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  1. Chicken

    Opponent for CMBN

    Hey joe, First off sorry for never replying. Ive finally got my 3.11 upgrade. As well as the commonwealth and market garden module. If you're still willing, will you take me under your tutelage for a game?
  2. Hi Y'all First off, I've never played H2H or PBEM, so I would be learning as we go. I have a dropbox account. Or we can share the files other ways. I want to play the scenario "Dies amis kommen". I have played this scenario before, and will let the my opponent choose which side he/she wants to be. Only rule would be no preplanned artillery in the setup phase. However, as much as I want to play this scenario, I'm willing to compromise and pick a different scenario or QB map. Just be aware that I do not have any of the modules, and am only updated to v2.12. Send me a PM or reply to this topic if you would like to play with me. P.S. I am a student, so my schedule will be hectic somedays, because of this, the amount terms that I can output per week will vary. I will be able to send out at least a turn a day over the weekend, but anytime during the weekdays will be random.
  3. Hi y'all I know that it has been a while, but I was wondering if you remembered how to solve the problem you were encountering. I have the same exact problem and would like to know.
  4. Thank you so much. I was able to install some mods and scenarios with your help.
  5. I have a mac. and yes I did. I went to the CM Normandy\Contents\Resources\GameFiles\Scenarios. However, I did but the expanded version of the zip of the scenario into the folder. the file ended with .cam but I changed it to .btt thinking that was the correct format. Should I have not changed it? or Should I not expand the zip? Thanks for replying so soon
  6. Hi I have version 2.12 of CMBN and when playing quick battle The only airborne formations available are an Antitank Platoon, and a Forward Observer. I am still able to get special teams, but nothing else. Also when I tried using the antitank platoon, the only unit that showed up was the Platoon Leader. Are these the only formations available? If not, how do I fix this problem? I don't have Market Gardern or the Commonwealth Module
  7. oops, should have probably have put this on the scenarios forum
  8. Hi Fairly new to CMBN and I've been trying to install a scenario onto my CMBN v 2.12 but have been able to get into work. I was wondering in general how do you install scenarios/mods
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