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  1. +1 Missing units and vehicles in QB, including Syrain Mech Airborne & BMP-3's CMSF 2.01 - Base + Marines + Nato Mac OSX 10.14.3
  2. Thanks for posting those threads, @Combatintman I tried a search for keywords (about 5 or 6 times) and all I got was a 504 error.
  3. Aloha! Don't we all love super-rare never-would-be-seen QB lineups? I'm not sure if there is something I'm doing wrong but I can't for the life of me find the QB Syrian BMP-3's I remember having from "Marines" in CMSF1? Or am I blind? (Yes I have marines installed) Thanks!
  4. FWIIW: I've put in a ticket (Mac + Base + Marines) as my QB's fail / crash to desktop consistently whenever I try anything "automatic". I don't have hours for CM (sadly) so I'm constantly playing QB's - and looking forward to a fix.
  5. STOP! ... you are making me hungry. (Can you have take-away curry and Naan for breke?) Very impressed that my purchase, what 10 years ago (?), got me CMSF2 for the 2018 price of 2 pints of beer. 🍺 (which goes great with curry)
  6. /// CRAZY SMOKE!? /// ☁️☁️☁️ Been playing Al Huqf and twice now it seems that the BMP's throw some wild and crazy smoke? Twice in two different battles when my Bradley gets a bead on a BMP and lights it up I end up with black smoke half-way across the map? πŸ€” Is this me? Is this Saddam's Space Cannon being rolled outa mothballs? πŸ˜‰ And what / why is the white-grey smoke all over the back of the map?
  7. Sadly QB don't work for me. Well they worked once - now they always crash CMSF2? πŸ˜• Ticket submitted into the Ticket Cyclone πŸ˜‰
  8. CMSF2 is serious business. The targets on the Training Small Arms Range fire back! πŸ’₯ πŸ˜€
  9. Thank you Steve. I always loved the menu and load-screen music on this title. Outstanding. πŸ’₯🎼🎡πŸ’₯ Sadly I have to go to work before I can get into turn 1. 😞
  10. Aloha troops, I understand the frustration on delays and also the arguments regarding customer service and business practice. But for what it is worth here is how I try to look at it. BF games are niche. BF games are boutique. BF games are possibly the boutique-iest niche-iest boutique niche in the market. But they are my market niche, our market niche, and we need to recognise how unique and invaluable this product legacy is. BF are clearly a very small group of dedicated people who develop - and keep alive - a legacy of simulated combat realism that we love. I feel lucky this still exists in the current retail environment. I'd suggest it is only through the personal passion and effort of a small number of people that we still have these lovely toys. So when I get frustrated about delays and perceptions on customer service I recognise that if pure market forces and cold business decisions were at work we'd likely not have anything like the BF games we do have. Personally, I like to support the BF crew for this reason alone. Indeed I wonder how else I can help these folks so we have these much loved toys going forward? So there is one way you might think about it. And if you agree there is some merit in this possibly overly soppy rant maybe not only stump up your $ to keep the devs alive but also tone back the criticism if only to be a bit nicer to those slaving away on our precious toys? Now. Where is that CMSF2 Demo refresh button?!? .o7 NB: for the record I don't know the devs at all
  11. AlohaΒ fellow Grogs,

    An FYI: In case you don't relate to the Col Rosenberger (Squad Leader - 1977) reference let me be very clear that I am not trying to falsely claim any time or experience in military service.Β  However if I ever was in real life I would hope not to be a "6+1" leader - even if that is possibly my CM game command effectiveness.Β  Thanks to all who have served in real life.

  12. Thanks Ian. I'm sure your suggestion to download the full CMBS v2.0 (E4) off my "big bundle" is the best way - but this worked too for others reference. Success OS: Mac OS 10.13.6 Steps: Install CMBS v1.00 (Engine 3) and activate Upgrade to CMBS v1.04 (E3) via patch Upgrade to CMBS v2.0 (E4) via "big bundle purchase" smaller download upgrade patch Activated new product - NB: honestly still slightly confused which serial number worked here but I tried a few times with both the E3 and E4 upgrade serials and eventually it worked. Send rounds downrange πŸ’₯ Outstanding!
  13. Thanks for the assistance. It's mainly the new website causing my brain issues - but I do think there are possibly a few links that need to be fixed for CMBS patches? My main issue was just looking at the CMBS base game product page. My splash says v1.03 - as expected. I didn't see any E4 upgrade path on the CMBS product page - but [facepalm] I now see there is a whole page dedicated to upgrades. Thanks Ian. The patches linked on the CMBS base game page [ https://www.battlefront.com/black-sea/cmbs-base-game/?tab=patches ] do seem to be fubar (?) but I note that there is also a dedicated patches page [ https://www.battlefront.com/patches ] that has a download link that reaches all the correct patch versions. I also now note that I purchased the "upgrade big bundle" some time ago for some of my WW2 titles and that purchase may also update BS? Thanks for the outstanding community support. And please keep the AAR's coming Ian - we appreciate the effort it takes and it's such instructive and entertaining content for the grogs.
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