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  1. In the 1st screen is hole in the ground from explosion. Exactly under the decal. So there are 2 signs about area of hit. In the SF or Afganistan we dont have the decals, so we dont know where were hits goes. Now we can see it :-) I think the hit decals are not 100% accurate, but 80-90% maybe? I dont think it is big issue, but its interesting. If i got some more interesting experience with this, i will post more screens.
  2. I played 1st time BS yesterday and its awesome game I found interesting 1 hit knockuts with RPGs on the APCs. Frontal hit into BMPs track, but very low. This souldnt be knocked out vehicle. Maybe track destroy.... Frontal/side hit into machine gun on turret. Teoretically it could be destroyed (explosion of the cannon ammo). But dont know What do you think guys? Do you have any more experience with this?
  3. Thanky for answers. I am calm now about realtime. I have only SF with all modules and Afganistan. I play it only realtime. I am looking forward on BS now :-)
  4. Hello, have the BS more game mods like SF? I mean real-time and turn-base. Streams and the manual nothing says about real-time game mode. Thnk you
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