If it is still in there I'm gonna have to give it a try next game.
  3. thanks for reminding me about the forced march, I watched one of the youtube videos and that was on there. Totally forgot about that. I am loving this game! I think I fall into a time warp when playing because it seems like only 20 minutes have passed when in reality it's been hours.
  4. OK, that makes sense. I was hoping that maybe roads would become better, thus helping movement. I do have the motorization so it looks like I will just have to slug my way through. One other question I had if you guys don't mind. Is it any more cost effective to reinforce first then upgrade units or is it better the other way around or all the same whatever way it is done?
  5. What good is it? I'm fairly new to the game and searched for an answer on the forum but could not find anything so if it's been discussed before, I'm sorry to ask again. I've maxed out the Japanese in Infrastructre hoping that it would improve movement in the battle against China but so far I have not seen any improvement and it seems the investment could have been spent better elsewhere
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