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  1. Lots of direct and indirect fire, preferably over 100mm in diameter, but smaller ones are okay as substitute. I prefer shooting buildings into a big pile of small pebbles before going in (kicking dirt and mopping up the survivors).
  2. Seems to be gathered from commercially available products or similar ones. Nothing special if compared to many western combat rations.
  3. Thanks for help guys. I think I carry on with my battered units of pixeltruppen and see how far that takes me with the campaign. Casualties, eaven heavy, are imminent part of warfare.
  4. You got it right akd. And thank you for your personal help. I checked the last save game and the 3rd platoon got badly beaten on the main road push while supporting the platoon Oplots. I lost five BTR-4Es on the mission, which includes all the vehicles from the 3rd platoon. 1st platoon was on the right flank where it took the high grounds and fiercly pushed farther to the contact inflicting heavy casualties to the enemy. 1st platoon suffered only minimal losses, few men, and it didn't loose any of it's BTR-4Es. So, the script of the third mission is little weird and from my point of view too and too structured, if it forces tge player to use nearly wiped out and destroyed 3rd platoon for a task, and not some other platoon in better shape, like the 1st platoon instead...
  5. grunt_GI, Thank you for the most comprehensive awnser a man can get.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Haven't seen any of those vehicles. Some of my platoons got pretty beaten in previous mission (maybe 3rd platoon was one those), but I still got nearly two platoons of BTR-4Es operational when the mission ended. Also, I don't remember to have any loss of Plt HQ:s in the same mission. Seem to be that I only got reinforcements, but without BTR-4E and instead a single RPK-74 gunner... Quite bad trade-off.
  7. Nope. Didn't lose any Oplots, all were operational when mission ended and so were at least two platoons of mech infantry with their BTR-4E, CO and BTN HQ BTR-4Es and FO BTR-4E. I lost some BTR-4Es in the previous mission, but not all by far. Total Ukranian victory was the result. I only started the third mission with 1 x MANPAD soldier, 1xSAW soldier with RPK74, 2xMarksman with SVDs, two man AT team, three man LMG team and three man combat engineer team. Nothing else. Quite a challenge to repell motorized infantry platoon in prepeared and defensive position, without any support...
  8. Hello you all, Could be an incredibly stupid question, but are all of these mods only for PC or are they compatible with MAC version too?
  9. Yep. Fuze and baseplug of older F1/Mills bomb/Mk2 hand grenade can fly up to 300-400 meters, but that sure ain't the reported or realistic effective casualty radius of such grenades.
  10. Howdy, I'm somewhat stuck on the mission. Can't find any safe or manageable advance or assault routes for my twelve man strong "assault section". Where ever I go, I get pinned from fire of superior russian forces in defensive position. Sounds "pretty challenging" to assault an enemy postition, an urban area, with prepared enemy of motorized (russian motorized is quite equvailent western mechanized, IMHO) platoon strenght in defensive position, only with tweleve man and without any direct or indirect fire support. Sounds like suicide mission and a waste of twelve good men. From my point of view and traditionally, at least a company of equivalnt quality with indirect support should be assigned for such a mission. Twelve man section sounds more like a scouting team. After 27 minutes, I haven't seen any reinforcements yet. Any advices or tips?
  11. Every time when I read sitreps and analysis from East Ukraine, and I encounter phrases and terms like "fasicst junta", "bandit", "thug", "gang", "imperialist", "capitalist" or "plot", I get very nostalgic. Fresh breezes from 1920s or 30s Soviet representations and politic propaganda.
  12. Hard to believe that any professional soldier would use such an insignia in his/her BDU. Patch which is size of a palm with vivid colours will ruin the camouflage. It also gives good place to take aim from a distance. Good hit will tear the shoulder, upper sections of both lungs, vena cava superior and an aorta most likely. Actually a humane hit which will cause incapacitation and death pretty quickly most likely.
  13. Panzersaurkrautwerfer, Little OT, but what tank models you have been driven and can you share any opinnions? Ever driven "classic" WW2 models?
  14. My humble opinnion is that 5.45x39mm is propably the best overall compromise among the current military rifle calibers in large scale use. No wonder, because it's also the latest. Tapered case for positive extraction, low recoil impulse, optimized projectile for penetration with standard ball (7N6M, 7N10), Good BC and flat trajectory, components made of steel instead of brass and lead which is economical, lightweight rounds... Just for starters.
  15. +1. During the last summer watched some "combat footage", which seemed to be more insane and wreckeless shooting with 180 degree sector. Somebody might call it firesupport or harassing fire, but for me it looks like stupid and unnecessary waste of precious ammonition, ordnance and other material. It's insane to see how the Separatists shoot blindly and literally "from the hip" VOGs all around. If I'd be their platoon or squad leader, I would not allow in circumstances such waste of any ordanance, but to save it to the critical situation where firepower is vitally needed. Anyway, in one video I noticed something which resembles quite low level of training among the separatists. There was a RPK gunner with very thich bandages in his left, supporting hand. The guy was practically unable to support the the gun and changing the magazine was very, very slow. If SAW provides about 30% to 50% from the firepower of the squad, this kind of wounded SAW gunner risks the firepower and combat effectiveness of the whole squad if he's unable to handle his weapon effectively. The SAW gunner lacks the reasonability to realize that he's unable to fight with such wounds and the squad leader (if one even exists) shows his incompetence that he allows the SAW gunner to continue in his vital role with such wounds while the gunner is obviousley unable to fight effectively.
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