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  1. Aloha! Anyone finding all kinds of vehicles are invisible (pixel-troopen tankers floating in air) in QB's? Hellcats Sherman 76's Priests Sherman 105's etc Solutions to this? I have all the CMFI licenses - MAC OS Thanks
  2. By "missing" do you mean "not in the selection options" or "invisible"? Because I have invisible Sherman 76's and Priests in my QB's. 🤔 Tankers floating in air.
  3. Yes, this is it. Thanks. sburke is not the one getting old, I couldn't work out there were two scenario names that looked exactly the same but were different. Thanks for putting up with my confusion.
  4. But maybe the "duh" reply is then: (1) re-download the demo (2) install in parallel to the full CMSF2 (3) grab the Wilcox .btt file and move it into purchased CMSF2 Would installing the CMSF2 demo along with the paid CMSF2 break any settings?
  5. Hey Erwin & George MC - I'm wondering if I should be seeing "The Passage At Wilcox" as part of my CMSF2 purchase? @37mm has a dropbox archive of CMSF scenarios that includes something that looks like "The Passage At Wilcox" I played in the demo - but it's not the same and isn't updated? It's called "Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox SF2.btt" I am going blind or is there somewhere I can get the btt file that was part of the October 2018 demo release? Or is that as simple as re-downloading the demo and getting the btt file out of the demo folders? Thanks for all the work folks like you do to add great value to CM games.
  6. 🤔 I spent a lot of time playing something called "CMSF2 demo" that @Battlefront.com announced on October 17th, 2018. It had the excellent "Passage to Wilcox" battle. It appears that it was / is not the same as "Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox" that is in the collection highlighted in this thread?
  7. Outstanding 37mm & IanL. Thanks, Ian - that's heaps of effort to put together. Curious as to what is meant by "The Blitz Size Modifier"? Also - I have been wondering what happened to "The Passage to Wilcox" battle that was in the SF2 demo? It never showed up in my SF2 purchase? I see there is something very similar in this collection - but still wondering what happened to the SF2 demo version? http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/ShockForce/Scenarios/Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox SF2.html This is clearly a starting point for the SF2 demo but has map with more extreme ground slopes and appears to lack the key intersection that had the IED?
  8. Aloha 37mm this is an amazing collection that makes SF2 great value for me. Thank you. More CMSF customers could be made aware of it! As a side note are there any tools / tips for making it easier to catalog / view scenarios and maps both inside and outside of the CM applications? Most of the time I play QB's or scenarios I really just want to see a map overview but it becomes guesswork and memory games.
  9. Aloha, Is there any known fix yet for missing units and vehicles in QB, including Syrian Mech Airborne & specifically BMP-3's? Thanks
  10. +1 Missing units and vehicles in QB, including Syrain Mech Airborne & BMP-3's CMSF 2.01 - Base + Marines + Nato Mac OSX 10.14.3
  11. Thanks for posting those threads, @Combatintman I tried a search for keywords (about 5 or 6 times) and all I got was a 504 error.
  12. Aloha! Don't we all love super-rare never-would-be-seen QB lineups? I'm not sure if there is something I'm doing wrong but I can't for the life of me find the QB Syrian BMP-3's I remember having from "Marines" in CMSF1? Or am I blind? (Yes I have marines installed) Thanks!
  13. FWIIW: I've put in a ticket (Mac + Base + Marines) as my QB's fail / crash to desktop consistently whenever I try anything "automatic". I don't have hours for CM (sadly) so I'm constantly playing QB's - and looking forward to a fix.
  14. STOP! ... you are making me hungry. (Can you have take-away curry and Naan for breke?) Very impressed that my purchase, what 10 years ago (?), got me CMSF2 for the 2018 price of 2 pints of beer. 🍺 (which goes great with curry)
  15. /// CRAZY SMOKE!? /// ☁️☁️☁️ Been playing Al Huqf and twice now it seems that the BMP's throw some wild and crazy smoke? Twice in two different battles when my Bradley gets a bead on a BMP and lights it up I end up with black smoke half-way across the map? 🤔 Is this me? Is this Saddam's Space Cannon being rolled outa mothballs? 😉 And what / why is the white-grey smoke all over the back of the map?
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