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  1. This game, while good, is inferior to CMBB, despite the new graphics. CMBB covered 4 years of warfare, had TONS of different armies, and randomly generated quick battle maps. 10+ years after CMBB we have a three month time period, barely any armies, and set quick battle maps that become stale very, very fast. Red Thunder is a good game, sure, but it is nowhere near as good as CMBB was relative to the competition in 2002.
  2. I'm with you there. China is a major world power and they have one of the world's great military industrial complexes (after USA, EU, and Russia). It would be great if BFC could find a way to include China at some point in the future, if not in CMBS, then in a future game.
  3. Do people really use Strykers? I had them figured for T-90 lunch.
  4. Vlasov's Army. Too bad for the Germans they weren't really very effective in combat. Although to be fair they were never really given the chance. Stalin had the leaders shot after the war and the rest sent to the camps. Talk about making a bad bet.
  5. The graphics are not cutting edge but they are still very good for this kind of game. The old combat missions didn't have great (comparatively) graphics either, but they made up for that with stellar gameplay and graphics that were good enough. I love the Battlefields and Total Wars of the world, but they have multimillion dollar budgets and legions of programmers working on them. For what resources I think BFC has I think they've made a very good game here.
  6. Favorite Combat Mission since CMBB. I really enjoy Red Thunder too, but Black Sea is simply awesome. It might just be me, but it also seems like it's a little better optimized, too.
  7. I had two platoons of Tigers engage two platoons of IS-2s from 800-600 yds. The result? Three IS-2s knocked out for the loss of all of my Tigers. Lots of 88 rounds bounced off the IS-2s and even when my Tigers scored a penetration that didn't always mean that they would succeed in knocking out the IS-2, while the IS-2s only needed to score one hit a Tiger to completely destroy it. I'm not sure I'll try to engage IS-2s head on with anything other than King Tigers from now on.
  8. The USSR would have won anyways, but Lend-Lease made that victory easier which made Stalin less likely to try to bargain for a separate peace with the Germans, so it ultimately served British and American interests in the end.
  9. you'll never get an impartial assessment out of north americans, what passes for the news there is nothing but propaganda.
  10. the fighting has been heavier this winter than ever. give us snow!
  11. Haven't played a combat mission since CMBB. On a whim I picked up Red Thunder and Black Sea and I'm freaking loving these games, especially Black Sea. The US and Russian armies are so much fun to play around with and it makes me wish for a chance to see some Leopard 2A7s, Leclercs, C1s, Challenger 2s, and Type 99s out there in addition to the M1s and T90s. But why stop there? How about some Al-Khalids, Arjuns, Type 10s, and K2s as well . Why stop with Russia, Ukraine and the USA? Let's see the EU (UK, Ger, Fra, Ita), PRC, RoK, DPRK, Indian Union, Japan, and IRP too!
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